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Anyone who does not publish a post three weeks running, miss a fourth week, and they’re out.

They’re out in the sense their name is taken off the blogroll!

And though it’s the goner himself who really notices, it’s still quite a toll!

It means you are out of harmony with the rest of the MKMMA crowd,

And though in their ears mostly, it’s a moan and rather loud!

Since a rotten tooth when extracted can “pumpkinize” any grill,

A root canal — although more costly — eliminates this possibility, and we gladly pay the bill!

Turns out the 3 gutter is brand-new Rover doctrine that very few have seen;

Until my MIU comment that is, even non-bloggers recognize me now  — IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN 

Cherry Avenue by Hiro Nakajima


Today, I’ve chosen to republish an old blog post. Actually, only a portion of this blog post.

Either way, part or parcel, MIU’s , not only make things quicker and easier, but also, even though it is just a part of the whole, since there is now just this single focus, what went unrecognized before, is noticed now — possibly resulting in my selection having more value than the much larger post it came from. Think of it as the harvesting of viable organs used to save the lives of those recipients requiring organ transplantation.

The following piece that is approximately 450 words comes from Week 8, it lay buried near the end of this post — which is approximately five times as big — and yearns for the touch of more focused exposure, As well it might, when up to this opportunity, it survived as a seed never warmed by any light!”

I could say the following story is about happiness, even though it doesn’t mention that word a single time. “Why worry? Be happy!” Hint, hint hint. Combined with the LAW OF DUAL THOUGHT, which means the mind can only entertain one thought only, and since “Why worry? Be happy!” implies choice; i.e., we get to choose whether we want to worry or to be happy, the answer is obvious. We merely need to think it, and we are it – and since worried thoughts are never happy ones, who lets them into the equation without our okay? Obviously, we are the ones thinking them, so…? S

Who cares about who, how, when, where, and why, if that means  the same as opening the shade to let the darkness in? Better yet, while these questions may need. answering – why now? They don’t! Therefore, how beneficial would it be to have an automatic pilot programmed to take us to our destination, completely oblivious to the size of the storm raging all around, or whatever else kept us in delay sitting on the ground.



Detachment is the key to achieving the auto-pilot mode. It prevents the past and future from leaking in. Thus every second can thus be devoted to only our “now” moments of being happy. Once again, detachment frees the mind held captive by past and future concerns,. Not only this, but also, we tend to free ourselves enough for “It’s all good,” to begin making more sense. We can feel the difference, and that’s much more tangible than mere thoughts, or something that just sounds good on paper. Our thoughts combined with strong emotions create our beliefs. We know it is “all good!” War, Hitler, murder, incense, robbery, were/are, obviously bad – very bad – yet, we in the MKE program realize, they are or were nonetheless, opportunities in disguise — with the degree of how horrific directly related to the kind of opportunity, and its size,.


The second example involves a person called Guramayi Chidvilasananda. She is telling a story that goes something like this.

Get to the A soldier and a businessman – actually, he may have been a labor of some sort. I don’t recall. Not important. These two individuals are talking and laughing as they walk down the road in the countryside somewhere. They come upon a shop, and they go in. The shopkeeper has many items for sale, so, they look around to find something(s) each would like to buy. A sword on display catches the soldiers eye, so he asks the shopkeeper how much it costs. “100 rubles.” The soldier answers “That’s too high.” I will give you 60 rubles for it and no more.” The shopkeeper insists “100 rubles is a good deal, I won’t go a ruble lower.” “I won’t buy it then,” says the soldier, and he heads for the door. Before the soldier gets to the door, the shopkeeper says “Okay, okay, you can have the sword for 60 rubles. The soldier pays shopkeeper the 60 rubles and walks out with the sword.

The businessman/labor/? absolutely adores a vase that is also on display. Having witnessed what had just transpired involving his soldier friend and the shopkeeper, asks “how much for the vase?” “80 rubles.” “That’s too high,” I will give you 50 rubles for it, and not a ruble more.” The shop keeper is adamant regarding the selling price, just as he was with the soldier. Our friendly says he won’t buy it then, and heads for the door – thinking, at any moment, the shopkeeper and would stop him and agree to the lower price. He keeps walking, and blocking, and pretty soon he’s outside the shop, perplexed.

After walking over to his friend, the soldier, he describes what had just transpired. How he had done exactly what the soldier done, yet it didn’t work.

The soldier simply said “when I told the shopkeeper I would not buy it at his price, the shopkeeper new I was telling the truth.” The soldier continues, in your case, “he could smell your desire. He knows how much you want the vase, and you will be returning to the shop someday soon to buy it at his price.”

These are two examples of that wonderful state called, “detachment.” Do you see how the 7-Day Mental Diet can help us to attain this state? As long as we are unduly influenced by our inner and/or outer state, can we ever be truly happy? A person so filled with the negative things going on in the world, cannot help but be saddened or otherwise bothered some way. In fact, by spending too much time and energy worrying about such things, can actually help to perpetuate the very thing that is disliked.


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