… repeats what it’s heard like a well-trained canary. Of course, you might need to be a canary to understand what it has to say. Doesn’t matter to me how the word gets out there, as long as it does; ’cause those blogster bits must once again be on their way.

A chronological chronicle, a comment compendium — composed and collected by the guy some call Lorenzo.

To begin, this is where the trail ended in the post I published for MKE Week 20:

20. Hi Lena! This week features the 7-Day Mental Diet, so I’m sending everyone an affirmation that embodies a philosophy belonging to those who have found true happiness:

“ Everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me.”


21. Rant or no rant, Marshall, your historical account adds an intriguing spice to this blog post. Digging into the needy, gritty as you have is exactly what this exercise intends for us to do. Terrific post! Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

22. “A good week,” and another great blog post, Myriam! Yes, impatience runs rampant in our society today. Quite likely, a byproduct of the fear-based, scarcity mindset that predominates. Thanks for blogging! Keep up the great work! 🙂

23. You share quite a bit of wisdom in this post, Tim! Yes, indeed, the “how to” or method they indeed show up differently than anticipated; yet we must be prepared to take advantage of it, or suffer the consequences of “he who hesitates is lost.” Wattles in his historic “the Science of Getting Rich” also reminds us of this very important point. Thus, as you well know, the importance of focusing on what we want, and letting the universe handle the rest. You’re doing well! Keep up the good work!

24. Hi, Georgina! Very interesting post! Regarding the Mental Diet, doing it perfectly in the way described is a necessary condition for success. Many do-overs are expected, and completing the entire seven days is a feat all too few have accomplished. Whether failure or success awaits your future self, I look forward to reading your on-going account. Thanks for blogging! 🙂

25. Hi, Manuel! Your Matthew McConaughey video, while serving to support the central thrust of your blog post, turned out to be somewhat of a time-slurping distraction for me; LOL because after the video ends, one of the choices for continued viewing is the latest game in the current chess world championship, which I couldn’t resist checking out. And now the “Secret of theAnnunaki” is threatening to do the same. LOL Great blog post, as usual. Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

26. Hi, Maranda! It sounds as if your old blueprint, steeped in fear-based consciousness as it was, is really beginning to squirm – and, perhaps, responsible for those bouts of impatience you’re experiencing. Unconsciously, using the “LAW OF SUBSTITUTION,” often depends on one of them other mental laws, “The Law of Practice.” Hang in there! You are well! 🙂

27. Hi, Mark! What you are experiencing right now are the symptoms, commonly associated with refusal of the call to take the heroes’ journey. What I suggest is to use universal consciousness in the form of muscle testing (such as that described in “POWER VERSUS FORCE”) to see if you are surrounded by factual truth or fictional illusion.

Although you did skip a few along the way LOL, it’s good to see you catching up on your blogging! Open honesty as you have put on display, Mark, is undoubtedly bound to take you a long way! Great post! 🙂

28. You are amazing, Fyona! It’s such a blessing to see you make that self-discovery! Nice post as usual! 🙂

29. Indeed, Blair. If our peptides are actually acting like “PEP” tides or “POOP” tides it’s all up to us, isn’t it? Your post is another home run!!! 🙂

30. Your insight in taking action, Tim, is infectious, and influences many! Great post!

31. Great to see how your thirst to understand, Georgina, continues to fill you even in a far-off land. Excellent post! 🙂

32. “Fall down 7 times, get up 8,” helps ensure a full and happy plate.

33. Steady and true, Ellaysa, to create the brand new you. Yes! 🙂

34. Great writing, Mark! You’re obviously answering the call, and I’m listening. 🙂

35. All problems are just opportunities in disguise. It’s good to see you putting into practice, Blair, this wisdom belonging to the very wise! 🙂

36. And when the polarity you speak of, Val, involves North and South, it’s a matter of global understanding that serves you well… Especially if you have your compass handy. Nice post! 🙂

37. Your emotional scale, Cristina (or is it Cristinica?), reminds me of the levels of consciousness described in, “Power Versus Force” written by David Hawkins. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey! 🙂

38. Your blog post, Manuel, reminds me of the movie, “They Walk among Us;” with the understanding provided by MKE serving as the truth-revealing sunglasses used in the movie. Terrific blog post! 🙂

39. Your spirit is awesome, Tracy! No keeping you down! 🙂

40. A rose root several miles long, Marshall. Who would have thought? Could it be a metaphor? Another excellent blog post, highlighting the importance of self-directed thinking! 🙂

