With the same jubilant smile, he ended the race exactly the same way he started!

THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Imagine that, and you’ve got the start of a fable. The kind of story told in olden times at a large Christmas table. Heroes there were 3, and guess what…one of them is me. Fawn and Stevo round out this galant MM trio. Together we are “tipping point, ” the name you’ve come to know. Off to save this world you see to the best of our combined ability; in the beginning so very slow. Yet, faster and faster as we went, we chipped away the Earth’s cement. To expose with the final peel the finest gold we’d ever seen! As does the part reveal the whole, such did the whole reveal the part; can you guess what this might mean? It meant far more than words can say I — so go, I must, and ask, may I?

Having consumed all their little bellies could hold, like a carton of black and white Easter eggs on a pink blanket, the baby pandas had been pleasantly and precisely plopped!


With that, Buc lifted his gaze upward. Craignito followed his lead. Both of them could have sworn they were able to see the crescent-shaped moon, or was it 100’s knowing grin, fading into the distance. It must have reminded them of the moon and the twinkling stars on a dark green box, because they both got an instant craving for Mint Chocolate Campfire Girl Cookies.


The post that follows comes straight from the incredible Master Key Experience “change your life” program. Let’s give a listen to Mark J, speaking about the importance of happiness.


No words were necessary – their faces said it all!

“As we come to the break in the webcast this week, I believe it’s time we pause, step back a bit, and celebrate. You’ve done three weeks or more – at least, 21 days – on five tiny habits that we call the complex, compound progression. The five tiny habits As you recall we started out with the three gratitudes we wrote out, the kindness – being aware of kindness, a little bit of exercise – unless you’re doing P-90X, relive a special moment in a sentence or two, and, of course, the meditation of the sit.







Now, in a few moments you are going to see a clip from the webcast. So, if you’re viewing this before the webcast, we, personally, believe you should stop, see the webcast, and then come back. It’s really up to you. This is the key point. People that are happy, perform better. It’s that simple. In everything: relationships, acquaintances, business… Everything. It’s a matter of scientific fact, people that are happy – and these are the five things that create happiness within us – are 37% more effective.

I started doing these things years and years and years ago. I’ll talk about that in a minute, but I’ll let the video speak for itself in terms of those kinds of effects. The video is kind of fast. He goes through them kind of fast; so, you’ll need to watch it a couple of times. I want you to look for the evidence, because the evidence is clear that what we are bringing to the table and asking you to do isn’t something like “hey, let’s try this. This might work.”

I want you to wait until after the webinar next week, because we have a whopper for you. We’ve seen from the surveys people are happier. They are just flat out happy. If you are not sure why, it’s these 5 things. Those that have been faithful to the exercises are beginning to benefit from these things. Better relationships, better business relationships – life is just better when we are happy. Life just doesn’t get better, and then we get happy. We get happy, and life gets better, and we get happier… And it creates this incredible circle.

I want to address a massive point: “the moving of the goalposts.” People who expect to get happier when they reach a certain pin level, when they get the mortgage paid off, when they get the credit cards paid off, then they’ll get happy. This is programming the brain backwards, because every time you get that thing, then it’s the next thing. When you get the next promotion, you think you’ll get happy; but then it’s the next promotion, and then the next. If happiness is always just beyond success, and the goalposts keep moving, then, guess what? We’re never going to be happy. And that’s really what you’re going to find in the video. Go through it again, because I really want you to get this.

Folks, I experienced this my whole life, because that’s how my brain was trained. In athletics, if we won, I was worried about the next game. I scored 12 points, why didn’t I score 14? And I got 8 rebounds why didn’t I get 12? If I got 8 tackles, why did I let that guy get through? And it carried on from game to game — from the time I was a boy, all the way up into my 40s, when I was network marketing with Market America. I just thought if I could get to national supporting coordinator, which was a minimum of $10,000/month in commissions in a four-week cycle – then I’d be happy. I wasn’t. I was worried about who was catching up on me. My company, my up line. Nothing wrong with them; they were conditioned the same way. but all these things changed, when i started doing these things – and one other thing that I’ll share with you in a minute.

