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Just in case you’re wondering, that somewhat odd-looking brute directly above is me, a member of the primate order, I’m more commonly called an MKE (Master Key Experience) Blog Rover. Here you see me about 5 1/2 years ago – thus the “YESTERYEAR” in this blog’s title — just prior to becoming one of the first-ever MKE Blog Rovers.

definition: Blog Rover is anyone who has completed the MKE program, completed the training required to become an MKE guide, and decided to use that experience to read, comment, and share on social media the published blog posts of new, continuing, and life-time MKE members.

For all of you still inclined to believe a person can never change, I think doing the MKE 6-month program not only changed me mentally but also physically. Don’t think so? Just take a gander at this mid-stream, moment-to-moment chronological chronicle, comment to comment “comment compendium;” at this slice in time, depicting my changing appearance while performing my MKE Blog Rover duties. This particular segment has been extracted from the volume entitled “BLOGSTER BITS ON DISPLAY.”

Before doing that, here are some thoughts on the importance of blogging:

Even casual observation is sufficient to know the positive correlation between staying current writing and submitting weekly blog posts, and the likelihood of graduating at the end of the MKE program. Even a sentence or two is better than nothing at all, in the long haul.

There is a misconception that if your blog continues to falter and find yourself further and further behind, might as well quit now because I’m so far behind already, I’ll never catch up and failure is already impossible to avoid. If this were really true, it’s only because we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into the illusion that tangible requirements, as important as they’ve been purported to be, will never keep a determined person from experiencing the MKE program in its entirety.

In the beginning, there appears to be a certain degree of honor associated with graduations in general. I don’t think it’s always obvious to every member, even after having graduated, there will be no diplomas, no special accolades; however, the opportunity to become lifetime members and guides more than makes up for the non-existence of congratulatory documentation.

Seems to me, the importance of completing the MKE  program be associated early and often with the two opportunities noted. The importance of carrots should never be minimized just as the use of all the carrots available maximized.

        “This power-pose stuff even makes me feel young again!”

As you can easily see, well before reaching my current biological designation as a homo sapien, the physical changes are quite dramatic.

22. Just like Gandhi, Neil, you appear to be leveling things out to an even keel! Thanks for making it real!!!

                                      A baby picture of my sister and me.

23. Dawn and/or Ran, you’ve demonstrated with this most excellent post that you can! So, please, giddyup and get one more post published before Friday this, and we can keep you on the blogroll and give you a great big MKE hug and a kiss!!!

24. Obviously, persistence has paid off big time for you and your family! It’s taken root, and now affecting the entire family tree! Now that’s an #MKE way to be!

                                        “Hey, little girl, want some candy?”

I did have a somewhat troubled childhood.

25.Regarding what you’ve written, I do believe your first name could just as easily been “Mary,” because this post has a distinctive spiritual flavor – one could almost call sacred. Taking another viewpoint, subsequent to placing the same Mary in front of your Ellen seems appropriate, too, because this post of yours really jams! I hope you can hear me – you got me a bit excited – and I’m YELLIN’!

26. What you did with your parent’s exposure, gave me a feeling of closure! How about you? The way things are coming together might be considered one of those “inextricable things!” Don’t you think?

                  “I’ve got to quit hangin’ out by these schoolyard fences!”

27. Might what you are calling “a stroke of luck and good fortune, also be called one of those “inextricable things?” Don’t be surprised if it’s MKMMA, and not the Red Bull, that gives you wings! 🙂

28. The gal in the glass is a vignette! The gal in the glass we won’t ever forget!

       “I think they are beginning to figure out I don’t really go to this school…especially after  I gave them my definition of ‘THE GOLDEN RULE.'”

29. This post got me deep in my head, pondering the words that you’ve said. Crying, crawling, inching forward a little at a time; with all your knowing, all your growing, what you are reaching for must be something quite sublime!

30. I can tell from this story of your DMP acquisition, it’s physiological position. Placed deep within your core is that brick, someone could haul off and hit it with a pick, and it’s still gonna stick! Woohooooo!!

Mahalo, for returning me to a day when I was “viscerally reminded,” I was nearly blinded, though the skies are dark and gray!

