THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Imagine that, and you’ve got the start of a fable. The kind of story told in olden times at a large Christmas table. Heroes there were 3, and guess what…one of them is me. Fawn and Stevo round out this galant MM trio. Together we are “tipping point, ” the name you’ve come to know. Off to save this world you see to the best of our combined ability; in the beginning so very slow. Yet, faster and faster as we went, we chipped away the Earth’s cement. To expose with the final peel the finest gold we’d ever seen! As does the part reveal the whole, such did the whole reveal the part; can you guess what this might mean? It meant far more than words can say I — so go, I must, and ask, may I?

There was gold and a few other surprises under that cement!

AKA everybody must get stoned!


“Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres”, are the words Caesar may have said; however, our spreadsheet was divided into four parts, and I’m not sure what he might’ve spoken, instead – even with four years of high school, Hogerhyde-taught Latin that once filed my head. With very few Roman reminders, and not a drop of practice in the 50 years that have passed, there has been very little to maintain and replenish my knowledge of this language that is dead.  What Mr. Hogerhyde taught me, so many years before – not much to begin with… was now, even less. “What is the Latin word for 4? I should know it! Do you know it, signor?” Take a guess.   

I leave you to ponder as I wander out my bedroom door. Thinking as I’m going, “MIU’s kept under a limit of 700 words max, translates as more time for other things — more, more, more! Perhaps, you can see me smiling — a devilish grin with a hole in my chin — that’s hard to ignore!


“Oh, honey, you forgot me not!”

With 160 students in each part as it is, one could easily wish for cinco, ses … Certainly, if there were just three parts, or less, is a thought most would find quite unappealing, and prefer not to tread. Increased workload a source for apprehension? Perhaps, however, since parameters are still open, it’s the impact on the degree of individual attention about which I did not mention. The same amount of time and effort spread among many, or just a few? A major consideration in the determination exactly what we must do.

About 7 weeks into the course, Dayna got on one of our Blog Rover team calls to further clarify our responsibilities: “TO READ, COMMENT, AND SHARE.” It was the final push we needed; so, I’m glad she showed up, and I was there. In addition to our 160, we picked up some guides, some lifetime members, and an additional sprinkling of students.  However, with so many – too many – students simply not blogging, this extra load has been quite okay.

It was from this extra sprinkling of students, Michael Brankin and his website caught my eye. If you‘ve followed me to this point, I can now tell you why. It was Week 12, and I noticed how Michael was motoring along, getting his post published every week, I left a comment about this, and how he was looking strong with so many appearing meek.

december 19, 2016 at 11:09 pm

“Hi, J,B., Loren here — one of your five friendly MKE Blog Rovers, stopping by to read your latest; and to congratulate you for the awesome job you’re doing, consistently getting your blog post published week after week! Re-blogging is an excellent way to give to yourself and, of course, the person – in this case, Adam – whose post you are re-blogging. “To yourself,” by giving yourself a chance to catch up, and the other person, because you are sharing in a “Give more! Get more!” Kind of way. Good job!

I leave you with a question, “if you knew you couldn’t do it wrong, what would you do next?” Please, let me know if this question resonates.”

And then, what to my watering eyes should I see, a message on my iPhone from none other than JB! Letting me know he had added another Week 12, in a sense, especially for me. As per above, I had asked “if you knew you couldn’t do it wrong, what would you do next?” Please, let me know if this question meaningfully resonates.” He was letting me know he had taken my suggestion, and written an entire post answering my question.

Word count 438

“Yes, mother, I’ll feed the reindeer!”

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