MKMMA — WEEK 10 — “THE CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE” hangs in the balance!

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Last week, the post I published was entitled, “MKMMA — WEEK 9 — A SHORT PRELUDE TO THE POTENTIALLY HISTORIC MKMMA — WEEK 10!

Near the end of that post, which, in fact, consisted of a message I would send shortly thereafter to a member in my tribe, I point out:

“All previous and current governments depended and depend upon people to run them; and since all people are flaw-filled to varying degrees, the people in power have gotten better and better (actually, worse and worse) over the centuries at using government for their own self-serving ends. A ruling class/non-ruling class dichotomy immediately emerged. This ruler/slave relationship has been in existence so long, that most people have come to accept it as the way things should be — when, in reality, it is not. It is completely counter to the nature of man (unless, for instance, willing participants in a business structure) that one man should ever rule over another. Don’t you think?”

What do you think? To date, my Week 9 blog post has elicited just one comment. He told me, “I have made it my mission NOT to let thoughts of government creep in and steal my sunlight.

I have a hunch a majority of the MKMMA membership would agree.

My dilemma is this. I know in my heart, mind, and soul that the parasitical ruling class has been the biggest plague that has ever infected the human species. I also know that there is a simple, safe, and effective solution that would forever eradicate this plague (any similarity to what you’ve heard about vaccines, flu shots, pharmaceuticals in general… is purely accidental).

My intent at the time was to use this Week 10 post to reveal the “solution” alluded to – along with proposing a strategy to implement that solution. That was until Mark J’s Week 10 blog post came along and struck me across the forehead. You see, I also think the success of the aforementioned strategy might require the combined effort of as many MKMMA members as possible. How in the heck will I be able to drum up that kind of support – even for something so amazing, when 1. Based upon current experience, the likelihood of any more than a handful of Master Key’s reading what I write is essentially nil, and 2. I don’t know what to do to improve this number of readers, and 3. How many of these readers are likely to seriously consider a topic many Americans, including MKMMA members, prefer to avoid like a plague, anyway, and 4. I’m even uncertain if the MKMMA staff would consider this blog a place appropriate for such exposure if brought to their attention.

I’ve copied Mark’s Week 10 post directly below. To help describe what I’ve been experiencing for the past week and a half, or so, I’ve extracted this sentence from his post:

Rays of hope rush in like the tides and, just as quickly, doubts try to get equal attention.” Uncertain as I am regarding how to proceed, I then read:

I’m going to live in this truth that thought is everything… who am I kidding to think I can conceive a new reality of 3000 members experiencing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance?” Similarly, who am I to think I can conceive of a way to successfully deliver a solution that would guarantee the possibility of not just 3000 members experiencing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, but every person on this planet?

Since we know that the size of something means didly squat to the subconscious, Mark’s answer to this “who am I?” question, “Detachment.” Is also my answer.

We will just have to wait another week to see what comes of this. Before leaving, however, here are two clues that you can either Google, or otherwise, check out:

  1. The 3000-Year-Old Secret
  2. Mike Adams – The Health Ranger

Master Key Week 10; Inside The Dream

December 2, 2015Master Key ExperienceMaster Key Mastermind AllianceMaster Key System


The time is now.  Now. Now. Now.

As members of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance make the turn to presistence and the second trimester, something interesting happens.   It’s conflict.

In one corner of this battle… Will it work for me?   Where are the results?

In the other corner… I really want this new reality I’ve been affirming for two months.

I know this conflict because while I’m one of the the facilitators I am also a member.   Doing the drill, the daily “homework” and experiencing many of the same things.  Rays of hope rush in like the tides and, just as quickly, doubts try to get equal attention.

To say this was not a struggle in the mid-90s with my first few passes at fidelity to the world within creating the world without would be a lie.   The battle would rage, back and forth in my mind.

I’m going to live in this truth that thought is everything… who am I kidding to think I can conceive a new reality of 3000 members experiencing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance?

I added exerices to reinforce what I was reading.

Same conflict.

I added more exercises.

Same conflict.

I extended the “sitting for ideas” time from 15 minutes to 30.

Same conflict.

To 45 minutes.

Same conflict.

I knew the Master Teacher was right about “A double minded man is unstable in many ways” and it created layers of conflict.

Then in lesson 10 of the Master Key System I saw a sentence that made me so mad.  Oh, not the sentence but that someone must have snuck it into the text while I was sleeping.  You know how that happens?   I sure don’t.

10:9 Thought is the connecting link between the infinite and the finite, between the individual and the universal.

Judgment is a dream killer

Why did that smack me upside the head?   In an instant I realized that I was “doing the drill” but no fully in, not really.   I was doing these things to “get” what I wanted instead of “giving” these idea without expectation.  Trust.  It was all about trust and I had the results as a measure of success instead living in the experience.   In essence, I was looking at the results… actually looking for results to form my “conclusive opinion.”


Every master key member knows “opinion” is a judgment and all judgment comes from the old blueprint’s complusion to reaffirm a sense of self.   Holy crap!   How can I become a new person with a new life if I keep reconfirming the very thing I am trying to replace?

Are we funny or what?

I was talking new reality and waiting for it to show up by reconfirming, with each doubt, the current reality… which, ironically, was based on my past reality.  OMGoodness.

I stopped doing the drill, the check list…DMP 3X a day, reading index cards, sitting, reading and all the rest of it.  I stopped, just flat out stopped.   It was like I was leading two lives…this guy who did these things to “influence” my subconscious and this other guy who was waiting for evidence to show up.  All the while there was this third guy, the “jury” waiting to render judgment.   Can you say “unstable in many ways?”