“After I told one gal I was the 100th monkey, she said instead of Clint Eastwood, I should have played the lead role in the movie, ‘DIRTY HAIRY…HARRY.'”

31. What does your post say to me? Hmmmm! With all that is infinite at our disposal, even amidst such diversity – sometimes even, adversity – we can find that “one thing” – uniquely our own – yet with so much meaningful value for others, it could be taught at the University! So, for all you “sheeple” out there, “listen to Kim!” Mahalo!!

32. And this post – OMG! – Without a sound, the sit is lyrical – without a doubt, a miracle! Mahalo!

“Oh, the wisdom I got from school. The ‘GOLDEN RULE’ is not about who has the most gold rules, after all. It’s about the service rendered. My mama didn’t raise no fool. (You might want to check that double negative, Mr. Big Tooth, with the Cheshire grin).”

33. As you lean back into the past and/or forward into the future, I’m curious to know if 1. Are you in a sit when doing this? And 2. Is what you’re bringing back into the current moment – the now – making more or less of it?

34. This is a very thought-provoking post, Kaori! Because of it, I realized I have drifted away from my everyday habit of listening to an audio entitled “UNLIMITED AND FREE.” With thousands of overlaying positive affirmations, this is a habit I need to reinstall! In fact, a few moments ago, I dug it out of mothballs, and listened for a while! Thanks for this, and thanks for writing such a great post!

I do a great impression of Satchmo Louis Armstrong. Want to hear it?

35. Yes, you’re old blueprint is feeling neglected. Keep up your vigilance, until it’s completely ejected!

36. I thank you, Jessica, for this reminder of a positive habit we would all do well to incorporate into our personal blueprint! I daresay you are obviously losing your resistance to persistence!

I love the direction of your persistence – aimed straight at the heart of being a self-directed thinker; because that’s something we should all take to heart!

37. For some reason, Janicke, the book written by a Ram Dass began to shriek at me “BE HERE NOW!” Can you think of any reason why?

        “Don’t be staring at me too long, or you’ll be thinking of reasons ‘why not,’ instead.” 

As a great big thank you for stopping by, I think it only appropriate to end this short journey back in time to witness a period of MKE personal Blog Rover transformation (monkey business intended) with Angelina Jordan singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

As a personal thank you for visiting my Blog, I will send you a copy of “Mind Shift”, aka the “7-Day Mental Diet.” All I need is your name and email. Look for the two boxes near “Mind Shift” on the right side near the top. (under construction)

You can also subscribe to my blog in the place indicated near “Mind Shift.” In either case, or both, you will automatically be added to my list giving you first dibs to apply for the next life-changing, 6-month, pay-it-forward MKE program this coming September!

To complete your subscription to either, my confirmation message should already be in your email inbox. Simply click the subscriber verification link inside.

When subscribing, there is no further obligation, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Lastly, any and all feedback related to this post is encouraged and appreciated. Look for the comment box at the bottom of this post. 

Once again. MAHALO!


THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE (MKMMA) can take us far – as far as our imagination is able – Imagine that! 

For this first blog, I’ve decided to remind all that there is a hero residing inside each one of us, ready to burst forth at the sound of the HERALD’S CALL, and take what John Campbell has labeled the HEROES JOURNEY.

The MKE 6-month program has adopted Napoleon Hill’s “DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE” (DMP) to serve as a common denominator to propell us forward “right out te gate.” Everything is exquisically designed to turn that DMP, that vision of the person we want to become, living the life we want to live into the reality we all deserve. We soon discover that each of us is as unique as the snow flakes Mother Nature sends to remind of what very few — too few — ever see, recognize, and take action.

Just think about it. How high is the % of individuals, who have lost their way in the clutter of life? How many find themselves struggling to merely survive, unable to free themselves from the stagnation rut that has seemingly stolen their ability to move in a direction they would choose — if they only knew they would choose it — which they don’t, because that golden vision — Campbell’s GOLDEN BUDDHA — is buried under layers of lack-driven/fear-based cement; where it still sits still, as their last breath escapes, carrying their life force, and the dreams, before ever seeing the light of awareness, thus the light of day.

