It’s been about two weeks, or so, since I added the following few lines to the top of my post:

For All New Arrivals At This Hosted Blog, A STARVING SUBSCRIBER BOX To Your Immediate Right Is Begging For Your First Name And Email.


Therefore, If At Any Point During Your Visit, The Impulse To Feed The Hungry Little Critter Should Move You, PLEASE, DO NOT RESIST.

All Visitors Are Encouraged To Leave A Comment Indicating Anything I Can Do For You.

Of the five people that the record shows visited the post-just noted, one of them was my MKMMA guide and another arrived before my lines did. This leaves just three individuals to test the effectiveness of my entreaty. I got one new subscriber. While I feel very good about that, since I had already encouraged this particular individual to sign up before she ever got here, this created a bias, preventing her from being considered as a valid entry into my data pool. Therefore, I still don’t know if making this request, is a good idea or not. Well, I take that back. It is all good. Let’s try again.

If you feel you deserve UNDYING LOVE AND ROMANCE, please, leave your first name and email address in any of the places where easily doing so has been recently provided – including the two places to your immediate right.

Will leaving your first name and email address do anything to satisfy what you feel you deserve? Perhaps. I’m currently doing some beta testing involving various attention getters. to find a way to increase my number of subscribers beyond the one I currently have.

As an equal opportunity provider, I can assure you that anything you do on this website will affect neither your equality nor the opportunities available. On this website, your equality is absolute, and the opportunities are as infinite as your imagination can make them.

Come on! Let’s face it! You are a star!

Meanwhile, I reserve the right to say more about this matter — same place, some other time.


(To the multitude who have been asking: “WHERE’S CRAIGNITO? WHERE’S SUBUCON? It’s my pleasure to finally reveal that the past two weeks have not been idle ones (although anyone on the outside looking in might think so. In fact, anyone in the unlikely position to do that would have seen Craignito, aka Subucon, sitting motionless, eyes closed, as if in deep meditation, for that entire period of time). It was a feat worthy of the great Gandhi…and more…much more.

We’ve witnessed what one man can do — Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed… Well, anyone who’s followed me long enough to be vaguely familiar, knows our hero, Subucon, may appear in singular form – as he does now – but is, nonetheless, really two. Together, as if with one voice (that’s precisely what one pair of lungs, one diaphragm, and a set of vocal cords generally sound like, of course) our two courageous warriors have declared “THE TIPPING POINT OF TWO — WHERE ONE IS SUBUCON, AND THE OTHER MAY BE YOU.”

Details will be forthcoming very soon. I will tell you this though. Anyone familiar with Star Trek and Spock’s mind meld has some idea. Oh, God, it’s so exciting, I want to tell you more. Until I…I mean “they”, “he” can do that, I must follow through with two actions I, personally, need to get out there:

1. (Per Divas’ frequent reiteration upon which I expound) Just as the cliché states, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words,.” I carry a step further to say the right picture/photo can be worth much, much more.

At one end of the spectrum, successfully adding any picture/photo will show the Divas that I agree with their assessment that the addition of any picture/photo will always be an improvement. It will also show them that I am, at least, capable. At the other end of the spectrum, I boldly state that one picture/photo could carry enough meaningful value to significantly impact the lives of each and every person on this planet. With only that statement to go on, here’s the picture:



You might remember this face helping to lead the charge up “Kindness” mountain.

2. (Per the principle of proactively practicing self-leadership in providing full disclosure) I present my DMP (with special attention directed to the portion high-lighted in yellow). Some salient, closing remarks follow right after.

It is sometime prior to March 31, 2015, when the radiant rush of realization resonates so deeply, I’m left breathless in the electric intensity of the moment.  For it is this day my DUAL quest to achieve TRUE HEALTH and RECOGNITION FOR CREATIVE EXPRESSION have simultaneously arrived to perch on the first major milestone of successful achievement.

Regarding real health, besides feeling tremendous, the numbers say it all. Today my skinfold calipers, myotape, and scale indicate a 10% improvement in lean body mass/BMI compared to my initial, late-November numbers; and using the 5 tests provided by David Kekich, a biological age that is now 5, or more, years less than the biological age associated with my initial, late-November findings.

