THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Let’s take a hypothetical look and see. For now, let’s take everything inside the boundary of our universe as all there happens to be. Against the backdrop of endless space, even something as large as our universe must seem a tiny place. Yet a million, billion minds, or more, and bodies inhabit this small abode; so, the chance that any single one of us is the leader in such a field, is quite unlikely when compared to such a load. In fact, so unlikely, may I suggest “unimaginable” fills even the mind of whomever happens to be best; to consider they alone might be better than the rest. ere’s a lot of stallions in this stable! 
Speaking of which, when it comes to mastermind partners, Stephen Serna is my Clark Gable, and Fawn Christianson my Betty Grable!


You see, as anyone doing the MKMMA 6-month, pay it forward program will agree, the weeks really fly by, and trying to keep up is a constant race, and falling a little behind is often the case. It’s at these times, we can all use “a little help from our friends.” And what better friends can there be than mastermind partners helping us to make the most of what collectively are referred to as we?

I became an MKE guide, last year (it’s been two years now), after doing the MKMMA program a little over two years ago (it’s been three years now). As an MKMMA student, with all of the work, various deadlines, lessons to attend, etc. heaped upon what I was already doing prior to joining Mark Januszewski and the Fabulous Davene in their quest to make this world a better place, I learned one of the best time-savers to adopt is duplicating what I have done in one place for use in another.


For instance, creating blog post content, posting comments on other member’s posts, adding comments in the MKMMA alliances, writing material for use in the various social media venues, such as twitter, Facebook, instagram, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., etc., are all similar enough to allow this form of self-imposed plagiarism. As the well-worn cliché points out, “Why reinvent the wheel” when someone else has already done this? Although invented just once, it helps everyone get around. Although only one original written copy may start the ball rolling, why not keep it rolling in the various ways we can get our information out there? If it’s worth reading, why not get as many eyes as possible doing that? Why not turn it into an avalanche of exposure?


The preceding duplicates how my MKMMA Week 8 began last year. It’s interesting, because this post just happened to be of the longish variety for which I’ve been known, just prior to retreating to a much more abbreviated format.

Turns out using material I’ve used previously, as I’ve just done above, was later categorized as an MUI. I was not consciously aware at the time (although my subconscious may have been privy) that this post — actually that one —  by continuing to 1. copy below a comment I made on Fawn Christiansen’s Week 8 blog post, 2. her Week 8 post 3. Stephen’s Week 7 post — I now realize (hindsight is 20/20) I wasn’t just creating the verbiage (Eawn and Stephen were doing that) for one future blog post, but for three (1,2,3).

In other words, by simply splitting my WEEK 8 into three parts – just as Caesar described Gaul, before conquering it – I’m letting Caesar be the source of my own proactive gall to suggest I was pirating Fawn’s and Stephen’s blogs to write my WEEK 4, 5, AND 6 THIS YEAR; but also demonstrate how  a new entity/a new concept to be named an MUI was born — that will mentioned more in my Week 7.


Although just a taste of everything brought to the table, what I’ve just pointed out should be enough to make it easy to see why mastermind partners are such an asset; if foods, considered a staple.


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Once again. MAHALO!

Last, but certainly not least! Here is another from Pentatonix, with a distinctive Afremov Maraschino!


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