THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Let’s take a hypothetical look and see. For now, let’s take everything inside the boundary of our universe as all there happens to be. Against the backdrop of endless space, even something as large as our universe must seem a tiny place. Yet a million, billion minds, or more, and bodies inhabit this small abode; so, the chance that any single one of us is the leader in such a field, is quite unlikely when compared to such a load. In fact, so unlikely, may I suggest “unimaginable” fills even the mind of whomever happens to be best; to consider they alone might be better than the rest. ere’s a lot of stallions in this stable! Speaking of which, when it comes to mastermind partners, Stephen Serna is my Clark Gable, and Fawn Christianson my Betty Grable!


My WEEK 5 ended with the following sentences my mastermind partner, Fawn,  chose to close her WEEK 8...

My heart was deeply moved on our Tribe call as everyone there had obviously grown and shifted in this past week.  Of course, it requires persistance and commitment, at times outright grit!

But the magic is in seeing ALL of us doing it!!

And now Stephen Serna sets the stage with his diet, launching us on a journey that takes us from the mental plain to the spiritual! 

MKE Week 7/So You Think Your Diet Is Rough…

Well what if I told you that everything that we are and whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, all began with our thoughts…past and present.  Now wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you are going to see any improvement in your life then it would have to begin with your thoughts???   This week on our magical journey in the Master Key Experience we have begun a life changing exercise called “The Seven Day Mental Diet” and when something is life changing, calling it a major challenge is a huge understatement…The purpose of this diet is to fill our minds and our thoughts with positivity and not  allow the negative thoughts and vibes of our world in…in essence, shut out all the negativity and wallow in a sea of positive abundance.  So how is this done you might ask, well we can only think about one thing at a time and when you have a negative thought or a negative thought is presented to you, then you replace that thought with a positive thought.  You have seven seconds to change that thought, in other words don’t entertain that negative thought.  Now if you do entertain a negative thought then you immediately start your diet over again and you do this until you have stung seven days together.   This diet is brought to us courtesy of Emmet Fox…For a printed version just CLICK HERE:  The Seven Day Mental Diet.  I will leave you with the basics presented on a video below…Enjoy

Just a quick note on the video, you really don’t have to wait 24 hours to re-start your diet…It can be re-started immediately upon entertaining a negative thought…Peace    🙂


THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY, or TVP, TAKES THE BEAUTY OF THE LIBERTARIAN PHILOSOPHY, and adds the fundamental, natural law of protection — THE PRIME LAW — to return government to its one true purpose, PROTECTION; thereby removing initiatory force and politics from our lives forever! Just for starters.

“What Stephen is talking about – among many things – a move towards a state of body, mind, and soul called “detachment.” This is not to be confused with a desire for isolation – although, of course, if that is something a person wants deeply, it might – rather it’s more a way to be completely yourself. In the Master Keys program, this advanced way to be is called “detach from the outcome.” It doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with other people and things going on around us. It does mean that when you interact with other people and things you are being completely true to ourselves – completely honest – despite what might, as a consequence.

When we are sure that our state of consciousness is high enough, the only ones possibly offended are those most in need of what we have to offer – our philosophy, our principles, our desire to serve others the best we can by serving ourselves the same way, freedom he arrives no matter our current circumstances. The fear of not having enough is replaced completely by an unshakable knowing that this world is filled with so much abundance, such fears must be based on some kind of illusion to cause such delusion and confusion – and they vanish forever.

What I have been describing is sometimes called being self-actualized. It allows a person to be supremely self-directed. Some call this self-leadership.


Two examples immediately come to mind. The first involves the Dalai Lama speaking with another person. This person describes in much detail what he sees as wrong in the world. Unnecessary war, unnecessary poverty, unnecessary hunger and starvation, etc., etc. Afterwards, this person asks the Dalai Lama what he thinks about all this. The Dalai Lama replies “Those things do not exist in my world.”


The second example involves a person called Guramayi Chidvilasananda. She is telling a story that goes something like this. A soldier and a businessman – actually, he may have been a laborer of some sort. I don’t recall. Not important. These two individuals are talking and laughing as they walk down the road in the countryside somewhere. They come upon a shop, and they go in. The shopkeeper has many items for sale, so, they look around to find something(s) each would like to buy. A sword on display catches the soldiers eye, so he asks the shopkeeper how much it costs. “100 rubles.” The soldier answers “That’s too high.” I will give you 60 rubles for it and no more.” The shopkeeper insists “100 rubles is a good deal, I won’t go a ruble lower.” “I won’t buy it then,” says the soldier, and he heads for the door. Before the soldier gets to the door, the shopkeeper says “Okay, okay, you can have the sword for 60 rubles. The soldier pays shopkeeper the 60 rubles and walks out with the sword.

The businessman/laborer/? absolutely adores a vase that is also on display. Having witnessed what had just transpired involving his soldier friend and the shopkeeper, he asks “how much for the vase?” “80 rubles.” “That’s too high,” I will give you 50 rubles for it, and not a ruble more.” The shop keeper is adamant regarding the selling price, just as he was with the soldier.

The businessman says he won’t buy it then, and heads for the door – thinking, at any moment, the shopkeeper and would stop him and agree to the lower price. He keeps walking, and walking, and pretty soon he’s outside the shop, perplexed.

After walking over to his friend, the soldier, he describes what had just transpired. How he had done exactly what the soldier had done, yet it didn’t work.

The soldier simply said “when I told the shopkeeper I would not buy it at his price, the shopkeeper knew I was telling the truth.” The soldier continues, in your case, “he could smell your desire. He knows how much you want the vase, and you will be returning to the shop soon to buy it at his price.”

These are two examples of that wonderful state called, “detachment.” Do you see how the 7-Day Mental Diet can help us to attain this state? As long as we are unduly influenced by our inner and/or outer state, can we ever be truly happy? A person so filled with the negative things going on in the world, cannot help but be saddened or otherwise bothered some way. In fact, by spending too much time and energy worrying about such things, can actually help to perpetuate the very thing that is disliked.

I hope you enjoyed Stephen’s blog post is much as I did!

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Once again. MAHALO!

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