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Cassandra in her “METAMORPHOSIS” blog post, asks a question: “Do you ever feel like life is passing you by? Do you have “If Only” conversations with yourself? Do you KNOW there is more? Do you seek to improve yourself to attain your desires and dreams?  How’s that working for you”

Do your answers to those questions remind you of anything resembling what this cartoon depicts?


If your life looks anything similar, or starting to head in this less than ideal direction, may I suggest take some dramatically different action. I repeat:

Go to http://goo.gl/pMMc2u, Watch the videos! Get on the list!!! and turn your life into this:


or this:


or, perhaps, this:

MKMMA -- kauai-salt-pond-beach

and leave this:

MKMMA - ripping-hair-out-150x150


How?  http://goo.gl/pMMc2u  When? Do it now?  Why? Scroll back up to the cartoon, and ask yourself: “Is this the blueprint I want for the rest of my life?”

Didn’t think so. #MKE is the answer! Go to:  http://goo.gl/pMMc2u   DO IT NOW!!!


I’m a 67 year-old, retired chiropractor looking to make a huge difference in the world. I’ve been looking in that direction since 2006. That’s the year Neo-tech and I collided. Because of that harmonious coalition, I learned about NEOTHINK®, the TWELVE VISIONS®, the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY® (TVP), and the TWELVE VISIONS® movement. I learned:

The primary purpose of the TVP and its movement is to de-politicize America and then the world by completely removing initiatory force as a lawful option anywhere and everywhere on this beautiful planet of ours.  This is quite simply and very eloquently accomplished by adding the Prime Law as an over-arching Amendment to the US Constitution. *The Prime Law is the fundamental, natural law of protection. All laws then become subordinate.  We will return to the rule of law; i.e., the Republic our forefathers intended. We return government to its one true purpose: protection only.  This slashes our budget, eradicates taxes, along with all the rules and regulations that have entered every aspect of our lives.  We will “end the rule of man to launch the wealth of mankind”.  The so-called “ruling class” will be gone forever – as will the master/slave relationship that has been the predominant theme for the past 3000 years.  We will get our country back. 

I further realized that in order to best promote this REVOLUTIONARY, WORLD-CHANGING idea would require increased influence — both inside the movement just noted, and outside of it. Within I’ve become the secretary of the National Executive Committee. Outside of it, I’ve found many like-minded people and groups that could lend themselves to the overall effort…but none as powerful in its thrust to cause aligned personal change as the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.

I am currently training to become a guide in this incredible ALLIANCE. As the next 6-month #MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE is about to launch this September, this is what my own personal trainer, Walter, has to say about it:

Have you ever gotten the feeling that there’s more to life than where you are now and where you’re going? Or, the big connection is just out of reach, around the next bend, over the next hill, etc?

clip_image002There are many programs around that paint a rosy picture that all you have to do is think and dream and wish really hard and you will have everything you want. To make things worse if you aren’t achieving your goals they admonish you for not trying hard enough.

Come on now! It’s your future. Why would you do anything less than all you can?

Truth is simple. A dream without a working plan is a nightmare.


We all have dreams and the Master Key Experience provides the plan and tools. You provide the work.

As with everything in the universe there are balances that are in place to keep all the parts moving properly. All are in relation to each other. You need up to have down; over here to have over there and there are pros and cons to The Master Key Experience.

What I found is that my life, to this very moment as I am writing this blog, is the grand accumulation of EVERY choice I have ever made in my life. Here’s the good news and the bad in one statement. I have choices…always. We all do. I don’t buy the excuse “I had no choice.” We make our choices based on our perceived consequences of the choices. Handle it!

Let’s be blunt. Do you have the cojones to accept that you are in charge and there is no one to deflect your results on?

My family is living our dream life in Costa Rica because we tipped the quantum mechanics of the Universe in our favour.


As Ghandi stated so emphatically, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Not choosing is still a choice.

What are you doing (or not doing) to influence Your Future?

What will you gain?

You will take control of your life.

Create any reality within the natural laws.

Live in harmony with your surroundings.

The downside is;

Only you are responsible for your circumstances. No finger-pointing.

You must choose your thoughts wisely 24/7. They are your reality.

