MKMMA WEEK 6 – THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! “Ufos…which ufos?” (Part 5)

art6THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! So, let’s hop on the MKMMA express — first name, GREAT, last name ADVENTURE!!! 

40-baby-stars-imbed-this-celestial-shamrockBABY STARS IMBED THIS CELESTIAL SHAMROCK

PREFACE (Abbreviated)

Unbridled love and compassion is what it takes, and all it takes to find a way to forgive everything and everyone – including ourselves. If you have read any one of the first 3 parts of this series, then you might be recognizing how much damage the 13 family, a.k.a. the illuminati, a.k.a. the cabal is responsible for, This is ample cause to be angry,  To move past this anger, we must forgive. Along with this forgiveness, it is good to include an equal measure of gratitude. Although it is extremely difficult to be grateful for the ruling class – especially at this particular juncture when the loss of human life subsequent to their unbridled control, is ‘s atand you  an all-time high – still, it is vital that we are.

Everything will be easier – forgiveness and gratitude included – after the ruling class is no more, and the “rule of man” is replaced with the “rule of law.” However, as the Master Key Experience six-month program teaches, if you want things to be a certain way in the future, it’s very helpful to think, feel, and act as if that “certain way” is already here and we are experiencing it. Engaging this concept is vital in order to get the subconscious mind working in alignment with our conscious or objective mind to obtain what we want.

Using the subconscious this way, we can tap into the infinite wisdom and power of the world within.This is when the likelihood boundaries will be broken, the borders will be no more, and the walls come tumbling down, rises exponentially!

As we enter into that state of enlightened, blissful joy reserved for mankind operating in the upper regions of human consciousness – also called the Civilization of the Universe, we notice how forgiveness and gratitude sit beside a number of other timeless concepts, such as non-judgmental acceptance and defenselessness. It is then we realize why it was so important to embrace them early on, as we did.   We recognize how entry into the Civilization of the Universe was just one thought away after all. If you don’t think so, I implore you to “think again.”


MKMMA Week 5 (Part 4) included the following paragraph: 

“In May 2001, Dr. Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in D.C that featured “20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers. According to a 2002 report in the Oregon Daily Emerald, Dr. Greer has gathered 120 hours of testimony from civilians and various government and military officials on the topic of UFOs, including astronaut Gordon Cooper and a brigadier general.” 

Whenever Wikipedia gets their chops on anything that appears counter to the mainstream view of things, one can expect an article with a bias towards the “politically correct” mainstream view. Nonetheless, with so much riding on the cabal’s ability to keep a lid on everything Dr. Greer is revealing to the public, we should be thankful for Wiki’s seemingly factual account of Dr. Greer’s personal history, a major portion of which can be read in my post last week – the preceding paragraph being a part of this.

I’ve chosen this paragraph as a way to introduce the in-depth, UP-TO-DATE MATERIAL COVERED IN THE FOLLOWING FOUR VIDEOS. Although each video is quite a bit longer than the less-than-five-minute attention span of the average viewer, I encourage everyone to take a look for yourself – even if it’s just to watch a few short segments. Since Dr. Greer is either moderating or lecturing on stage to an audience, even if the segments are selected at random, they should lend credibility both to him, and everything I’ve written in the four posts preceding this one.

29-smothered-in-dust SMOTHERED IN DUST

In video 1, Dr. Greer moderates by first providing some interesting background regarding the unacknowledged special action projects, and then by introducing and providing relevant detail pertaining to the accounts given by each of the numerous eyewitnesses he’s interviewed.

Testimony is provided by aircraft pilots and verified by aircraft controllers. At the Mexico City airport, for instance, 32 aircraft controllers have all seen 12-15 UFOs on their radar screen at the same time.

Astronaut, Gordon Cooper, describes how he saw a UFO landing at Edwards Air Force Base in 1960.

And this is just a taste of what fills this documentary, which is nearly 4 hours in length, and provides a very convincing argument to prove what to most people still sounds like sheer lunacy. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP, people!

In the next video, Dr. Greer begins by providing integrating information pertaining to the three projects he currently oversees: Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the Disclosure Project, and the Orion Project; and explains how the cabal’s success in keeping free energy production from everyone on this planet is a crime against humanity. Dr. Greer points out how in order to maintain derivative wealth of approximately €400 trillion, 80% of the world’s inhabitants must be kept in poverty.

Energy is, indeed, the primary focus of this presentation. For example, Dr. Greer describes how a free energy generator small enough to fit on an end table can supply the electrical needs of an entire house. This is information that even presidents are not aware of, and, these, one Pres., Jack Kennedy, was murdered over! In fact, the 200 million people that have been killed in wars over the past 100 years would not have, if the information already in existence had not been suppressed!


At the outset of the following video, Dr. Greer points out how this is a follow-up to what he presented about a year previously on the deep national security state and the UFO/extraterrestrial issue.

Dr. Greer is gravely concerned, because a number of significant signs over the past 6-9 months are indicating we are getting closer to the “Independence Day” event, staged by the illuminati/cabal/”men behind the curtain,” designed to stampede the populations on this planet, and make 9/11 seem as if a picnic by comparison. Dr. Greer describes how the man-made, reverse engineered spacecraft have piggybacked on actual UFO events by following them with what has been designed to look like alien abductions.

Dr. Greer goes on to describe what kind of information we need to beware of, and how there’s a better way to look at everything that will result in peace for humanity for the next 500,000 years!

This last video involves Dr. Greer speaking at a UFO conference this month, and I will keep it brief by saying he provides actual footage of his close-up encounters with ET’s! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5-part series, and, most of all, taken to heart the serious message I’ve tried to convey!



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Once again. MAHALO!

What better way to end this five-part series than with VOTLISTHEMASTERKEY’S version of a gin and tonic, an AFRENTONIC?


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    Isn’t It Interesting, Rock, that’s three of the four videos this post included have subsequently been removed. Suspiciously interesting, yet hardly surprising. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your reply!!

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    Where it not sad it would have been a laughing matter, La Comédie Humaine, which you so vividly described in this blog. Would all have been better if democracy would have continued along the original Athenian line: Only for a select group, or is this group as much part of the mingled minds that can no longer recognize truth even if it would hit them in the face, or worse are they the creators of the newtruth of the day?


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