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After attempting to post my comment associated with each of the 5 following  blogs about 3 or 4 times over a two-three week period, my ego demanded some token display, so I might get my wagon wheels rolling “FORWARD HO!” to different pastures starting today.

Experience: Week 1

October 1, 2014October 8, 2014savagelou 3 Comments

Focusing on new patterns exposes old patterns, I’ve noticed. Things that were taken for granted as normal behaviors become singled out for examination where they can be manipulated like objects.

I noticed an old pattern come out last night, and while it was playing, much like a movie I’ve watched many times, I got the realization that I could just not watch the movie. The movie was accompanied by emotions; all my thoughts have “some” kind of emotion, good, bad or seemingly neutral. This particular movie had a sadness and a kind of heaviness to it. I wanted to dwell on it. I asked myself in a sort of self-aware way – and all this was happening while I was lying awake last night – “Am I dwelling on this because I like the drama, because I like the familiarity of the misery, or am I dwelling on it because I want to examine it?”

Well, everyone goes to the movies to be emotionally touched; people do everything to be emotionally touched. They meet with friends; they try new things, new foods; try to win at sports; try to cook a great meal and have someone enjoy it. It could be anything. So I looked at the situation and acknowledged my need for an emotional connection to an experience, then looked at my desire to examine the emotion of this particular movie. And that is when I made the discovery that I have a lifelong habit of doing that. It’s the equivalent of browsing through an antique store, walking around until you find something, knowing that you will find something, but not knowing what. And when you find it, you’ll feel the elation of discovery. Just like when I write a story or an article: I often don’t know how it will end until the end reveals itself.

So what has more of a cost? Browsing through your mind and your emotions while a movie is playing itself out, or simply deciding to turn the movie off? Browsing the mind can be a maze, like playing solitaire on the computer all day or surfing the internet; an endless waste of time.

The conclusion? I turned the movie off and replaced the heavy emotions with some affirmations and slowly dozed off.

Hours later, waking up…  heaviness gone.

Lou Savage @mkmmalousavage = blog 5 of 5

How do you do, Lou!


If I’m interpreting this correctly, it sounds as if you’ve just got too much free time on your hands. Just kidding! J I mean who is kidding who here? Only my subconscious knows for sure how many times I’ve drifted into the movie reel room of past experiences without knowing which one I wanted to play on the silver screen of my mind before I came in. (I love this metaphor, by the way. I owe you one.)


Despite the fact that we are the projectionists, there is, nonetheless, always a set minimum price for admission; i.e., each second spent mentally perusing our past is a second lost from all we ultimately have available to actively live in in the present moment . Each time we impatiently go in there to retrieve bits of information – a person’s name, for instance – stay longer that we should have, usually in response to our ego’s insistence, only to return empty-handed, is an example of how the price of admission goes up, because value over time spent goes down. No matter how this understanding finally arrives regarding the example just given, the quicker we let go and let the subconscious handle all similar fact-finding missions, is like out-sourcing for our objective mind; with the results to prove it.


Thus, with even well-defined entries possibly a bit pricey, it’s no wonder mind-surfing can be way more expensive. Whatever is happening on the outside to allow the time and provide the emotional trigger to go inside, it’s undoubtedly happened before. Gathered from what you’ve described, many, many times. Whether it be happy, sad, neutral, or something in between, there’s generally some theme in the air – type of back-round music? Attitude? – just before we enter dreamland. When that theme is more painful than pleasant, as “a kind of sadness or heaviness” suggests, I suppose you may have been drawn in to find something that experientially supports and reinforces that theme, thus producing the neuro-transmitters that go with it. However, unless having more of what you don’t want is what you want, and you’ve made it clear that you don’t, by opting for the affirmations, thus not buying a ticket to go in, was an empowering decision.


Heck! Who wants to pay $50 to watch a re-run of some ‘ol…well, I think you get the drift. I could go on quite a bit more to address the thrill and adventure of your piece, but that’s playing at a different theatre.


Although I totally believe in the value of becoming/being a self-leader, it’s good to be following you, Lou, because I would want to do that, even if it were my choice only.




Lorraine Siena Ried @MKMMALSR


Week 1- The New Journey!

