WEEK 2 — MKMMA — THEN: 2014 and NOW: 2015

In this world our objective mind tries to comprehend,
We have the choice to begin, continue, or take a bow and end.

When such willful action must be taken amongst these simple choices, three,
To discriminate properly, takes right thinking, and that’s all up to me.

Do this, do that, do another,
Began at birth from our mother.

Will show the world, and everyone in it, just the way we are:
Just a comfortable pumpkin, or a silvery rising star!

Both conditions when set on automatic pilot
Will play the station we have set; so be sure to correctly dial it!

Remember to move in forward harmony with the Universal Express.
Will bring us more, via our subconscious, which really could care less.

Rewarding those of right belief and action,
Results reserved for life’s center stage, and you its main attraction!

Removing those of wrong belief and action.
Time is too precious to bother with distraction.

Some have learned how to prey upon the weak,
And momentarily gain the prosperity and happiness, we, as humans, all do seek;

But such willful action taken
Will coil around to bite and show just how much they’ve been mistaken.

Preservation of life and the desire to keep that growing;
So, carefully, discern exactly what we might be mowing.

The Universal seed of life that some have called inate,
Does well with love, will surely die with hate.

Everyone knows how to be, before we ever are;
So why not choose to be that rising star?

What we do with those thoughts we send,
Our entire world may depend.

Beginning was the easy part – externally directed;
The middle part kept green and clean, detached and unaffected,

Can be so full of growth, full of love, when it’s these selected
As though God Himself were dropping by to see more than he expected.

What did we do with that key to the kingdom He gave with so much trust?
Is our path more fruitful than when we started, or is it gone forever — buried in the dust?

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