You will need to keep up with the pace you create. Watch the road and all the signs.

If this sounds good to you, all it takes is your first name and email in EITHER THE SUBSCRIBER AREA (HAS THE TWO ARROWS) or THE 7-DAY MENTAL DIET on the right side of this page, and I will personally make sure you are on the early bird shortlist for the launch of the 2015 #Master Keys Experience starting September 10th.

CASSANDRA SAYS IT LIKE NONE OTHER: “Week CW17 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – Then It Happens”

It was early September 2012, when Cassandra made her appearance. For it was then that I learned that she was a VIP in what would become a very demanding area of new growth in my life — and one of my two mentors, nonetheless, showing me the way through what, otherwise, very likely would have caused me to quit – as it had many before and many after. LUCK OR NO LUCK, I WAS LUCKY!

I’ve gotten to know her well, and she me even better I bet. She’s smart, she’s daring, and caring, and kind…and she is the one –

A MKMMA Certified Guide and the one responsible for my getting on the short list for a pay-it-forward scholarship to become a part of the Master Key Experience. There’s nothing like it. I’ve made it a lifetime affair. Her stride is hard to match,  but, yes, I’m doing my best to follow Cass’s dynamic, world-changing footprints, and now I’m training to be a CERTIFIED GUIDE – and, guess what, in 2016, you could be too. To improve the odds of that happening, I’ve saved you a double scoop.

You can make claim to scoop number one via the link below. It takes you to a very special audio and treat yourself to a 2-3 minute listen. Select it anywhere. Don’t be surprised, however, if you linger at length.  It’s that good! The man who made #MasterKeyExperience happen, Mark J, is being interviewed by Robert Bliss Brooke.

Then along came scoop two — which serves just as well as the first on your plate — because there’s no one like Cass – aka Valeska. Her latest Master Keys blog post says more about her talent – indirectly — than I ever could; and – directly – more about the flavor the MK Experience has in store for you than just about anything else out there – but you be the judge. This is the way it begins:

You know what you want. You have answered the Herald’s Call to Adventure. You have seen the vision of the song of your heart. You have been faithful to the mundane, to the routines of the journey, to the habits that have kept you true to your path, that have guided you ever closer to your destiny. Apparent blockades and obstacles mean nothing to you.  You view them as opportunities to express your creativity and ingenuity. You actually perk up with playful curiosity now when you see one, knowing it is either a mirage or a chance to look at life from a new perspective, that whatever ‘IT’ is, it is there for your benefit.

Then it happens….

…and here’s where you can read the rest: http://masterkey.thecreatormind.com

And if you would like to get on the short-list that gives you first dibs for an incredibly affordable, pay-as-you-go, pay-it-forward scholarship for the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance 6-month program that launches in September, write now your John or Jane plus primary email right below. I’ll make doubly sure to keep you posted. My name is Loren.


Chapter 7 ended as follows:

Health, wealth, safety and peace.

For this to happen all wars must cease.

That’s just one thing, this law will do.

Read it now, this gift for you.


(The fundamental natural law of protection)


No person, group of persons, or government, shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud, against any individual’s self, property, or contract.


Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article One.


No exceptions shall exist for Articles One and Two.

Chapter 8 begins…

When Craigniton finished his mission statement put to rhyme, he told everyone that they would find a thick sheet of gold foil — either flat or rolled up – in an envelope attached to the under-carriage of each chair. A flat sheet suggested that the crew member stay at his or her work station. Roll-ups suggested that these crew members move out into the main staging area, and think about what happened to “Chicken Little”. Every single person was quite content either way, because engraved into the gold was the refiner’s certification of 99.99% purity, and a weight of 16 ounces.

As CRAIGNITON vanished from view, sure enough, hundreds of balloons – a multitude of colors glowing with brilliant iridescence — erupted out of the vaulted ceiling high overhead, floating down through the rafters into the eager hands of the jubilant crowd. Every balloon came with another message written around its squeaky tight mid-section: “Hit me hard or tap me light, if you use your foil, you’ve done it right.”

