THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Imagine that, Molly, Moe, or Mable! Speaking of which, when it comes to mastermind partners to have at your table, Stephen Serna is my Clark Gable, and Fawn Christianson my Betty Grable!

Far, far a field to check this planet’s yield. So much there seems to be, yet lots is locked and sealed. Do you wish to be a pilot of an anti–grav machine? You can do it! Posts 2-6 tells us exactly why this is not as far-fetched as it seems. A reality once reserved for “only in your dreams,” has arrived! It knocks on our front door. So, let it in, if looking for something more. Take my hand, we’ll go together, there’s so much to explore! 

As often happens when we are involved in several different groups – each one of which involves responsibility/duties required to maintain harmony – in a one for all! All for one!” Fashion – I’d like to think; we get stretched to the point of immobilizing overwhelm. It’s at this point when it becomes abundantly clear that the usefulness of “we can have or do anything we want, not just everything we want;” depends upon 1. Finding and focusing on whatever that “anything” is for us; 2. Keeping ourselves from taking on too many divergent responsibilities.

Well, if you are listening to the same voice inside your head that I am, then my guess is it saying something like “it’s a fine mess you’ve got us into this time, Ollie!” Or “now you tell me! It’s a little late for that. Sure, I could take out the shears and prune a few things – just not right now.”

So here we are feeling a lot like “THE ONE” – Keanu Reeves – writhing on the floor and gasping for breath when cipher yells out “He’s gonna pop!”What can we do to perform our juggling acts, and not drop the ball, or the wand, or the bowling pin. – Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Well since I’m currently embroiled in the kind of situation just described; and since this is not the first time – one thing I’ve discovered that works to alleviate pressure is something I described in my previous post; however, here I will give it a name. Let’s call them multifaceted insertion units, a.k.a. MIU’S. Okay, let’s see what my previous post had to say.

For instance, creating blog post content, posting comments on other member’s posts, adding comments in the MKMMA alliances, writing material for use in the various social media venues, such as twitter, Facebook, instagram, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., etc., are all similar enough to allow this form of self-imposed plagiarism. As the well-worn cliché points out, “Why reinvent the wheel” when someone else has already done this? Although invented just once, it helps everyone get around. Although only one original written copy may start the ball rolling, why not keep it rolling in the various ways we can get our information out there? If it’s worth reading, why not get as many eyes as possible doing that? Why not turn it into an avalanche of exposure?

So, in the week previous, I spoke of student demand; i.e., demands placed upon a student. Having taken the incredible six-month MKE journey, working my way through a number of very unique experiences, I graduated and decided to further my MKE involvement with additional training to become a guide, and did that for one year. And this year I am a special kind of guide called a Blog Rover. A Rover’s primary responsibility is to read the posts published by the latest horde of MKE students, leave a comment, and share their post on social media. An additional responsibility, should a guide or Rover decide to continue blogging. I’ve obviously chosen to do that.

Additionally, all guides, no matter what their particular role within the scheme of things might be, are also required to spend some time posting and commenting on a predetermined day or two in the alliance – which is a general term for all the places where students can go hang out. Actually, to mastermind with each other about some of the major topics involved in the MKMMA program. There are currently 16 of these. For example, general discussion, DMP’s, combinations, Franklin makeover are four of them.

Now, as you may recall, or trying to forget, earlier, I mentioned MIU’s. Perhaps, you’re asking yourself ” What do those critters look like anyway?” Well, it so happens you’re looking at one right now – unless someone else is reading this post for you. Are they?


“Did I just hear someone in the back ask “Why?”‘ “Why what?”

“Why is your blog post considered an MIU?”

Excellent question! Hold that thought for a moment. I need to stop and check my word count. For anyone unfamiliar, MS Word for Windows, which is a program included in MS office, counts the number of words for you. You can see this running total in the bottom left corner of your monitor screen. If you are once again asking yourself “why?” I want you to know there is no absolute rule; however, it is generally agreed that between 300-500 words is the ideal length to gain reader attention, interest, and retention (or is it 500-700 words? I need to check on that.)

At any rate, the word count up to the beginning of the last paragraph is 534. That simply means I must end here – and rejoin my story in Week 10. However, you will not need to wait a week, as you will soon see.

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Once again. MAHALO!

Last, but certainly not least! Here is another from Pentatonix, with a touch of Afremov. 

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