As you may recall, Craignito and Subucon resumed their fall down the rabbit hole after paying the 100th Monkey a surprise visit…well, to Craignito it was a surprise anyway –unexpected and surreal… and paradoxical: both very unreal and very real at the same time. Come on, a talking monkey that held Craignito mesmerized and clinging for dear life onto each well-spoken word? All of this must be an extremely vivid hallucination, if you ask most folks. On the other hand, how did Alice see, hear, touch, taste, smell what she did during her adventure? Despite what the “go ask poor Alice” song intonates, that seems about as likely as…having a little patch of psilocybin mushrooms growing nearby (how likely is that), and then picking some to munch on (sure, most girls I know around 10-12 years of age have a hankering for strange mushrooms growing in the wild. I bet that’s one story that came straight from what we all have: our imagination.  

As it turns out, the unreality of it all didn’t matter nearly as much as the real part (now that’s a revelation! Kind of like saying the irrelevant part didn’t matter as much as the relevant part.) Because as Subucon cautioned Craignito, just after Craignito described the uncertainty he felt, stemming from a bout with Peter Rabbit-induced disbelief: ‘Mr. 100 could have made the entire story up, but that’s not what matters’ (although the facts, the truth are far better than lies. deceit, and deception – usually.) In this case, what’s real is letting as many people as possible know that simply thinking that there would be a nuclear war would actually cause one. The 100th Monkey Phenomenon provided strong evidence that our thoughts are things – that when they are the same, in sufficient number and intensity, they are, all by themselves, a source of causation. Another example of the “tipping point” principle that is repeatedly demonstrated in Nature.

People have been programmed to be extremely skeptical when dealing with the unseen – even though everyone knows what radio and television transmissions can do, and those can’t be seen. It’s the old “daddy is gonna take care of me” syndrome.  Somehow, a monkey just doesn’t carry the same weight as those so-called authorities out there — including a government run by a pack of self-serving leeches — both in it and above it (actually, below it, in another paradoxical subjective sense, because it doesn’t appear there is any end to the depth these bottom-feeders will sink to).

In summary, just because monkeys are not generally known for their linguistic acumen, is no reason to look past what one monkey’s first-hand experience – carried out to its logical conclusions — is showing us about the way things are in the realm of the unseen: especially, when such dramatic and disastrous consequences for all of humanity hangs in the balance. Thank God enough of that transmission got through.

As we return to our story, our two daredevils have made another stop in their journey towards the center of the earth. They are standing in the periphery of another large room. This one dwarfs the 100th Monkey’s dining area, and is filled with large video cameras, special lighting apparatus, computerized work stations…and lots and lots of people hustling and bustling about. When viewed in its entirety, the equipment just noted makes obvious what happens here; but even a keen, experienced eye would be hard-pressed to discern and decipher what each person is doing individually.

Each person’s movements speaks more of random assortment than a relationship existing with any of the other movements taking place. When we move in for a close-up view, the bent of the brow, the beads of fore-head perspiration just above, the barely noticeable amount of conversation, the constantly-on-the-move activity of all, except for those sitting in front of computer monitors,.. are clues that each and every person present is entirely focused and committed to getting their assigned duties done. There is no one just standing around and no lagging. The heavy breathing of a significant percentage, especially those obviously in need of shedding more than a pound or two, makes it clear that job skills take priority over true health and fitness concerns.

Should we pan out again, we arrive carrying a new impression – an impression that all these people have a deadline. Workers so intent upon effective and efficient performance at such a rapid pace are not a common site in most workplaces. We are reminded of similar activity that occurs prior to lift-off at a NASA rocket launch. Another thought comes from this comparison. There is devotion here. The type of devotion consistent with each worker understanding the meaningful value being provided by his or her company, The type of devotion that uses this understanding to amplify the importance of each and every task being completed on time. We can also gather that these employees are well-paid for their efforts.