Always cognizant of Emerson’s Law, I continue to do my best to utilize every avenue of give more/get more the MK/DC program offers — including becoming one with my MMA team. I’m full of appreciative love and sincere gratitude, for all their support, encouraging me to keep my POA promises of 1-2 hours of TV/week – max, logged into a journal designed to keep watch on all such activities; and to schedule the daily cardiovascular/and musculoskeletal skeletal exercise routines becoming habits that go hand-in-hand with the Paleolithic/super food diet, which, for starters, keeps my Ginsu occupied and gyrating several times each week — min.

Out of this comes the stamina and the exhilaration, which stokes the boilers in the back of my mind, and feeds the flames  of desire deep in my heart, creating a rippling surge of mounting momentum and concurrent confidence that feels so sensational, my words are flying into my voice recognition software so incredibly fast, even my fire-breathing Dragon is panting to keep up…and oh, what a sight to see my story twisting upward in its final ascent, climbing to a once-in-a-lifetime, climatic crescendo; each foothold burning holes in my monitor — persisting, insisting, indelibly impressing — this is the day my first draft is born, and my book, the “dharmonic” smash: VOTL – Vampires of the Light, is now taking flight.

Today, it is March 6. With March 31 just 25 days away, based upon the number of pages — and the number of pages only — 200 is the first figure that bobs up to the top of the think-tank. This is a figure large enough to represent the total number of pages expected in an average-size book. The math is simple and indicates that this works out to 8 pages/day. That’s how many will be required to honor the commitment and keep my`DMP – RECOGNITION FOR CREATIVE EXPRESSION – promise.

If this blog is the avenue chosen for these pages to first appear — as Subucon says it is – then what has been smoldering in semi-dormancy – this blog — must now erupt. Fascinating, it is to me…to just now notice (and I swear I just did) that this is almost (almost?) exactly what happens, or happened, as reported and recorded in the DMP you just read.

My old BP is up to its ears in all the fragments left behind in the wake of the OCE, aka the OVER-COMMITMENT EXPRESS. The question now becomes which BP wins, the old one, or the new? It’s not the little Indian boy asking his grandfather about the two wolves – one bad and one good – although it sounds a lot like it. I can blend both together and use this concoction to envision myself as “Little Red Riding Hood” with only one hungry wolf to feed…to satisfy. It’s either my balls, or something substantial enough to create a life-saving diversion. My choice, his chomping. Should I fall short, it’s more than my shorts on the line. Because that’s the line I will be feeding you at this post’s end, just a spoonful or two away.

Lydia believes in me…much more than anyone has (including myself) for, oh, so long – too long. In order to get a handle and a grip on the level of belief about which I speak, I must go way back…to my childhood days; when to my delight, it was my mom’s belief demonstrated, as she defended me. This is how it went down: My actions in class had prompted my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Much, to make one of those rare, at-your-own home visits to convince my mom of what she was sure of: I was going to be a gangster. My mom became irate and let Mrs. Much have every bit of what for. All that has transpired in the years gone by has validated my mom’s unwavering certainty and contention. I must admit it has been a whole lot easier to live up to my mom’s expectations, than live down to Mrs. Much’s (did the Universal lend a hand in choosing this name – I’ve never heard this last name since). l could wonder or I could ponder the quantitative nature of such an uncommon name suddenly appearing to bring some coincidental relevance as a key player in this boyhood experience.

The point being, to create anything worthy – and I’m talking quantity here (that’s quite enough), not quality (but that must exist, too) — of Lydia’s expectations, seems much more daunting – at the base – looking upwards, than it did when viewing from afar. Yet I can’t let her down (despite my old BP, laughing with gleeful knowing, how much I surely can). Charles Haanel with his “Seven Spiritual Laws of the Mind”, Og Mandino with his talk of new habits, love, persistence, turning what little time is left into “Nature’s Greatest Miracle,” and, of course, MKMMA that encompasses these, and a multitude more, that wires competence with confidence, walks by my side.

It’s now up to me. It’s my actions, my results, which must now serve (or do disservice) as proof of what they profess.

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  1. lydia johnson

    I just had to read this now….I am not only a fan of yours, but a true believer in you and your creativeness….you have MUCH to offer the world and MUCH to surprise and delight!

    Go forth and trek!

    1. Loren Post author

      And trek I have, Ms Lydia. Through the muck and mire of treacherous terrain in search of a clearing. I think I can see one straight up ahead. I’m sure it was meant for me, because it’s covered in red. When I yelled I wanted to catch-up, they must have heard KETCHUP instead. 🙂

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