…at Grocery Outlet in Jackson, CA, when I just happened to stop momentarily near a family of four doing some major shopping. The little girl in the group, who looked to be 5, 6, 7, or so, was easily overheard cautioning her father, as she watched him fill his heavily-laden grocery cart with more and more items from the freezer case, “Better watch out, or you’re gonna go broke.”

She repeated, “Better watch out, or you’re gonna go broke,” each time sounding more like an adult — albeit poorly trained — financial adviser, than a child not usually expected to bare the burden of such responsibilities.

No one, except me, appeared to be paying much attention. Perhaps, because she was simply mimicking mom, who was currently too involved doing whatever she was doing — there was the little bro, you know — to notice how her daughter had picked up her habit. Certainly, evidence supporting how many conversations back home involved a lack of money was massive, given the Wallmart/hand-me-down look of what everyone wore, and the worn-down, over-worked, under-payed look of good-ol dad, who had obviously taken the fine art of ignoring his off-spring to levels still uncharted. Point of fact, the needle measuring the amplitude of his stony-faced expression appeared to be caught somewhere between nothing and sad. This ability might make any of the pros at “tHE wORLD sERIES OF pOKER” proud — if all the folks playing, filming, watching were capable of not becoming too bummed — which they can’t — so he isn’t — too bad — I think. 

Well, as small as this sample size might be, there’s much to be gleaned  about the state of our once great nation. This I know.

Along with how much MKE represents what is left of our saving graces.

Until next time, it’s a rap.

(A touch of foreshadowing: next time will look a little more like this. I promise.)

And, although unrelated, here’s a song I like,

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