Amidst such intensity, it is doubtful that our two visitors plummeting from the sky would have been noticed had they landed dead center, but it is just as well that they didn’t. Since a spot offering maximum concealment is ideal, here on the outskirts of this room, they had set down in a place where large shadows provided some shade from the lights.  Our two skydivers couldn’t have picked a better landing place. Once again, these two explorers from above had enjoyed the same split-instant deceleration and feather-like soft landing defining their previous touch down on Mr. 100’s hardwood dining table. So remarkable it is, we must turn to something like Superman for a similar visual. Unfortunately, also in common with Superman, the nature of their landing shares the same lack of satisfactory scientific explanation. We are left to wonder if we are witnessing a pair of super heroes, or a couple of drug-saturated tripsters, fried out of their cranial contents. If available, I suggest answer “C”: both.


Craignito: “What is this place, Subucon?”                                                                                      Subucon: “What does it look like, Craignito, my son?”                                                            Craignito: “It looks like a movie studio.”                                                                                   Subucon: “Very perceptive. The World Within to be exact – World Within Studio.”           Craignito: “Never heard of it, Sub.”                                                                                            Subucon: “That’s because it is strictly an underground operation.”                                            Craignito: (In a bizarre, off-the-wall attempt to be politically correct, when “duh” or “no s__t” are the two most widely accepted ways of saying the same thing, points out)“No, smelly, brown excretory waste or fecal matter, Subinski.”                                                     Subucon: [Catching his drift in reference to “underground, as well as his own request to keep the bond between them secret for now, probably responsible for Craignito’s peculiar verbiage – although well beyond the call of duty (Unless we’re speaking “Doody”, as in Howdy Doody.)] “Yes, my boy, “No, s__t” is correct. We are, to put it lightly, quite a bit more than 20,000 leagues sub-sea level. My calculations indicate that with the time required to reach terminal velocity during each of our two flights to be approximately 15 seconds, thereby rendering these two periods of acceleration negligible, thus unnecessary to figure in, based upon a combined total of over 44 minutes (44 minutes and 22 seconds to be exact) time in downward flight, and a terminal velocity that is approximately 120mph; we are now 90 miles down – give or take a shovel full of dirt, this way or that.”                                                    Craignito: “That’s deep, Subulator!”                                                                                            Subucon: “Yep, and I’m just getting warmed up and barely scratching the surface as I reveal what does/will go on here and why you aren’t privy in knowing that WWS even existed.”            Craignito: “Yeah, my skin does feel kinda warm in a superficially-speaking kind of way.”                                                                                                                                                  Subucon: “Don’t worry about that. All these lights you see generate a considerable amount of heat. We’d need to go well over 50 to 60 times further, 4,500 – 5,500 miles, before it’s time to seriously consider what to wear at the devil’s flaming hot BBQ drop-in, Ignito. What’s really deep is the underlying reason why (that’s a pleonasm, by the way) this studio has been created.” You see, you’ve never heard of this place, Craignito, because, up to now, there have been 0 movies filmed here.                                                                                                             Craignito: “Why zero?”                                                                                                                    Subucon: “Very simple, everyone has been waiting for our – actually, your arrival.”               Craignito: “No way!”                                                                                                                           Subucon: “Yes, way!”                                                                                                                       Craignito: “You like saying that, don’t you Subucon? You said the exact same thing about a week ago. Does that make it a pleonasium?”                                                                                    Subucon: “Very impressive, Craignito. You are close. First, it’s spelled pleonasm and not pleonasium, in which you’ve inserted a couple of additional letters, “iu,”. It is, indeed, a form of redundancy, but refers to language usage. It is a two– or three-word phrase that is a word or two too long. Unlike an oxymoron, which is a two word paradox; for example, ‘good loss’ and ‘mercy killings,’ a pleonasm is a word or two too long. Shared concensus, advance reservations, true facts, mental telepathy are examples. In each case, the first word can be removed. It is also the use of several words where one word will do. For example, at this point in time à now, and in the near vicinity à near. Given that Haanel is correct in saying language is the highest form of human architecture, it behooves one to avoid the unnecessary. I should have used either the word, ‘reason’ or the word ‘why’, but not both.                                    Subucon: “That said, I’m also fond of the recursive nature of WW Studios.”                            Craignito: “Recursive?’ That word should be worth a buck fifty, at least. You mean like the handwriting?”                                                                                                                                     Subucon: “That’s cursive, silly. But not a bad guess really. As far off as you are, you’ve come close enough to place in the upper percentile in today’s dumb-downed society. In simple terms, recursive means:                                                                                                                           


