…and more than likely will remain that way — even after it is published. If you are reading this now, it’s been published. So what separates a draft from the real deal?

In general, a draft is a work in progress. (There I go again; sounding like I know what I’m talking about) Perhaps, only a portion of the entire post has been completed, or, perhaps, the whole enchilada is in the frying pan, and only requires some heat and appropriate garnish to serve hungry customers, or, similarly, taking another example, if we are out in the field, combat boots need only be the fully functioning, war-ready foot-ware they were designed to be. While back at the base, say it comes time for army guard mount inspection by the officer in charge, it’s also spit and polish time. What the shoes do is not good enough. They must look good, too. Form over function. We must ask ourselves, (and Nancy Sinatra) were those boots really “meant just for walking?” 🙂

So what makes this post different than the two examples just noted?

First, we’re not talking boots and enchiladas here. We’re talking an assemblage of information with enough power to break through the walls — the cement overcoat encasing the golden Buddha, if you will —  installed through years of fear-based conditioning to hide the truth, What truth? The TRUTH ABOUT CANCER.

Using large sweeping brush strokes, a completely different picture of cancer comes into view. When referring to alternative/integrative cancer treatment, gone is the doomsday scenario, which is the way cancer is commonly portrayed in the societal mainstream, replaced by a beautiful vision; a vision that begins to blossom as soon as  reality begins to register in the mind of any patient; filled with the hope of true understanding; an understanding turning the misfortune of what no one ever wants to hear in their lifetime, into what is now considered the good fortune of being blessed with this opportunity of providing yet another life-saving example of  what can happen to each and every one of us, when this amazing human body of ours is given what it requires to heal itself.

So, once again,  what’s all this draft hype about? Put quite simply, evidence indicates that unless a person dealing with cancer actively seeks out and finds the truth on his own, then the kind of open, receptive mind required to see what all knowers of the truth see as plain as day, just isn’t there. They can’t or won’t see it. To me, that’s unacceptable (I know, we MKEers should learn to aCCEPT EVERYTHING).

Although the odds of getting cancer are similar to the likelihood that just about everyone has seen those pizza/chinese/fast food delivery flyers, showing up on your doorstep — hastily positioned inside the mail slot, in the door handle, or sometimes caught up in the jaws of your closed screen door. High. The odds are very high.

Now what are the chances of taking a quick gander at any of this advertisement, and it ignites to become one of those life-changing “aha” revelations that come so seldom — for some, it can be only once in a life; when we finally get it… and that “it” is big.  Really big! Huge! Like finding a cure for cancer. The odds are so small, consider them zero, zippo, zilch.

Therefore, on the one hand, it seems we have an impossible mission on our hands. It took tremendous pin-point planning, state of the art equipment, and 007 quality personnel to pull off those missions impossible we watched on TV. No less is needed here. The chances of getting enough right to do the job out the gate? Slim to none, probably. Yet there’s no time to wait. We’ve got thousands obviously dying here. Even if only “a-shot-in-the-dark,” it will be treated as if guided by infra-red night vision. Perfection paralysis can strike at any time. Yikes! Besides, published posts can be edited/up-dated the same way draft copies are anyway. 

With tons and tons available to open with, guess what? I have found just such an opener! It will be embedded within my opening remarks. It is G. Edward Griffin speaking at the 2017 TTAC Symposium on what he calls “THE POLITICS OF CANCER.” Folks, I challenge you to spend the next 45 minutes with Edward. Not only am I confident you’ll find it to be as enjoyable as watching one of your favorite TV shows/movies, but also, believing, as  I do that this could very well be the spark capable of reaching and re-energizing the hearts of even the most forlorn cancer victim — those that have totally given up. Only members of the “walking dead,” may prove unreachable.


As a thank you for stopping by, here is SAM PERRY winner of 2018 “The Voice,” in AUSTRALIA. His style called “looping” is exciting and very unique. So different, in fact, it tendered quite a controversy throughout the continent “down under.”. “Boy George,” one of the four panel members/judges was very vocal in pointing out how it was unfair to the other contestants. Take a listen, and you be the judge.

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Once again. MAHALO!

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2 thoughts on “MKE WEEK 23 IS IN DRAFT MODE

  1. Laura Wrixon

    I learned a lot from the Griffen video (I purchased some TTAC info a few years back, and so was aware of some of this). Thank you for sharing this alternative way of looking at cancer. Extremely interesting, I purchased his book so that I could read through his notes.

    I personally wouldn’t consider the Sam Perry music method as ‘cheating’ – it takes a great deal of talent to mix all those sounds together into one beautiful, riveting and cohesive whole as he did! Bravo Sam!

    Always a pleasure to experience the posts to your blog! 🙂

    1. Loren Post author

      Incredible that you should dig into this post the way you did, Laura! If you’re interested, I have TTAC — A GLOBAL QUEST, TTAC — SYMPOSIUM 2016 AND 2017, TTAC IN PETS, and TTADETOX, all saved in my Google Drive. Let me know your gmail address, and I’ll add them to yours.


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