Subucon: “Hey, Craigo, my boy, that look on your face reminds me of that passage from The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse.

Craignito: “Well, what was that, Sub? I realize we both have photographic memories and all that – but I’m the one stuck with the memory where nothing ever develops. Remember?”

Subucon: (chuckling) “It went:

‘When this Happened, they fought. Stinging flames of words blistered their tongues. Silence was worse. Beneath its slow-burning weight  their black looks singed. After a few days, their minds shriveled into dead coals. Some speechless nights, they lay together like logs turned completely to ash.’”

Craignito: “What are you trying to say, Sub? The only relationship I’m in is with you – and we get along just fine. Don’t we?”

Subucon: “Okay, for starters, on your Franklin ‘Hero’s Journey’ make-over, what number did you assign ‘decisiveness?’”

Craignito: “#7”

Subucon: “Nuumbeeeer 7. You might want to bump that up a bit, mightn’t we, cupcake?

Craignito: “Cupcake?”

Subucon: “Second, the only relationship you are in is with me? Really? What about your MKMMA partner, Zoey, and all the other folks in the Alliance? What about your future self? What about ‘God dwells within you as you. See God in all people?’”

Craignito: “A…”

Subucon: “But most of all, what I’m talking about is not your relationship status. I’m talking about you and the mood/attitude I see: ‘…but there is no joy in Mudville. The mighty Casey has struck out!’ What happened to your PMA, POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, sweet pea?”

Craignito: “Sub, I think I’m hexed.”

Subucon: “What do you mean, ‘hexed?’”

Craignito: “Well, the movie I intended to write about, Door to Door, showed up just in time last Friday.”

Subucon: “Yeah.”

Craignito: “Well, it wasn’t Door to Door. It was Maleficent (definition: adjective, harmful or evil), because I somehow forgot to move Door to Door to the top of my Netflix queue.”

Subucon: “That’s interesting.”

Craignito: “So, I sent it back, and guess what?”

Subucon: “What?”

Craignito:Door to Door should be arriving in my mailbox, today.”

Subucon: “That’s good.”

Craignito: “No, it isn’t. Netflix says they’ve sent some other movie called Tammy instead.”

Subucon: “Oh, yeah. I know it well – Debbie Reynolds. ‘…Wish I knew, if he knew, what I’m dreaming of. Taammy, Taammy, Tammy’s in love.’”

Craignito: “No, goofball, a brand new Tammy. Totally unrelated… and totally horrid. I usually order movies for my friend, but she doesn’t remember this movie any more than I do. As I said, ‘hexed.’”

Subucon: “No, Mr. Hex, ‘you are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.’”

Craignito: “Say again?”

Subucon: “As the Wizard of Og so lovingly, so joyfully, so truthfully points out, ‘You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle.’ Did he not tell you that all your problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise?”

Craignito: (sheepishly) “Yes. But disguised as evil?”

Subucon: “Don’t give me that crap, Harpo, I know you watched Maleficent at your friend’s house. Was she evil?”

Craignito: “No.”

Subucon: “Look again – deeper – and tell me what you see. Look for the seemingly coincidental.”

Craignito: “I see… I see… I see succulent lobster, shrimp, and crab — dripping in warm garlic butter.”

Subucon: “Craignitoooo.”

Craignito: “I see it! The coincidence(s)! You know how I was wondering what topic to write my Week 15 post about, when all of a sudden Ben Franklin shows up out of the blue with a major role in our Week 15 MKMMA webinar?””

Subucon: “Yeah.”

Craignito: “As you well know, Mr. Subucon, it was just one week prior that Michael Burns decided to begin our New Year’s Eve Neothink Mentor call with quotations taken from Poor Richard’s Almanac, written by none other than Ben himself.”

Subucon: “Yeah. And you decided to include a short Ben Franklin biography in your follow-up Neothink blog post, didn’t you — that you borrowed from where?

Craignito: “The Electric BEN FRANKLIN. The same website, Mark used to give us the 13 virtues.”

Subucon: “Right. That’s clue #1. What else?”

Craignito: “I went to check what’s going on with Netflix just now, when what to my wondering eyes should appear?”

Subucon: “A miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.”

Craignito: “People who liked Maleficent, also liked these movies – and at the top of the list is… is… is… Franklyn.”



(to be continued tomorrow — if NARKED — or sometime soon – if NOT NARKED)

(IN or INN – that is the question)

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    Another Loren smile on my face 🙂 Creative juices flowing with such style, humour and seriousness all blended into a magnificent cocktail for our reading enjoyment!


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