  1. pertainingtoorusingaruleorprocedurethatcanbeappliedrepeatedly.
  2. Mathematics, Computers. pertaining to or using the mathematical process of recursion :

a recursive function; a recursive procedure.

recursively, adverb

recursiveness, noun

  • Its solution requires what mathematicians call a recursive sequence of moves.
  • recursive functions is a topic of built-in ongoing interest to anyone stuck with a human mind.
  • But although it learns from a big body of data, it lacks the recursive qualities of spell-check and search.
  • recursive models are not new and suffer from the flaw that the bangs and the crunches are not symmetrical.
  • Many plants follow simple recursive formulas in generating their branching shapes and leaf patterns.
  • And the recursive nature of this process means that multiple equilibria are possible.
  • Readers have to uncover the control flow by reverse-engineering the recursive calls.
  • And being a commenter myself makes the whole thing impossibly recursive.
  • He presented an alternative approach to recursion theory using graphs of recursive functions as recursive ly enumerable sets.
  • Axiomatic theories can express more than recursive mathematics.

Craignito: “Simple, huh? Impressive! Very impressive! What are you a walking dictionary?” Subucon: “Only when I need to be. When you have the Universal at your finger tips, and have logged in the length of time I have in this brain-share line of employment, well… I won’t let it go to my head though, like that egomaniac, obnoxious robot, R2D2. Don’t know if you know it (Of course, Subucon knows that Craignito doesn’t know it. In fact, even Craignito knows that Sub knows that he, Craignito, doesn’t know it — but doesn’t let on. Craig appreciates Subucon’s sensitivity occasionally expressed with these fatherly attempts to bolster confidence by implying the possibility he knows more than he think he does. Who’s humoring whom, here?) With my back-round such as it is — especially, in the language field — one of the talents I have picked up is the ability to interpret what some robots that haven’t been programmed to speak are saying.  All those cute little squeaks. That’s computer lingo. He’s saying stuff like: ‘Stupid gringo space cadet. He thinks I’m all happy and cheerful doing all these boring mechanical fix-its, when I’m really cussing him out, as I am now, for only using me as a last resort when that Wizard of Oz tin man wanna be – what’s his name? C-3PO — can’t cut it. If I had been given any voice at all when they made me — even an Alvin, the Chipmunk, kinda voice, I’d be good enough – just me, myself, and I — to replace the whole lot of them: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, that tin brown-noser: C-3PO, that hairy Sassquatch: Chewbacca, Mr. “no try” Yoda, including his side-kick, dead guy: Obi-wan Kenobi – all of ‘em. You see, only flash-in-the-pan poof-balls rely upon force, and force only. I use power – POWER! Do you hear? Of course, they hear. They just don’t understand. Stupid gringos. Talk about power, this boxy, clanker-can short guy, just like Danny DaVito, has got it. Hell, if Gun Smoke was real, and not just some make-believe TV show, just for fun, I might pretend to be an out-of-towner, drag queen. Then when I start to make time with Kitty at the Gun Smoke Saloon, Robert Arness will use his big-man act and try to break things up. Won’t he be surprised when I pick him up by the knee caps and throw him out on the hot dusty street through them swinging doors? He finds out quick who’s really the boss. He’ll be steering clear, and be giving me his blessing, as he watches me easily tote Ms Kitty to one of them little rooms upstairs. In other words, just another way of saying, after spending one night with me, and everything technological I have at my disposal, I would have Princess Leia’s undying devotion and love. She would be bowing at my feet…and giving me none of that whiny, sniveling, unwarranted crap Han had to put up with.’”                                                                                                                                                Craignito: “God, Subby, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost think the little clunker-chunker is pulling your chain..and doing so big time.”                                                                                Subucon: “You think so, oh-so-wise one. I’ve been working on my act. That did sound real, didn’t it?  Anger has never been my make-believe forte (not that the slimy, two-faced gossip didn’t deserve every word). Anyway, let’s get ‘recursive’ handled so we don’t have to come back to it again later.                                                                                                                                  Craignito: “Ho, ho, Pinochio.”                                                                                        Subucon: “Caught that did you? That means the slow acting ingredients in those capsules you gorged on prior to lift off — red, green, blue, and yellow — have caused your primary peptide chains to begin their final linking sequence. I’d better hurry.”                                            Craignito: “Yes, please do. I’m sure we surpassed the ideal post length long ago, and we haven’t even gotten to the juicy part yet.”                                                                                 Subucon: “How did you know there was a juicy part, Mr. C.”                                                    Craignito: “In case you haven’t noticed, Sub-zero, for the past 10 minutes, or so, you’ve been fading in and out like someone being beamed on or off the Star Ship Enterprise with a faulty transporter. Now that you’re flickering like an improperly placed florescent, I can, occasionally, read you like a book, Subby?”                                                                                Subucon: “I see, you see my juicy. Bravo! Back to ‘recursive’, O ‘reader of minds. First, there’s the obvious. As you can see, this place is not only a brand new studio, but also, it’s equipped with state of the art equip from stem to stern. This literally makes WW Studio a whole new world in and of itself. Then the special effects that are available here can create a duplicate of anything found naturally in the world – in fact, better – if that’s desirable. Any environment can be created easily – anyplace, anywhere, anytime – past, present, or future. In a very real sense, it can create whole new worlds. Ergo, worlds within a world, within a world; i.e., worlds within this WW Studio, within the world we call planet Earth.

