MKMMA WEEK 2 – THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! “Ufos…which ufos?” (Part 1)

STAY THE COURSETHE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! So, let’s hop on the MKMMA express — first name, Betty, last name Grable — first name, Clark, last name, Gable!


I had intended to use my Week 2 MKE blog as a vehicle designed to share what my fellow Blog Rovers (Caryn, Julia, Paul, and the newly-added Lorelie) have written in days gone by. While the desire underlying that intent remains as solid as cement, something so important came to my attention, a mountain of regret weighs me down, until released by the following informational intervention! 

My good friend and Neothink Society colleague, Michael, sent me the following message:

I listened to this interview of Dr. Steven Greer yesterday and it contains info we all will benefit by knowing.  Ufos…which ufos?

Near the end he says its more about us raising our consciousness than anything else.  Good stuff!

Live long and prosper,


Since I trust Michael’s advice implicitly, I clicked on the link provided in his message with such simplicity. Doing this catapulted me into a brand-new world! Created from all the revelations revealed as the interview I was listening to unfurled! I had intended to put the interview right here; however, upon second thought, later on it will appear.

Before continuing on, let us keep in mind — and I do mean an “open” mind — Michael’s question,

“UFOs… which UFOs?”

Turns out the person being interviewed is non other than Dr. Steven Greer — the father of the Global Disclosure Movement. Some of you might remember Dr. Steven Greer, and a few of his major accomplishments subsequent to his founding the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) in 1990. There will be more about Dr. Greer — career, accomplishments, etc. — later. However…

…at this point, I’m going to cut to the chase, and bullet point what I consider to be the highlights of the aforementioned interview. These are, in turn, the reasons why I believe this information is so, so important for all of us to know and act upon. For many, if not most, this will seem as if a visit to “The Twilight Zone!” or, perhaps, even “The Outer Limits!”


Before reading that which follows, please, keep in mind the negative sounding bullet points used in Part 1 — here, and Part 2 — later — were used to help define the caustic, causative nature of a reality most Americans are completely oblivious. Indeed, in a range with tangy tart at one end to sharp, burning and painful at the other, my comments have been chosen to be more in alignment with the sensations we should be feeling, if it weren’t for the hypnotic trance holding us spellbound as the first-degree illusions around us continue to dance. From the perspective of that natural law named cause and effect, if we dig deep enough it is discovered we are as much a part of the cause, as are the actual perpetrators – perhaps, that explains why these criminals enjoy effects reserved for royalty, while we are recipients of the effects associated with an underclass. With bulleted words the polar opposite to those found in the vocabulary of the politically correct, consider them a wake-up call – counting on the likelihood that with greater stimulation  comes greater awareness , and, as the “tipping point” phenomena points out: with enough awareness, appropriate action becomes automatic.

In keeping with the teachings at the core of the MKE program, paradoxically, this wake-up is not meant to depreciate; it is meant to appreciate and celebrate the infinite value contained deep inside each one of us – unique brilliance that patiently waits for the opportunity to make its presence known. As minds open simple understanding such as the best solutions are usually more rational than emotional come under the kind of scrutiny able to pierce illusions and see what actually is. We begin to ask ourselves is the logic of Spock always more favorable to the excited genius of Capt. Kirk when sufficiently provoked? As our collective consciousness continues to expand, the truth underlying “It’s all good,” becomes more and more obvious. Problems, big and small, miraculously emerge more and more often to indicate nothing related to a problem-saturated society, and everything related to the new perspective that re-defines problems — all of them — as opportunities in disguise.

Put simply, just as darkness helps to give meaning to that which is light, we are able to give thanks and be grateful for the existence of everyone – akin to brotherly and sisterly intensity and density — no matter who, what, where, why or how we’ve previously collided, currently collected, or someday resurrected. It took Darth Vader to take the light saber out of mothballs and when light against light ultimately results in a return to the sheath, it is no accident to suddenly discover the goodness underneath the mask and mechanical voice. Let this be a vivid example of how even the most tainted can change everything related to the way they once were.

Unbridled love and compassion is what it takes, and all it takes to find a way to forgive everything and everyone. The boundaries are broken, the borders no more, and the walls come tumbling down as non-judgmental acceptance and defenselessness brings each one of us into that state of enlightened, blissful joy reserved for mankind operating in the upper regions of human consciousness. The Civilization of the Universe is just one thought away. Don’t you think? There are two answers. One of them is, “think again.”

·       As more and more people are waking up to realize, there are a small group of individuals, who are as pathologically psychotic as Nero must’ve been as he fiddled away while turning Rome into a city of ashes.

·       These psychopaths have been demonic designers of world history for the past century – probably more – with so much power – the cliché “absolute power corrupts absolutely” could very well have been written about them — the “pudding” — as in “The proof is in the pudding!”

·       Supported by a vast financial empire, the military-industrial complex is at their beck and call. This military-industrial complex thrives upon fossil fuel, and, of course, its ongoing production of weapons with increasing ability to kill and destroy, in order to satisfy its voracious appetite, unwelcome, malignant growth, and subsequent need to eliminate.

·       Because of this self-serving dependency, war is the “fast track” way for this small group of “illuminated” humanoids to accumulate more and more power and wealth. Their actions — most of which are designed to foster  war — leave little doubt power and wealth are the things they care about most. Carefully crafted “false flag” events designed to misdirect attention and create adversarial relationships between countries; falsely blamed, insidious murders of truly enlightened individuals with enough influence to appear as threats, etc. – make up just the “black ice” tippy top of what is their malevolent modus operandi iceberg!

·       What we currently call UFOs – unidentified flying objects – do, indeed, exist. However “unidentified” is actually a misnomer, because… (to be continued in my Week 3 post, heading to the printing press as I speak).  Now, the interview:

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Oh, I cannot help myself. A  sneak preview:  The following is the end of the dialogue used in the film, Sirius.

Dr. Steven Greer

“The future is here already. The technologies are here. Contact is happening. And if we come together as a people, what we are going to find is we are going to be able to create a world that is amazing! If every single one of us told everyone we know that we are being visited by intelligent life; that the sciences are here to give us a new civilization, we are liberated from that macro-economic slavery – for this is the destination of humanity!”



“What we’ve come to learn is this: we are standing at the precipice of a new age! There is power in the many! But only when they are acting as one! That’s when resonance happens! Whether joining together as a responsible citizenry against the forces standing to divide us; or joining consciousness to unite with the beings prepared to communicate with us; in order to succeed in this endeavor called life, we must come together as one!”


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  1. LorencrazyCraigTaylo

    I remember a day, when I used to say, “Tote that Marge.” Although if any “toting” was required, you were one of the lightest and easiest by far, because I never got tired! Overjoyed that you’re back, soaring on wings so high in the sky most can barely see; adds an extra dimension to these encouraging words you’ve so kindly sent to me!


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