September 30, 2014MKMMA blogmasterkeylsr

This journey is all about changing the way I look at things –

My old way of doing things has afforded me success in past businesses but this is the 21st Century and things have changed and so must I. But how do I change? I have asked GOD to guide me. In my quest I keep seeing the word blueprint – what is blueprint? When I built my house I needed to create a blueprint – a graphic picture of the structure of the house. Is that what I need? But how do you do that? I started to look into this blueprint stuff. Blueprint is the way we are programmed to do things and the way we look at things. In order to change our future we must change the way we do and look at things – the way we think and our actions – vis-a-vie – our blueprint – well that makes sense – if what we are doing is not working anymore than we need to change. I used to be a corporate officer for a brokerage house – I was taught to go to school, earn a degree, get a job, turn it into a career, make a lot of money, and then retire. Well that kind of worked for me – I managed to find a good job that paid really well and when the economy changed and the brokerage house decided to shut its doors I was in a position where I could retire early. I may not be a multi-millionaire, but I am comfortable. Now, what do I do? Do I sit and watch mindless TV all day and eat bon-bons? No, do I try to find another job working for someone else? No – I’ve always liked working with animals – in fact if I had to do it all over again I would become a veterinarian. So, I did the next best thing – I went back to school (a dog training school) and became a dog trainer.  In training dogs, I teach my clients how to turn bad behaviors into good behaviors – we work and work until those good behaviors become unconditioned behavioral responses. Well, I guess that’s the same methodology needed to change my blueprint. In dog training – consistency and repetition are the key. I teach this to my clients, but taking a good look at myself – do I practice this? NO. In fact, I can honestly say I procrastinate to the point that nothing gets done. That procrastination has not gotten me anywhere – in fact it has caused conflict in my life, especially with my husband – lets face it – it is much easier to surf the internet than it is to clean the house.  In the MKMMA, we are instructed to do certain things multiple times a day, every day, until the good habit is formed and it becomes second nature. Procrastination cannot have a part in my new life. Each day starts a new slate – you either do the work or you don’t – it’s as simple as that. My old way of doing things is getting me nowhere fast (cliché) – so here’s to my new life!

More next week!

Stay happy and healthy! = blog 4 of 5

Hi, Lorraine.

I once heard: the road called someday leads to a place called nowhere. It sounds as if you’ve experienced that first hand…sort of. Getting into the dog training business sounds as if it was a giant leap off that track onto the “road less traveled.”

I’m just going to make a wild guess here, since your possible DMP has “CANINE” written all over it. Similar to the Barnes/Edison story, you plan on going into business with Caesar Milan, right? J

Speaking of pooches, about two months ago one of the two beagles, Fiona, I help take care of died of kidney failure. She was only 5, and the other beagle, her father (Not sure about the proper word that expresses this relationship) is 6. I still haven’t over this loss, and it’s obvious dad misses her every waking moment, and probably while he’s sleeping, too. Sometimes I just feel helpless.

It’s going to be a pleasure following you, Lorraine, as we embark upon this MKMMA adventure together.


Lorirae Furst @lorirae_mkmma


IT’s been 4 years now and I gave up TV. Amazing things have happened! I updated my computer skills, improved texting, and pursued personal development. Books, CD’s. DVD’s have become a normal thing now. I realize now how much productive time I have by “turning off the noise”. I read to my 5 year old daughter, Sophia, every night. I notice the stories fill her mind with dreams and positive thoughts before she falls asleep. As she shuts her eyes ,I read my books which Keeps me on track. As I write this Blog I continue to work on my Blue Print and Improve my thoughts. My husband has told me to “Quit living in your dreamland”. Little does he know that dreamers with action will succeed. Harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by the right thinking. = blog 3 of 5

You did all this in one week, Lori? Wow! I would be careful, if I were your husband. With all that productivity you’ve got going on, another “dreamland” comment, and he just might be on the outside looking in. J

We’ve got to be careful about “giving up” stuff, of course. I’m sure you’ve heard Davene talk about how she uses a little TV as a reward. That takes a lot of self-discipline, however. Has your husband stopped watching as well? J

It’s going to be terrific for Sophia, as you move through the Masterkeys program, because you will be able to recognize and stop wrong thinking, negative programming, etc. entering her world from the outside, before it can leave any deep impressions; and, obviously, should any of this come from Sophia herself, be able to replace that with something positive before it becomes a habit.



Lori Koeck @MkmmaLori

Week 1 My Journey to Me.

Posted by lorikoeck


This is a journey that I have needed for a very long long time.  Confronting myself head on and asking myself, WHAT DO I WANT? Big scary question!

I have lived on this earth for 53 years now and the sad thing is I don’t really know exactly what it is I do want. Sure, I want the normal things like money and time but to dig down  and find the unique thing that I want is not so easy.