Instead of the expected “pop,” each balloon exuded a nearly inaudible hiss, as it first sagged, doubled over, and then, as the last bit of gas escaped, as if chasing the great Craigniton, it, too, simply vanished; leaving behind a fragrance all agreed they had never smelled before, but would love to again – and a card with a letter and number on it. It wasn’t long before the workers noticed that the same arrangement of letters and numbers in a rainbow of twinkly lights now adorned the studio floor. Put A1 and B2 together, and you have two of the 250 standing next to each other. In such a manner, this alpha-numeric solution was deployed without explanation.

An unknowing outside observer might view the trusting crew members scurrying into the spots designated on their cards, as a large group of passengers getting ready to board a departing plane. Yet these faithful employees gave little thought as to the “why” of it, because they were fully engaged in the game-like fun of it. Once everyone was in position, the lights gave it one last twinkle, and were gone.

…to be replaced by a shrill whistle and the holographic image of the trim, vivacious gal blowing it – overhead — where Craigniton’s image had appeared. A close-up view of her face confirmed how well-matched the bubbly tones and breathtaking features, as she asked all the folks now standing in rows to simply follow the arrows each time they heard her whistle. The first of the following 250 high-pitched cues sent each of those standing to a work station occupied by a comrade intently watching the proceedings. Thusly paired, everyone exchanged names, hugs, job descriptions…while Patty Page’s “Tennessee Waltz,” Debby Reynold’s “Wish I knew,” Doris Day’s “What Will Be, Will Be,” and other nostalgic melodies floated softly amidst the gala gathering.

By the time #250 rolled around, the fourth hour had already flown by – but none let fatigue keep them from enjoying the royal feast that followed…or from wondering if their whistle blowing drill sergeant was “THE ONE.” Amidst such speculation there was nary a groan in the house when our gal from above demurely informed that she would be coordinating the second half of the hug fest on the morrow. After all, those in line still had each other to greet and meet, as did those situated in their work areas.

Despite the added charm of our mysterious young maiden, the regimentation would have been well-received anyway, because oneness ruled here. By enabling all the studio crewmen an opportunity to meet each other close up (eye-to-eye and body-to-body), and to learn first-hand what everyone else was doing, strengthened that shared sense of being one. Those who were notoriously self-conscious and uncomfortable under similar circumstances found even the hugging to be extraordinarily easy.

Many felt that Master Key sits and silences – recommended, demonstrated, and embraced by most as a daily ritual — with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual clarity resulting – were responsible for this first-in-a-lifetime ability to connect so intimately.



It was all illusion down to the core,

Making less look so great everyone believed it must be more.

That’s the trick, that’s their key

It’s not what you are, or happen to be.

It’s what they think – those are the thoughts they taught us to see.

What shapes our world, their reality.

The latest style, the latest rage,

What’s on the tube or on the front page.

People are followers and easily led,

When doubt and fear fills their head.

Propaganda on a massive scale,

That’s all it takes to make the sale.


This now is different than those in the past

That kind of now could never last.

No more illusion for the very wise.

Only truth must fill all our eyes.

Fill our heart, fill our soul.

Fill our darkest, deepest hole.

Kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, too.

To all of these, we must be true.

But most of all, we each must do,

That which sets our dreams on fire

To only this we must aspire.

The visions we hold in our mind

Are not ordinary, but one of a kind.

These are reflected back to us in life.

Man, woman, husband, wife…

Make them perfect these visions we see,

They are the Blueprint of our destiny.

Go to the source deep within,

It calls to us: “Time to begin.”

And so it is written inside of a book.

For all to open and take a look.

This book is called the Master Keys.

If you haven’t done so, do so, please!

It speaks quite clearly, what we must do,

For all our wishes to come true.

And to end the insanity

That plagues humanity

A single, solitary rule of law.

Always there, but no one saw.

Kept hidden by those who fear it so

It calls to us what we must know.

As fundamental as the Golden Rule,

Will soon be taught in every school.

All the protection we will ever need

From every harmful, unasked for deed.

To end the madness, You must simply hear.

For the ruling class, its end is near.

Health, wealth, safety and peace.

For this to happen all wars must cease.

That’s just one thing, this law will do.

Read it now, this gift for you.


(The fundamental natural law of protection)


No person, group of persons, or government, shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud, against any individual’s self, property, or contract.


Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article One.


No exceptions shall exist for Articles One and Two.