When I got to 100 K, I got calls like “when are you going to reach 200 K?” I told them it didn’t matter. I was happy where I was. They would say “You can’t be happy there. People are going to catch up to you. They’re going to pass you.” I would say, I think that’s the greatest thing in the world.” What made the difference? Well, because I did the things that made me happy. Why did moving the goalposts have zero effect on me anymore? It’s really, really important you understand this. It’s the progression of the five things that you started with the webcast way back in December – actually, we started the first week when we did the sit. The gratitudes we started in December. The kindnesses we added in three weeks ago, along with the exercise. The point is, these have been a habit of mine for the past 15 years.

So, don’t lose your common sense when you’re viewing the video and get excited, “Wow, I began doing these in December!” Let common sense be the rule here. If you want to stay happy, keep doing these five things.

You know gratitude is a cause, not an effect. Gratitude is a cause, not an effect. The more grateful you are, the more things you are grateful for tend to show up. You saw the entire mastermind thing come to life with the kindness. It ignited many masterminds. Keep those 5 things rolling in for yourself. Not a requirement, unless what? You want to be happy. Forget about it! There’s no choice there. Mark Twain said common sense isn’t that common. Use your common sense, and your relationships will continue to flourish. We’re getting all kinds of reports about that. Your businesses will begin to prosper. Why? Because you will be 37% more effective.

The second thing – and I’m talking about retraining the brain here – and it’s right out of the Master Keys – in 17, you read how achievements are not power. You see, that’s ego. I talked about this a little bit in the previous video. When ego calls the shots, we live in fear. You gotta get to another pin level. You’ve got to get this certain promotion, or you are a nobody. You’ve got to have two kids, or you are a nobody. So, what happens is the ideas of other people affect us; and when we act in a certain way to get their approval, we believe – wrongfully so – that when we act in a certain way, we will have power. As long as we have those things. Having these things is okay, but the way we have them is a control issue, and all control issues are fear-based. We don’t want power, we went confirmation of our power.

Now, we can counter that confirmation with the power of what? With the power of thought. To allow what penetrates to the subconscious only what we want. And if some things we don’t want pass through, we can use the Law of substitution, and we can choose which thoughts we wish to entertain. This is massive, because it breaks the cycle every time someone is trying to shove a goalpost down your throat. In other words, you are creative, and you can create the conditions that you need virtually on demand. You can do this effortlessly, when you understand this. Getting things, or achievements, are not power. But, in fact, if they are done with the Master Keys – what Hannell has taught – what all great philosophers have taught – these are actually confirmations of your power. And you are not going to take more than you need. Ego doesn’t control the shots. Your higher self – that’s what is controlling the shots.

What is your higher self? Your ability to work with Universal mind to control your thoughts, and that’s power. In fact, it’s the master key. And you have the master key. It’s yours. You have it! Some of it got conditioned out by our conscious mind, but it’s always been there, and it always will be there. As Hannell told us, you have to know that it’s there, claim it, and take action, to have it. So, you need to take action in concert with your higher self in order to have it.

There’s no need to try and control outside things. You are not even dismissive about it. Or anything else, because It’s nothing. You know that the next goal, and the next goal, is not going to make you happy, because you already are.

Now usually what I do is challenge you with these videos. Not this time. We are going to celebrate, because it comes a time in every journey when you’ve got to take a deep breath and think “gee, this is been quite a journey. What you accomplished between your ears, and started to with your heart, that’s really quite a lot — when you understand what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, after you make some changes, it’s time to just feel freaking happy about that. Now, as you hear the Harvard study regarding this, I want you to R2 A2. R2 A2 what he says. Let it touch you. Give yourself permission to say, “I chose to do this class. I dug in, when the going got tough.” Remember, what Lisa Anderson said: “If you can get through the ups and downs, this is one of the remarkable results.” So, sit back, and enjoy this Ted video. Feel great! Feel happy! Feel that the decisions you made to do this, and stick with it, have been validated!

There is a plan. You worked it beautifully. And we’re not going to move the goalposts on you. And I’ve got a very, very, special short clip after you watch the Ted video that will prove to you without any shadow of a doubt that you are “nature’s greatest miracle” — right this second.”



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