Of course, the cement overcoats just noted have been hardened and made more impervious to the degree our free time has been consumed; glued to mainstream, mass media, controlled by the ruling elite, the cabal, the illuminNOTti, whose minions — those in control of the government, big business, finance — to promote what I call their “Illusion, delusion, confusion” disease. 

As great might seem chopping off the heads, so to speak, of those psycho-maniacs at the top, thus freeing the citizens of the world, MKE shows each of us how we, as individuals, can experience complete fulfillment, while everything remains just as it is.

Mark Januszewski, the co-creator of MKE, is well aware of our plight, yet wastes very little time  focusing on the negativity we are surrounded and doggedly hounded. We learn this kind of focus only tends to strengthen that which is focused upon. Instead Mark, prefers Billy Joel’s “THE RIVER OF DREAMS”, as a metaphorical expression.

The illusions that fill “THE RIVER OF DREAMS” seem more pleasantly delicious than they do nefarious and vicious, yet there is that knowing there is something more, and this knowledge only increases the hunger, which, in turn, increases the pain of unsatisfied desire.

See how many interpretations you can come up with.

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To the river so deep
I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide
And it’s too hard to cross
Even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and stand on the shore
I try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find what I’ve been looking for

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the valley of fear
To a river so deep
I’ve been searching for something
Taken out of my soul
Something I’d never lose
Something somebody stole
I don’t know why I go walking at night
But now I’m tired and I don’t want to walk anymore
Hope it doesn’t take the rest of my life
Until I find what it is I’ve been looking for

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the jungle of doubt
To the river so deep
I know I’m searching for something
Something so undefined
That it can only be seen
By the eyes of the blind
In the middle of the night
Not sure about a life after this
God knows I’ve never been a spiritual man
Baptized by fire, I wade into the river
That is runnin’ through the promised land

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the desert of the truth
To the river so deep
We all end in the ocean
We all start in the streams
We’re all carried along
By the river of dreams
In the middle of the night

“Lyrically, Billy is “searching for something”, though Billy himself has stated he is unsure what the song means.”

Is it “so undefined” that he cannot clearly see what it is? Or does he really know, and feel it safer to conceal the fact. Or somewhere in between?

Here’s Billy’s wife at the time, supermodel Christie Brinkley, on the banks of “the river,” painting the cover of the River Of Dreams album (released in August of 1993).

And here is that cover

 And here is the River Of Dreams


Thanks for stopping by!

In closing, here is another of my Billy Joel favorites!


…for this year, at least; and I can honestly say with an ear-to-ear smile, the group of bloggers I followed were the most positive and optimistic I’ve yet to encounter by a country mile!

That said, here comes what remains of my comments left still to view. Take a deep breath, ’cause there are quite a few.


A chronological chronicle, a comment compendium composed and collected by the guy some call Lorenzo.

69. Sue tells us, like begets like. I like it! 🙂

70. The cream of the crop, Sue is rising to the top! 🙂

71. The new Sue is shining through! Day by day, it’s true, it’s true! 🙂

72. Georgina can’t go wrong! It’s obvious she is finishing strong! 🙂

73. No weather warped Georgina’s day, with silent observation, she truly found her way! 🙂

74. So many voices, so many choices; make it harder, make it more imperative; to hear your own, make your own. 🙂

75. Jacqui’s day of silence is a total binge, as she walks along the fringe. 🙂

76. When life finds you in a bog, there’s Og! 🙂

77. DGS ist dividi in tres partes for Mr. Guy; and anyone who reads this (there should be more) is to know the reason why. 🙂 Idyllic!