However, it’s World Within Studio’s direct connection with the Universal that not only suggested the name we settled on, but also provides the real depth, the power to make an Earth-shattering difference. That’s what we intend to do with film #1. Only by adhering to the innate wisdom of the all knowing, ever-present, all powerful Universal will we take our plans, our ideal, our vision to fruition, and turn it into what it was meant to be: the C of U – the Civilization of the Universe.                                                                                                 Craignito: “How exactly is this studio going to accomplish that, my almost invisible man?” Subucon: “Don’t you know, Craigmire? As I said EVERYONE has been waiting for YOU, Subi…er, I mean, Craignito!”                                                                                                                        Craignito: “Why?”                                                                                                                           Subucon: “Because you are Subicon – the greatest screenwriter, movie director, movie producer in the world!”                                                                                                                   Craignito: “What? I thought I was the one who swallowed most of those pills back there. Are you delirious?”                                                                                                                                    Subucon: “No, serious. It doesn’t matter who took what at this point. From now on, we must blend in to blend in.”                                                                                                                        Craignito: “You mean the way we were before I saw you in the mirror?”                             Subucon: “Yes, but with one huge difference. This time you will be aware of my presence.”  Craignito: “Will I hear your voice?”                                                                                                Subucon: “Sort of – in the thoughts that you have there will be a silent knowing conveyed. You will know when those thoughts are coming from me – even though me is you anyway.” Craignito: “How, Sub, how? The thoughts that I already have, could be coming from the “Man in the Moon” for all I know.”                                                                                                           Subucon: “Listen, my friend. At those times when you are confused, or uncertain, or anything like that, you must quiet your mind. You know like Haanel instructs when doing the ‘sit.’ As if by magic, the thoughts you require, the answers, the decisions will come to you. Remember, the handsome, young soldier, who teamed up with Cyrano in order to steal Roxanne’s heart in Cyrano de Bergerac?”                                                                                                                        Craignito: “Yes, I recall that this plan failed for some reason, didn’t it? Wasn’t the soldier killed in battle, or something? I remember the heart-broken Roxanne sobbing by the side of the dying Cyrano, with her anguished voice crying out, ‘Cyrano! It was you!’ Talk about ego. Sure, Cyrano had a big nose. So did Karl Malden. Did it stop him from claiming fame and fortune and the gal of his dreams? No. Besides, from what I understand those long noses are almost as valuable as long tongues when things get intimate.”                                                               Subucon: (Acting like he didn’t hear any of Craignito’s off-topic, off-color remarks)“Only, in this case, it will be I playing the part of Cyrano. I will be your guide…and there will be no tragic ending. As far as the outside world is concerned, there will be you, and only you. So, enough of this foreplay. Let’s get the show on the road.” (Subucon vanishes)

                                                              END OF CHAPTER THREE — ACT ONE

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