CASSANDRA SAYS IT LIKE NONE OTHER: “Week CW17 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – Then It Happens”

It was early September 2012, when Cassandra made her appearance. For it was then that I learned that she was a VIP in what would become a very demanding area of new growth in my life — and one of my two mentors, nonetheless, showing me the way through what, otherwise, very likely would have caused me to quit – as it had many before and many after. LUCK OR NO LUCK, I WAS LUCKY!

I’ve gotten to know her well, and she me even better I bet. She’s smart, she’s daring, and caring, and kind…and she is the one –

A MKMMA Certified Guide and the one responsible for my getting on the short list for a pay-it-forward scholarship to become a part of the Master Key Experience. There’s nothing like it. I’ve made it a lifetime affair. Her stride is hard to match,  but, yes, I’m doing my best to follow Cass’s dynamic, world-changing footprints, and now I’m training to be a CERTIFIED GUIDE – and, guess what, in 2016, you could be too. To improve the odds of that happening, I’ve saved you a double scoop.

You can make claim to scoop number one via the link below. It takes you to a very special audio and treat yourself to a 2-3 minute listen. Select it anywhere. Don’t be surprised, however, if you linger at length.  It’s that good! The man who made #MasterKeyExperience happen, Mark J, is being interviewed by Robert Bliss Brooke.

Then along came scoop two — which serves just as well as the first on your plate — because there’s no one like Cass – aka Valeska. Her latest Master Keys blog post says more about her talent – indirectly — than I ever could; and – directly – more about the flavor the MK Experience has in store for you than just about anything else out there – but you be the judge. This is the way it begins:

You know what you want. You have answered the Herald’s Call to Adventure. You have seen the vision of the song of your heart. You have been faithful to the mundane, to the routines of the journey, to the habits that have kept you true to your path, that have guided you ever closer to your destiny. Apparent blockades and obstacles mean nothing to you.  You view them as opportunities to express your creativity and ingenuity. You actually perk up with playful curiosity now when you see one, knowing it is either a mirage or a chance to look at life from a new perspective, that whatever ‘IT’ is, it is there for your benefit.

Then it happens….

…and here’s where you can read the rest:

And if you would like to get on the short-list that gives you first dibs for an incredibly affordable, pay-as-you-go, pay-it-forward scholarship for the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance 6-month program that launches in September, write now your John or Jane plus primary email right below. I’ll make doubly sure to keep you posted. My name is Loren.

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