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I’ve been involved with the MKMMA (Master Key Mastermind Alliance) aka MKE (Master Key Experience for going on five years now. Year one was spent completing the 6-month, life-changing MKE program. Year two was spent guiding (every new MKE member is assigned a personal guide) a baker’s dozen through the pay-it-forward program from which I graduated the year before. Years three through five have been spent – or nearly so – as a BLOG ROVER.

You see since writing and publishing a blog post every week is one of the requirements to successfully complete the MKMMA program, it is up to us blog rovers — there are currently seven of us — to read these blog posts, make comments on them, and share them on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

In years past, I’ve written and published my own MKE blog…except for this year…until now, WEEK 17. Of course, one might ask, “Isn’t it a bit late to start now?” My answer, “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!” And with ten weeks to go in this year’s program, it’s much more important “TO FINISH STRONG!”

For my initial dip into the 2019 blogging realm, I’m utilizing a technique I’ve noticed some of the new members use when they get behind. For instance, if it’s WEEK 17, and their last previous post was made in let’s say WEEK 14, they will skip right over WEEKS 15 and 16. As a rover, I’m keeping track of these transgressions. On my spreadsheet for WEEK 15, I write “SKIPPED.” Ditto that for WEEK 16.

Therefore, by my going from 0 to 17, as I’m doing here, I’ve “SKIPPED” over 16 weeks. That’s “ONE MASSIVE SKIPPER!”  

To keep things simple, the following are the comments I left on the last three blog posts I read. If they don’t make any sense, I encourage you to visit these blogs using the URL links provided, and see for yourself. 

— Tragedy has such gravity, it implores the metaphysical magnitude of the paradox, doesn’t it, Angela? The darkness of death reminds the blackness of those holes in the universe consuming just about everything that comes too close; yet what about that radiant energy from time to time shooting from its inner core like a burp as it consumes cosmic gases and masses? What about the theorized connection between the “big bang” birth of our universe and both the most massive and tiniest of black holes? What about? What about? What about the self realized guru who sees death as a transformation to be celebrated and not mourned; and the evidence coming from how the spirit of Muktananda, for instance, came from his predecessors, and the existence of those preceding masters miraculously witnessed in the accounts of some still waking and walking on this earthly plain? Love the beauty of your post, Angela, even as I feel your pain. Only fitting that kindnesses swirl when allowed the bounty that keeping the balance brings.

— Haven’t taken the time yet (ALTHOUGH I DO INTEND) to watch your video, Alejandro. Nevertheless, so many of today’s challenges can be summarized in the lessons taught by “BROTHER BUZZ.” When and why is a B sometimes better than an A? And isn’t it just like the bee that on the front end, the survival of all mankind depends, while on the back end exists the stinger. The lure of honey’s sweet intensity is like Medusa’s curse for those allergic to the sting. And while the pollination the bee performs is so critical, sugar, in general, has been linked to so many health conditions — diabetes and cancer to name just two. Whew! Now let’s see what your video has in store. Bet it’s more. 🙂

— The dilemma you’ve described, Mark, I believe is one encountered by many. Just look at the resulting architecture. For example, if something needs to get done, and such a thing as “perfection paralysis” actually exists (as I know it does from first-hand experience) then simply being good may be the best option. This ties in with, “Being effective is getting the right thing done; while being efficient is getting a thing done right” (I suggest better might be “…the right thing done right”). Cliches abound. For example, “where do you draw the line” between “Look before you leap” and “He who hesitates is lost.”? Great value is given perfection; yet this might add undo pressure depending on the situation, of course. When it comes to the accomplishments of mankind how often is absolute perfection ever reached, anyway? Better everything is continually being invented…even light bulbs; yet when it comes to light bulbs, whose name do we remember?. In summary, the idea underlying, “Being good is perfect.”

Thanks for your thought-provoking post, Mark! 🙂


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Once again. MAHALO!


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