THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Let’s take a hypothetical look and see. For now, let’s take everything inside the boundary of our universe as all there happens to be. Against the backdrop of endless space, even something as large as our universe must seem a tiny place. Yet a million, billion minds, or more, and bodies inhabit this small abode; so, the chance that any single one of us is the leader in such a field, is quite unlikely when compared to such a load. In fact, so unlikely, may I suggest “unimaginable” fills even the mind of whomever happens to be best; to consider they alone might be better than the rest. ere’s a lot of stallions in this stable! Speaking of which, when it comes to mastermind partners, Stephen Serna is my Clark Gable, and Fawn Christianson my Betty Grable!



My Week 6 ended this way

These are two examples of that wonderful state called, “detachment.” Do you see how the 7-Day Mental Diet can help us to attain this state? As long as we are unduly influenced by our inner and/or outer state, can we ever be truly happy? A person so filled with the negative things going on in the world, cannot help but be saddened or otherwise bothered some way. In fact, by spending too much time and energy worrying about such things, can actually help to perpetuate the very thing that is disliked.

 (At the end of this post, I tell you how you can obtain a free copy of this “Diet” for yourself)

When speaking of things upon which the fate of the entire world may depend, the bulk of our problems can be isolated to the very tippy top of the pyramid – not that much unlike what we see on the US dollar bill. It is a dark Tower ruling over a realm awash with fear-filled illusions. It is a realm most people on this planet have become accustomed; a non-reality based upon the primary premise that there is not enough; shielding us from seeing the true reality that there is more than enough.

While it is the intent of the MKE six-month program to get us, individually, to a place where we can take full advantage of and abundance-based mindset, leave it to me to continue my “Johnny Appleseed” March, using this blog to spread what I consider to be bittersweet, life saving awarenesses. “Bitter” because they are all trickle-downs from that pointed pinnacle of death and destruction just noted; “sweet” because they are prime examples of how even the darkest of dark do not stand a chance against the brightest of bright.

For example,

Have all been mentioned in some of my previous blogs – and – with a little digging – all expose the same parasitical cause, and the solutions are becoming harder for the Darkside to conceal. For instance, just as government agencies such as the CDC are attempting to make vaccinations mandatory, not only as they have for children in California, but also adults, the movie “Vaxxed” threatens to blow the lid off these murderous plans.

For example,

As some may recall, a little over a year ago I asked “Weeks 2 – 6 were devoted to creating a 5-part series that might do well if summed up with the word “disclosure;” however, if you get a chance to take a peek – as I certainly hope you do – I think you’ll agree “exposure” is actually more applicable. As horrific are “aliens” unjustly characterized in being, the group of critters my 5-part series is revealing, are 10 times more despicable! And, guess what? If you knew the fate of the entire human race hung on the actions of major players — puppets — controlled by a slew of strings pulled by aged, wrinkled, uncaring hands, belonging to disturbed and troubled souls at the top — hidden behind a curtain. Don’t you want to pull back that curtain, if you knew for certain, twas the only way to give every single person alive the opportunity to not just live, but thrive?”

Well, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is the “puppet masters” are still at it, using everything they control, including governments, the media, the major financial institutions, etc., etc., to stir the pot. Case in point,  have you noticed the latest trend toward seemingly random mass shootings? Could they all be designed to help set the stage for the “Independence Day” beginning of World War III — just he thought of which has the monsters at the top licking their chops?

The good news is heroes such as Stephen Greer, who has made the underlying truth of UFOs abundantly clear, and Mike Adams, at the forefront, when it comes to health versus disease, are now combining.

So, do yourself a favor, and beginning with this introduction found in “Natural News,” follow the link I’ve provided and listen to the actual interview.

“(Natural News) As part of our ongoing effort to explore our universe and seek answers to really big questions, we recently interviewed Dr. Steven Greer, M.D.

Dr. Greer, a prominent UFO researcher and emergency room physician, founder of Sirius Disclosure and creator of the popular new documentary Unacknowledged, explains that he believes many so-called “UFO sightings” are actually sightings of human-made aircraft, and that super secret groups exist inside the U.S. government which plan to stage a faked, “false flag” alien invasion attack in order to roll out globalist government that tramples individual human liberties forever.

Whether or not you agree with his analysis, Dr. Greer is an intriguing and highly intelligent individual who has uncovered an astonishing wealth of evidence to support his explanations. While the mainstream media enjoys mocking anyone who asks questions “outside the box,” Dr. Greer is an individual who deserves your attention. His new book, Unacknowledged, is also available on

I spoke with Dr. Greer about “cosmic false flags” and much more in the video below. As you’ll hear toward the end of the video, I also offered to volunteer my laboratory testing services for any exotic materials or unknown substances he might encounter.

Watch and share everywhere:”

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Once again. MAHALO!

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