78. “when you’re ripe you rot, and when you’re green you grow,” and when you’re red you’re hot, and when you’re white you’re snow. Unless we’re talking people, which, of course, we are; then color-coded designations don’t determine the brilliance of our star. If being creative is when we’re best, I think you do agree; then “The March to 3000” should put this theory to the test. I guess we’ll wait and see. 🙂

79. My heroes journey has taken me to Kauai three times before ye, Alejandro. So, my question to you is, are we to meet at that magical place this year come June? Around a bonfire, perhaps, next to the pounding surf, under a silvery, silent moon? 🙂

80. Then beam me up, Scotty, ’cause I want to be there! Guy, your posts are always a delight! 🙂

81. You’ve put a different spin on hump day, Angela, and soon you will be sliding down on the other side. Quite content without your cement, a new self-directed thinker has found her way! 🙂

82. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mark. Sticking with the herd, that’s controlled by some turd, is simply absurd! 🙂

83. There’s no doubt in my mind, Sue, as each week you point out how the MKE program is reinforcing your previous learning, that you are finishing strong. Since that’s the case, I know you can’t go wrong! 🙂

84. Georgina, you took those feelings of being worthless and fearful, turned them around, and used them to your advantage, the MKE change the blueprint way. O’lay! 🙂

85. A frightfully fearsome post, Georgina. If I were fear, I would be hanging on for dear life! As you continue to use your blog to finish strong, what a terrific MKE example you are setting! 🙂

86. What a wonderful tribute your family paid you, Jacqui. You are absolutely correct. As the cement chips fly, the real Jacqui is finally being exposed. Great job using your blog to finish strong! 🙂

87. Norina, like the wonderful and unique snowflake you are, you’ve summed up what Wayne Dyer with his great wisdom said, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at, change.” Thanks for using your blog to finish strong! 🙂

88. This reminds me of a story told by Brian Tracy, Mark. A salesman out on the road for about a week called home, and with disappointment filling his voice reported he had not made one sale. Not a problem, she replied, they had won a lottery. The next day, before returning home, this salesman made sale after sale. When he got home, he found out his wife had made up the part about winning the lottery, just to cheer him up.

89. It sounds as if your musical mission, Marshall, may have started with three, yet has served as a temporary home for so many more! It had to be the right ear, Marshall, because even if it was the left, it was still the right one. LOL

90.  When frozen to the bone, the “HOT COFFEE LADY” is a sight for sore eyes. Not just the brew that she brings, but her words filled with compassion, and so very wise. 🙂

91. Bravo, Manuel! If anyone is going to tinker with your life, it shall be you, a self-directed thinker; and, my guess, a self-leader beyond compare! 🙂

92. Just in case, Laurie, I’m bringing along a couple extra tanks of oxygen!

93. If sunshine is what you want, then sunshine (or something equally brilliant) is what it will be, Crystal, because it sounds as if you’ve put all those dark clouds behind you! 🙂

94. This gives me pause for thought, Julie. I’m not one to second guess Haanel, yet I very much doubt that anyone equipped with “the mightiest intellect, the most profound and penetrating mind” would ever base his hopes on a premise he KNOWS to be false. On the other hand, such a person (there are a few) if so inclined (they are), given enough financial, media support, etc (they have) could lead millions/billions (today’s societies) to catastrophic results simply by convincing them erroneous premises are the truth (for example, living in fear and lack with poverty, hunger, starvation, war…are necessary components of the human condition). It almost seems a race between the herd mentality and the truth. My money is on the latter — on you, Julie! 🙂

95. Let me be very “candid” here, Julie. It sounds as if MKE/Haanel is changing you from a can didn’t to a “can did!!!” 🙂

96. Why worry? Be happy! You can be what you will to be. That I can plainly see!

97. A daily mastermind reminder; what could be kinder? 🙂

98. Needless to say, Angie, your focus on the MKE exercises remains paramount in your journey! 🙂

99. “One for all. All for one!” is a powerful motto…especially, when coming from a self-directed thinker, such as you appear to be, Myriam. It’s so powerful, in fact, it can be perilous; especially when knowing we’re surrounded by sheeple, who have given their allegiance to lies built on illusion, creating delusion and a dangerous confusion — darkening transparency, and, unfortunately, sometimes demanding a high degree of personal tact. Mahalo for letting me witness your journey! 🙂

100.  10,000 a month! As Willie Mays might exclaim, “Say hey!” You can bet there will be more than your son’s eyes looking on as September approaches. 🙂