41. Very amazing, hot coffee, once one realizes as you do the relevance of our mental blueprint, and the difficulty in changing it. Nice! 🙂

42. Hi, Grover! I want you to know that I’m counting your press release as your Week 7 blog post. It seems as if you’ve experienced a lot in your time on this planet – with a bunch more to come. Looking forward to reading all about it. Keep on blogging, and I’ll keep on reading. Keep up the good work! 🙂

43. Congratulations on getting your music recorded, Lena! May you use it well and often. Although you’ve slipped a little behind, thanks for all the blog posts you have published up to their. Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

44. Self-directed thinking is definitely a major aim of the MKE program, Sara. It sounds as if you are experiencing the benefits of that kind of mindset. Congratulations on having such a memorable week! Great blog post! Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

45. As much as I love Og and tend to believe in most of what he says, Myriam, regarding this notion of success, I do, in fact, agree with you. Success is a state of mind. Several weeks ago, I pointed out “Everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me.” Perfect application turns all of life into one never-ending fabulous vacation…so they tell me. LOL 🙂

46. In my book, Angela, you’re already a winner; and unwavering persistence guarantees that will always be so. Way to go! 🙂

47. Your growing wealth may not need you, James — eventually — however, we need you to keep on blogging. An eye-catching post. Well-done!

48. Your blog posts, James, have left GMOs in the dust, and now appear totally organic! Very tasty!

49. It sounds like you realize there’s a reason those 7 mental laws are called LAWS, Tracy. Very nice!

50. Is the thought “There is no such thing as failure” among your teachings, Grover? It appears to be. Excellent post!!! 🙂

51. The knowledge and application of your spiritual power, Tim, cannot be denied! Yes!!! 🙂

52. I love the love you’ve infused into your new blue print, Tim! Beautiful! 🙂

53. That new blue print is getting more sparkly everyday, Val. Bam!!!!!

54. If the question should ever be asked, Val, “What would the person I intend to become do now?” you’ve answered it! Nice!!! 🙂

55. Guess what colors I am, Val. How did you know? 🙂

56. It’s this kind of alignment that can bring one’s life out of solitary confinement. Keep on “doing it now, Lena!

57. What happened to, “You only get to pick one,” Lena. LOL A very informative, well-written post! 🙂

58. If enough people had it, Ellaysa, the entire world would be transformed with your understanding!

59. There is no “hocus” in your focus, Lena. LOL Well done!

Oh, I almost forgot, “After a while, crocodile.” 🙂

60. Your sense of humor in placing your episode between Og and Emerson makes quite a tasty sandwich, Guy, Good job!

61. “Oneness with God,” Tracy, reminds me of what I read many years ago, “God dwells within you as you. See God in all people.”
Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

62. Are major changes ever easy or comfortable, Tracy? My guess, you know the answer and why. A thought provoking post, Thanks! 🙂

63. You’re coming through crystal clear, Crystal! 🙂

64. And you continue to capture the essence of Haanel — absolutely!!! Nice job, Julie! 🙂

65. Many years ago i believe I felt what you are extolling, the feeling of “ONENESS” While jogging one evening in Walnut Creek, CA, I had an almost psychedelic experience involving big trees, small trees, the moon, the stars…all the things nature had provided to keep me so grateful and appreciative of this display vividly reinforcing “one for all, all for one,” by including everything, and excluding nothing, in this crystal clear rendering of how to be for all eternity. RIGHT ON! BAM! Laurie, need I say more?

66.It’a a dilemma so many of us must come to grips. The fact or fiction underlying “It’s easy doing 100% of what we know we must. It’s doing 99% that’s really tough. LOL 🙂

67. Well Ms Suzy Q, I stayed on the 5PM call far longer than I intended to do. Thus I missed the second call, making it two weeks in a row. Heard your tribute to Steve, and why you so well him came to know. What a treat to have him show you the sights of NY city the way he did, etc,. etc,.

It’s such a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to monitor your progress through the MKE program the way I have. NICE!!! 🙂

68. There’s no whining with Winnie, Rob, she (or is it he?) has you inside…metaphorically speaking, of course. LOL 🙂 This is a blog worth submitting for blog of the week, so I believe I will. It is a teensy bit late; perhaps, Davene is looking the other way; in other words, the compass instead of the clock. Rob, your story line is truly fine. If I wasn’t so dang honest, I might even say that it’s mine. 🙂

That’s all the bits for this week. There’s more ahead is quite true. Yet for now I must leave you all with my fond adieu.


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