Starting the Master Key process is a new way of looking at the small things in my life and determining that most of my thinking or lack of thinking is the reason my life is a mess. I have gone day to day without really thinking about the WHY’s of how I act or react to each thing that comes across my path. From reading and re-reading The Greatest Salesman I had a great deal of resistance in admitting that I was a slave to my habits. My first reaction was… I am not a slave to anything, OH RIGHT! Ok so now I can admit I am a slave to habits and that the habits are not good ones.  I can realize that I can swap those bad habits for good ones. HAPPY DANCE!  With the Master Keys I need to focus on changing the bad for GOOD. The daily readings three times a day feel like a good stability thing for me. I have had to force myself to read aloud, really felt strange at first but each time this too improves now I just need to really work on the emotion. I have always felt I am the type of person that has no level of excitement, some part of me was missing. My standard saying was… I have never gotten excited about anything in my life. Hoping that with the Master Keys and work that I can change this.

The sitting part of the exercises come pretty easy for me, I enjoy the quiet time that this allows. Letting my mind wander is a up and down thing. Sometimes my mind will wander to peaceful places I either remember or places I would like to go. Other times it just kinda sits there blank. Hmmmm.

All in all I feel that I am starting on a great journey and each day I will get better. Better control of the things I think in my mind, how I allow myself to react to those thing. This gives me a wonderful feeling of hope. = blog 2 of 5

My comment on Lori #2 1st blog post


Hi, Lori.


Starting the Master Key process is a new way of looking at the small things in my life and determining that most of my thinking or lack of thinking is the reason my life is a mess.


Very interesting, Lori. (for harmony’s sake, notice no ! after interesting J)Yes, all those little things do add up, don’t they? Being able to handle all those things with some right thinking is a lot easier than running from coast to coast like Forest Gump decided to do. Your realization puts you way ahead of most folks, who demonstrate quite convincingly that the Age of Reason is dead in America.


I am not a slave to anything,


Indeed, my guess most people believe the same way. My question: Does one person ever deserve to control another? I suggest only if you believe in slavery that’s true. If not, why do we continue to allow a ruling class to exist in this country? Why do people allow it to exist in every country? Now, you got me going, Lori; so, I’ll stop right here.    


My standard saying was… I have never gotten excited about anything in my life.


Self-fulfilling prophesy?


Better control of the things I think in my mind, how I allow myself to react to those thing.


The difference between reacting and responding.

This gives me a wonderful feeling of hope.

“Faith, hope, and love. And of these, love is the greatest.” I believe the famous biblical statement goes…and I must also believe being in the top 3, is pretty darn good. J



Lori Enrico @MasterkeyLoriE



To say the least, this has been a real challenge for me.  When Mark J talked about how we’ve always been taught to write out our goals, get to our “why”, develop an action plan, etc, etc,etc (and over and over we fail to meet them) it really hit home.  I now understand that the problem was never knowing my Definite Major Purpose.  This is forcing me into a place that I want and need to go….so yes, it’s hard, but it’s also exhilarating.

So this week, not really feeling emotionally connected to my first draft, I felt a need to totally overhaul my DMP.  I sat down a couple of times on Tuesday and Wed and started to write, got overwhelmed, re-listened to the webinar, read comments in the Alliances area, then put myself under pressure to get it done on Thursday (yesterday….deadline….last day).   That was my old blueprint – trying to undermine me.  I began to obsess over  getting the new revision done and it’s all I thought about on Wed night and all day Thursday.  I had 3 appointments on Thursday that I felt I couldn’t break, so I had constructed an elaborate plan to get my DMP revision written and submitted in and around my other obligations.  At this point I really felt I had figured out my PPN’s and had some good ideas on what I wanted to put into my revision….so I was excited to write it.  Lo and behold – the phone calls started to come in, people asking me to reschedule the appointments.  So my whole day opened up, I sat down and things started to flow.  Open time manifested….so it was easy to write, express and submit.  I feel it still has a long way to go, but definitely zeroing in on what I want. = blog 1 of 5

(First attempt to post this comment was made 10/11/14)

Hi, Lori.


If being a “last minute Louie” is your “old blueprint”, then I can already feel the warmth of being in harmony with you, because that’s my old blueprint, too (I bet I’ve even got you by a few years. J). In fact, my DMP didn’t go out until 12:03AM Hawaiian time; and mine was a total re-write as well.


Regarding the goals, I remember listening to Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret” about 20 years ago, and, of course, the study Mark mentioned was included on it. If you’ve ever heard Earl, then you already know his voice alone generates tremendous respect. Therefore, I know I must have written down financial independence somewhere, because that’s never changed…including my bank account in a way indicating that I’m closing in on this particular goal. So, yes, I’m with you here, too.


For approximately the same number of years, I’ve always believed what I heard on a self-hypnosis audio cassette: “The visions we hold in our mind, are reflected back to us in life. Therefore, I hold in my mind only the most perfect visions for me, because they are the blueprint of my destiny.” Maybe understanding the underlying physiology in support of this belief is all we needed to make both of our dreams come true.



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