101. There’s so much to appreciate after reading (and watching/listening) this most recent post of yours, Guy, I’m simply left in awe…and wonder! In addition to the significance you’ve given to the usually insignificant “will,” enough to prompt a high-pitched, congratulatory “twill,” there’s the as yet unanswered question, “How much Guy, and how much Van Gogh?” I continue to ponder. And ponder still as I peer at the art work, you’ve labeled “Super Wolf Blood Moon Meets Total Lunar Eclipse,” astounded, I let out a cheer. All in all is compounded by my eyes as I watched, by my ears as Bolero’s crescendo (bound and magically concealed as if by Rune Stone tablets) raucously resounded. 🙂

102. …so much better than counting our sins. Perhaps, all will come to know it as the Sunshine way, Ms Day! 🙂

103. Yes, life can be quite a ride, Marcel. Based upon this description of your recent adventure so heavily involved in dealing with the consequences of both mother nature and human nature after doing some of their malevolent worse, I’m inclined to re-name you “Bronco Billy.” Yet Clint Eastwood has already taken that name, so that would be kinda silly. 🙂

Meanwhile, my congrats on providing evidence both in the way you turned your hardship into a “Hail Mary,” and look upon Google’s scrutiny as a positive thing called accountability, rather than a treacherous act to rally the troops into mass mutiny. 🙂

I must further congratulate you for following around 290 people. I’m not sure how large your hands are when brought together to create that church with its two-fingered steeple; nonetheless, I’d like to bring my hands together loudly, because there could be mass this Sunday to honor you as if “A REBEL WITH A CAUSE,” so worthy of my applause that I must point to it quite MKE proudly! 🙂

104. As a Blog Rover, Marcam22, as often as I’ve had to deal with this same issue, I must admit it’s never been due to problems involving cell phone voice recognition. I could chalk it up to an active case of DD (Davene Dyslexia), however, I would then need to further admit that there’s probably no connexia. LOL 🙂


105. Tragedy has such gravity, it implores the metaphysical magnitude of the paradox, doesn’t it, Angela? The darkness of death reminds the blackness of those holes in the universe consuming just about everything that comes too close; yet what about that radiant energy from time to time shooting from its inner core like a burp as it consumes cosmic gases and masses? What about the theorized connection between the “big bang” birth of our universe and both the most massive and tiniest of black holes? What about? What about? What about the self realized guru who sees death as a transformation to be celebrated and not mourned; and the evidence coming from how the spirit of Muktananda, for instance, came from his predecessors, and the existence of those preceding masters miraculously witnessed in the accounts of some still waking and walking on this earthly plain? Love the beauty of your post, Angela, even as I feel your pain. Only fitting that kindnesses swirl when allowed the bounty that keeping the balance brings.

106. Haven’t taken the time yet (ALTHOUGH i INTEND TO) to watch the video, Alejandro. Nevertheless, so many of today’s challenges can be summarized in the lessons taught by “BROTHER BUZZ.” When and why is a B sometimes better than an A? And isn’t it just like the bee that on the front end the survival of all mankind depends, while on the back end exists the stinger. The sweet intensity of honey for those allergic is like a Medusa curse. And the pollination it performs so critical, sugar, in general, has been linked to so many health conditions — diabetes and cancer to name just two. Whew! Now let’s see what your video has in store. Bet it’s more. 🙂

107. The dilemma you’ve described, Mark, I believe is one encountered by many. Just look at the resulting architecture. For example, if something needs to get done, and such a thing as “perfection paralysis” actually exists (as I know it does from first-hand experience) then simply being good may be the best option. This ties in with, “Being effective is getting the right thing done; while being efficient is getting a thing done right” (I suggest better might be “…the right thing done right”). Cliches abound. For example, “where do you draw the line” between “Look before you leap” and “He who hesitates is lost.”? Great value is given perfection; yet this might add undo pressure depending on the situation, of course. When it comes to the accomplishments of mankind how often is absolute perfection ever reached, anyway? Better everything is continually being invented…even light bulbs; yet when it comes to light bulbs, whose name do we remember?. In summary, the idea underlying, “Being good is perfect.”

