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THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine!


There is a saying that goes something like: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take. It is measured by the number of moments that leave you breathless.” In many cases, these moments are truly life-changing, yet in order to access them, we must be prepared to move outside our comfort zone. Although there is nothing wrong with “comfort,” in general, about the only thing inside the comfort zone capable of taking your breath away is called “death.”

So, buckle up, you are about to leave that place where the vast majority reside, and enter the land where self-directed thinkers hunger for death-defying experiences! Free of the “illusion, delusion, confusion,” disease infecting and affecting the predominant view of reality, you are about to see a different reality – the reality of what “actually is” – and see a world filled with abundance and love, instead of a world struggling under the shackles of lack and fear – which is the way the vast majority have been taught it should appear.

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!


As it becomes more and more apparent what the Master Key program offers makes it the leader in the field of churning out happy, successful, self-directed thinkers — as witnessed by the expanding number of graduates, who have discovered their unique “gift(s)” and purpose in life; there can be little doubt Mark Januszewski’s wife, who is also this program’s co-creator, THE FABULOUS DAVENE, is a big reason why!

And that’s why I’ve decided to feature Ms. Davene’s recent post copied directly below for my blog this week.

Transform Your Life

How Can a Famous Comedian Help You Transform Your Life?

Since being a pimple faced, hormone crazy teenager George Carlin has been a favorite.  There is something about the way his mind works and sees things.  George always said things that can transform your life.  Kind of reminds me of my husband, Mark Januszewski.  Super smart guys are really sexy!

So I created this video for the MKE March to 3000 Mastermind.  Which is the greatest thing ever and I’m so so grateful for each and every member of this amazing group.

But this video has ads  Super sad.  How can George and I help you transform your life if you have to watch those damn ads.  Here is another screwing by Google and Youtube.  If you have anything on your video that is copyrighted, even if it’s super short, they give themselves the right to place ads on your video.  Can you believe it – OK I get it using someone else’s material could be considered violating a copyright – but I got that click ON YOUTUBE!!!!

Well beats me anyway here is my great video and you can find out more by opting in over there on the right!  I’m going to give you a TON of stuff for free if you opt in there! (In this case, “over there” means you must first travel to Davene’s website: http://thefabdavene.com/transform-your-life/)

So much amazing mind altering life transforming material you’re not going to believe it!

Mahalo & Peace Out!


Transform your life





In summary, the video begins by asking the question, “What happened to the self-help hustle?” Followed by, “What are we looking for? What do we believe will happen, if we read those self-help books, attend the seminars, etc.?”

George Carlin provides proper perspective, and, in his distinctive style, says it best. The answer we seek is not to be found on the outside. It is to be found on the inside.

The perplexed amazement of George’s questions segue into the sweet tones of Davene’s knowing voice relating a key thought coming from the world-renowned Joseph Campbell. Mr. Campbell points out people should not be seeking the meaning or purpose in life, but giving meaning and purpose TO life.

The Master Key Experience Self-Realization Course is an amazing opportunity to transform our life by giving meaning to our life and to the lives of all those around us; to find our true purpose; to trust ourselves; to harness the infinite power of our subconscious mind!

Davene finishes by letting us know if we want real, life-transforming experience, MKMMA is where you can find it (as a person who has taken this course, and is now a Certified MKMMA Guide, I can vouch for that); however, there is one major requirement to consider in order to make the most of this wonderful six-month program: doing the work – the hard mental labor that must be done (I can vouch for that, too).

So, are you tired of feeling like a victim forced to feed with the other sheeple grazing all around? Tired of feeling like a pawn at the mercy of self-proclaimed authorities ruling over all of us? Tired of hanging out with losers?

Do the words, “winner,” “victor,” “champion,” sound good to you? If so, then it’s your time to become the self-directed thinker you’re meant to be – to become the HERO in your life’s journey!

And I highly recommend “opting in,” either by way of Davene’s blog as she suggests, or right here.

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One more thing before I forget. Not hearing the luscious voice of Luciana Zogbi might be something you’ll always regret.