Everybody who understands anything about the mind knows we can’t just stop something, we’ve got to replace it with something else.  Plus, I had made, as all members to, promises to finish.   And Haanel’s warning, to not start if your not going to finish…that we are always training our brain was a truth I knew I could not abandon … that would be reckless.   Everybody says reckless behavior always leads to a wreck and I can attest to that too.

It was in week 10, in that sentence that the doing the “drill” and “waiting in judgment” ended and the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts took on a completely different meaning.   I became, fully, the observer and that simple act released me from judgment, opinion and negative thought… from doubt.   I moved all in.


I stopped “doing” the drill and embraced this is who I am.  Now.  NOW!   These readings, sittings, thinking periods, recordings, blogging was no longer going to be things I was “doing” but it was who I was.  And, as promised in sentence 9, the line was crossed, the connection between the finite and the infinite began… with a rich flow of ideas.

I realized hope is not a strategy and that if my intention was good for others and did not take anyone else’s good, the way would be shown … the resources, the plan, the ideas would rush in.   And so they did.   What had been a “drill” or “laundry list” became the best part of the day that I could decide to let spill into the rest of the day.


It was not longer, the assignments, an “interruption” of my day or chores I needed to complete to keep my promises I had committed to in writing, it was who I was.   Full immersion into the new reality.   Full.

So what happened?   Everything I wanted to create in the new reality either happened or something better happened.   And that is the key to the vault.   One word was the key to the vault.

That word?


I detached from the outcome and lived with focused attention, in the moment.   Perfectly? Instantly?   Of course not… hell, I’m still working on it daily.   But it is a lot easier to get in that spot and stay in that spot for long periods of time when I remain the observer.


So now I’m all in and the idea of carrying this message to the world, to help people help themselves “shed” the cement and become self-directed thinkers comes to me day after day in my daily sitting for ideas.  This Master Key Experience can be huge I start thinking… people will inspire others by example… with hard work, they can help themselves change and their mere presence will motivate others to take charge of their lives.

And Opera interviewing us pops into my mind.   And I begin to weep.   No, not over the idea of size or glory…I weep because instead of “who am I kidding?” being the reaction, it’s “why not see what the infinite has in mind?”

I cut this video back in 2010….living it in the NOW




I start animating the dreamboard, the movie poster if you will.  It turns out, right on that property, we held our first retreat…

We’ve written out over $200,000 in checks since then…only 1.8 million to go and we are growing…

60 People from 60 Countries

Now all that is cool, it’s great, it’s… well, a dream coming true.   But that’s not the really big thing.

The really big thing?

Just as Haanel explains, the plan and the people to make this all a reality are showing up.   People like Donald OverlanderMarea, the guides….people smarter than me, people with immense gifts that they want to share, great ideas and reliability that is the stuff legends are made from.   A true mastermind alliance so we can not just expand to well beyond 3000 members but… unlike most expansions, improve the end users experiene rather than compromise it.  WOW.   How cool is that?

I know, with every fiber of my being, that within the membership this year are more pieces of the puzzle, people like Dan & Jenna who have gifts, who want to take on this cause to

Famous Amos showed up and was blown away

alter the consciousness on the planet.    People who have gifts, ideas and skills that can move the Master Key Experience from an idea who’s time has come to a movement that inspires thousands.

And all I have to do?   Well, that’s not really important, that’s just the personality of what I am holding as a reality.   What is important is the principle.

The principle?   Be in as much of your new reality as you can be now, annimate your dreams now, go drive that new car every week, go to Paris in your mind by cooking Parisen food now once a week… what ever.  NOW.  NOW.  NOW.

Have some fun with this…cross the line, be yourself and TRUST…if we get off a very adriot way to “judge” based on measuring our preceived effort against results and simply become that new reality… it happens and usually, really, in a better way then you could possibly imagine.   We never imagined that last year, during the Master Key LIVE Retreat, that people would love so much that they’d complain that it wasn’t longer…that they wanted more than 4 days, that they wanted 6 days…and so it will be.

It’s coming in July, late July and that’s not really important in the context of this blog… what is important is the principle – I began living in this dream, stopped doing the drill back in 2010 and detached from the outcome.   I never imagined we’d be getting emails about the 2016 LIVE RETREAT; that we needed to make it bigger this year, not next year.

Live in your dream now, do it now.   Avoid the mistake I made of measuring my effort against results….that’s old blueprint stuff.


If I had 100% of what I hoped for in 2007, we would not have 1/10th of the life and blessings we have today.

How’d it happen?

We gave 100% to the now and detached from the outcome, trusting Universal Law.


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2 thoughts on “MKMMA — WEEK 10 — “THE CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE” hangs in the balance!

  1. Loren, congratulations on writing your blog posts and sharing your thoughts! I empathize with your comments and offer an observation (not judgement or opinion). Self-confidence is key to gaining an voice of authority in any arena. Add a happy smiling photo with good lighting so your “image” projects a good vibration. Focus on what you desire without worrying about acceptance from others. Good start.

    Regarding your opening “opinion” paragraph – when we buy into the drama of what we don’t like or want to experience in our lives we add to the collective consciousness and attract more of the same. (pure science – not opinion) So we attract what we vibrate – change the frequency and you’ll attract more readers. And give more – get more.

    Kind regards,

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