Thanks for your thought-provoking post, Mark! 🙂   

108. From what you just said, Jan, combining “scary” and “fun” as you have, Jan, I’m guessing Halloween is your favorite holiday, and VERY soon you will be making 20 Gold calls each work day! 🙂

109. I’m pretty sure, Crystal, so I’ll give it a crack. Given what you’ve just reported, you have all the symptoms of coming down (down? pretend we are in Wonderland for a moment) with a bad (bad? LOL) case of “HAPPY KNACK!” 🙂

110. Sorry, “VAL,” I’ve apparently taken Davene’s dyslexia to another level. LOL 🙂

111. Whether I do, or don’t become more aware of kindness, in general, Cindi, your post has tipped the scale in the positive direction! 🙂

112. Yes, Julie! Awareness of the function and power of the subby is undoubtedly extremely important. Reinforced via habit, we have learned the aforementioned power can easily work for or against us…haven’t we?! Bam! Bam! Double bam!! 🙂

113. Your shopping cart charm is disarming, Georgina! 🙂

114. It seems that blog posts are tapping into my memory banks this week, Grover. “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Row, row, row your boat; life is but a dream.” Mahalo! 🙂

115. Your post, Myriam, clicked on something, and sent me searching my memory banks to find it, “YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE, BUT WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE.” Thanks for sending me on this mental jog! 🙂

116. Sue, having read most of your blog posts published to date, your writing is clear, crisp, harmonious, and happy! 🙂

117. Not only do I love the value you’ve placed upon the importance of discipline in your life, Sue, I love your willingness to speak up and ask for help during the Sunday webinars, as you did during the Week 17 call, and the one a few weeks prior to that. Well done! 🙂

118. I have just one comment, Laurie…BAM!!! 🙂

119. Aside from writing your usual seriously superior blog post, Guy, is how you derived the 99.964%. LOL 🙂

120. And using this “GIVE MORE. GET MORE” strategy, Tracy, you are raising the overall consciousness of the world! 🙂

121. In part, Laurie, it’s due to the understanding just provided, I sometimes find myself substituting “KIND” for “HAPPY,” in our affirmation/mantra, “I am whole, perfect; strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.” You are exactly what the doctor ordered! 😉

122. And as your list points out, Lena, the inextricable connection between mind, body, and spirit. One might even say that meditation is a type of personal medication — less expensive, less invasive, and done correctly result in a synergistic, positive response…or is it? Thanks again for the opportunity to join in your journey! 🙂

123. As usual your lists are fascinating, and right on target, Lena! Good show! Way to go! 🙂

124. Yes, Julie, as usual you’ve captured the quintessence of MKE. As you’ve no doubt guessed by combining this understanding with this week’s Haanel lesson are ingredients making Mr Spock’s Volcan wish, “PROSPER AND LIVE HAPPILY,” more likely to come true. Good for you! 🙂

125. You may have heard, Alejandro, as I have that doubt is the mind killer. No where is that much more apparent than what happened to the doc once he realized the nature of the success he had treating an incurable skin condition. Another mesmerizing post. Good job, A! 🙂

126. You’re leaving me in suspense here, Pamela. “The…? It’s such a pleasure reading your post, all the while thinking you are back on the MKE blogging band wagon. What happened? Did you suddenly decide to jump off? Hope not. As you know, “the red-pencil syndrome” is just one of many dangers lurking when passing through the hostile territory of society in general; and as you probably also know, traveler’s insurance just ain’t available. LOL 🙂

127. Hi Cristinica! You got the poetry, you got the music, and you got the message regarding patience and persistence worthy of a trillion ears. I, for one, am glad I have two of them! Nice! 🙂

128. My hat goes off to ya, Mark! You’ve hit another one out of the park! You may have skipped publishing a blog post a week or two, yet you persist, and overall you continue to follow through! Right on!!! 🙂

129. I can almost hear the chant ringing in your ears, Hot Coffee, “DO IT NOW!,”  “DO IT NOW!,” “DO IT NOW!,” Now that’s hot!!! 🙂

130. There doesn’t appear to be in paralysis in your analysis, Lena. Right on!!! 🙂

131. The way you’re pumping out these posts, Lena, I can tell you practice what you preach. Yes! 🙂


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