…and out of that VISION comes a DECISION. Ideally a Blog Rover not only reads, comments, and shares on social media the mandatory weekly blog posts created by MKE students, he or she coulda, woulda, shoulda be writing and publishing as well. Well, I’m also a big fan of double (or triple, or quad…) duty. In other words, the purpose for commenting is encouragement; encouragement for the individual student, and indirectly for others — mostly other students — that happen to stop by and read the comments. Now what if those very same comments could be collected and blogged. Turns out they can. It’s called copy and paste, and last week I began implementing this strategy with a comment made on Julie Fiess’ Week 5 blog post entitled “SEEMING CONTRADICTIONS”


It was easiest blog I’ve ever written; because it already essentially was. Copy and paste remember. That’s double duty. It started with a double duty vision, or “double vision” for short. I’m not sure how much value turning this vision into solid form may ultimately bring, however, the job was so crispy and light, I knew in an instant it had to be right. And in that very same instant I made up my mind. The decision to continue with the plan just outlined above is so easy to see, anyone could see it — even the blind.

Guess what. Just had another vision, What about all those comments made during the two years gone by? Boy o boy, that’s a lot of material gathering dust in the Rover annals (sigh), should I use them too? (wouldn’t you?) A blast from the past sparkling again in the light of day. Whether sprinkled or poured a whole week at a time, now that’s a tough decision, what else can I say? (It really should rhyme) I’ve already said it. I call them blogster bits on display. Yay!!!

      This is the model I’ve chosen to stimulate my amazing visionary power. 

                                    BLOGSTER BITS ON DISPLAY

A chronological chronicle, a comment compendium composed and collected by the guy some call Lorenzo.

2. Given what you did as pointed out, Gary, please, do not let fall too far behind when it comes to publishing your blog. Your only a week behind at the moment. You have too much to say, too much to be heard, to let herself fall by the wayside in this arena. Some might even call it obscena, if you know what I meana. LOL 🙂

3.  Hi Becky! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. We are truly blessed to have you with us. Buckle your seat belt, and enjoy the ride!

It’s a journey like no other that cannot be denied!

4. An interesting realization, Tom! I think most people would have a difficult time thinking that anything other than our “objective mind” is actually the one making all the decisions and running the show. Although just a fleeting thought, I’m left to wonder why the universal allowed us to dabble at all with something that started out so perfect – our subconscious mind. Well, “to err is human, forgive divine.” Perhaps, therefore, it was with the intent to provide the fodder required for the law of forgiveness to have some purpose, some reason for being. Anyway you slice it, chop it,  dice it, thanks for your ongoing snippets that, provide a hint of what’s happening in the world of terrific. 🙂

5. And we are truly blessed, Angela, by this description of a portion of your life written with such zest. It just goes to show, sometimes when were not feeling at our physical optimum, some people – you, for instance, – seem to be able to function at what looks like their best! 🙂

6. New flesh arises from the ashes of a now forgotten world. All because one man, named Grover was able to flip-flop our understanding, or lack of it actually, until nothing remained except the absolute abundance that became recognized, utilized, and the theme of the Civilization of the Universe that unbeknownst to most lay on the near horizon. Thanks for staying on top of your blogging experience from week to week, Mr. Sheffield 🙂

7. Hi, Bobbie! Is very obvious in reading what you have to say, that you are being impacted in the way intended when Charles Haanel wrote the Master Keys a century ago. Bravo! Thanks for staying on top of your blogging experience by publishing another well-written post! 🙂

8. Hi, Rob! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. It appears that you already have some experience in the blogging arena, and have applied it to good effect in describing your Week One experiences. When you are excited, I’m excited; so, looking forward to reading more! 🙂

9. A valuable lesson learned in the area of over-commitment I’d say, Rob. I totally agree. In the olden days, “beating yourself up” may have seemed the right thing to do. Fashionable even, such that it could easily become part of the blueprint we are currently attempting to change for the better. Love it, or leave it. “The law of growth” tells us what happens to those things both welcome and unwelcome things that we focus our attention upon. Thanks for your honest display of insight that many will find personal value for themselves in reading what you have just said about yourself. Thanks for staying on top of your blogging week after week as you have! Great post!

10. And isn’t it nice, Noreen? You can express all the opinions you want in a blog post, and not be concerned about being… Well, I almost said “reprimanded; yet we both know “the red pencil syndrome” doesn’t care if you’re left or right-handed. So let’s leave it at, I have a hunch it’s probably a welcome relief to get some of that “everything” out there for change. LOL

11. Hi, Greg! Regarding, “This confusion, questioning, doubting has become a habit of thought in itself. “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” seems to have almost become part of my identity, and I don’t know how to break out of it.” Having made this realization, you are already way ahead of most folks out there. The law of relaxation, the sit, etc., should all be instrumental in providing the “how” that you’ve listed. I have a hunch, the “what” will soon be coming along in similar fashion. Terrific post! You’ve got this!

12. Hi, Tracy! If by any chance your DMP involves directing a short film, then, indeed, I can definitely see how you might see, feel, and taste your joyful success in that endeavor, because I can feel your warmth from here. I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area, by the way. LOL 🙂 Where are you?

Thanks for staying on top of your blogging, as witnessed by your successfully publishing week after week!  🙂

13. Hi Julie! Congrats on publishing another well thought out and well written blog post.

14. I can state as a fact, Georgina, regarding the DMP and the PPNs, many experience feelings similar to yours. Your guide and the sit will help you find that golden self inside that will blow your mind! 🙂

By the way, I’m one of seven also. In December, I will be seventy-one. LOL 🙂

15. I imagine your enthuuuusiasm, Georgina, is beginning to bubble over into everyone you meet…and that’s quite a treat! LOL 🙂

16. I can feel your breath from here, Ellaysa! It fills me with more life, more happiness, more joy! 🙂

17. The sit and the reading, Jake, are key exercises to make the most of this program. It’s wonderful to have your wife supporting you! If you decide to become a guide, should make it that much easier to fan her desire to sign up next year.

18. Hi, Jake! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. Writing the DMP is quite likely for just about everyone, the most challenging and significant “to do’s” that’s incorporated into the MKE program. It was for me! It’s no wonder so many people never get what they

really want in life, because they’ve never given enough thought to know what exactly it is. I’m looking forward to reading more of how you fare in this regard. Great post! 🙂

19. Hi, Eldridge! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. I can already tell you’re well on your way out of the “ping-pong“ way of thinking and into the realm Tiger Woods personifies. I’m personally looking forward to witnessing your progress (or lack of it,

as sometimes happens to everyone) described in your weekly blog. Good job! Bam! You’ve got this! 🙂

20. Hi Lena! This week features the 7-Day Mental Diet, so I’m sending everyone an affirmation that embodies a philosophy belonging to those who have found true happiness:

“ Everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me.”

It’s those lazy, hazy, DAISY, days of summer!

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Once again. MAHALO!


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  1. Leann

    Nice idea to capture all the moments of MKE, thank you for taking the time to share this with us.
    Much love & light to you on this amazing journey we call life.

    1. Loren Post author

      When wonderful MKE’ers like you Leann take their time to read and comment, makes any time I’ve spent more than worth it! Mahalo! 🙂


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