THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Let’s take a hypothetical look and see. For now, let’s take everything inside the boundary of our universe as all there happens to be. Against the backdrop of endless space, even something as large as our universe must seem a tiny place. Yet a million, billion minds, or more, and bodies inhabit this small abode; so, the chance that any single one of us is the leader in such a field, is quite unlikely when compared to such a load. In fact, so unlikely, may I suggest “unimaginable” fills even the mind of whomever happens to be best; to consider they alone might be better than the rest. ere’s a lot of stallions in this stable! Speaking of which, when it comes to mastermind partners, Stephen Serna is my Clark Gable, and Fawn Christianson my Betty Grable!

My WEEK 5 ended this way…

“In other words, by simply splitting my WEEK 8 into three parts – just as Caesar described Gaul, before conquering it – I’m letting Caesar be the source of my own proactive gall to suggest I was pirating Fawn’s and Stephen’s blogs to write my WEEK 4, 5, AND 6 THIS YEAR; but also demonstrate how  a new entity/a new concept to be named an MUI was born — that will  be mentioned more in my Week 7.”

I incorporated the following comment to demonstrate how something created for use in one place — Stevo’s blog — cab be used in another — right here; and to demonstrate the power of the mastermind to assist, as when helping to ensure desirable actions are taken. Anyone who has done the MKE life-changing program, knows that completing the 7-DAY MENTAL DIET is one of the most powerful ways to move life forward in a lasting, significant fashion…


Although, as you will see, I’m fudging a bit, replication seems to be the perfect fit!

I left the following comment on Stephen’s Week 7 blog post:

“You know, Stevo? I need to pay attention more, because as I’m now realizing, something profound always happens when you are around!

Case in point, this post. While reading and contemplating, it occurred to me that I’ve never taken the 7-Day Diet serious enough to ever give it a chance to work its magic. It’s time I do that; don’t you think?

Starting tonight – 10:10 PM Pacific – I’m going on the diet. If you read this comment prior to our mastermind call tomorrow, please, ask me about this commitment.

FYI in a few minutes I am writing my MKMMA Week 8 blog post, and I plan on incorporating Fawndo’s Week 8, and this Week 7 post of yours.

So, I’m pretty sure I owe you the equivalent of the best hot fudge sundae you’ve ever had X2! For now, my Mahalo X2 will just have to do!!!”


See how many connections you can see between what you’ve just read with Fawn’s short post for WEEK 8 in 2016 (copied directly below)…

My week 8 is GREAT! – My Master Key Experience

(Fawn Christianson)

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.” – Nikola Tesla  

This has been a week where staying present and choosing to visualize that which I truly decisre to create in life has been remembered every day.  We are given tools that truly influence the subconscious mind to follow our lead and move in the direction for the greatest good.

coming-home-to-the-lightMy heart was deeply moved on our Tribe call as everyone there had obviously grown and shifted in this past week.  Of course, it requires persistance and commitment, at times outright grit!

But the magic is in seeing ALL of us doing it!!


Who knew the planet Mercury looks like this?

Is there any doubt why I am one of Fawn’s biggest fans! 

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Once again. MAHALO!



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