As CRAIGNITON stood and surveyed the bubbling activity down below, it was as if he had hopped onto a time machine and transported back a month to when he, Craignito, then, and Subucon, now, first made their secret descent into WWS: World Within Studio.

Now, however, he stood alone, in an alcove specially built just for him. From this perch he could see everyone down below, and everyone down below could see him, if they had cause to look. However, at this moment, his entry was completely unnoticed by everyone down below. This sudden flurry of activity signified that the moment they had been waiting for, preparing for, longing for, would be soon. As it turns out, three of the four weeks CRANITON lay in what appeared to be suspended animation, were spent in similar repose by the entire WWS crew — in silence, looking within to make sure what they were about to do — each with their own essential role – no matter how seemingly big or small it might appear – would be handled as if the world itself depended upon it. They had all made the journey deep into the world within, found their unique gifts, and were absolutely grateful for the connection made through their subconscious to the Universal Mind. Such joyful bliss would have been contagious; but in this group, it didn’t need to be, because everyone had already caught the contagion. Overwhelming waves of joyful wonder greeted each worker as he or she took his or her first step onto the radiant studio floor that day. The harmony of oneness instantly filled each mind, heart, and soul; erasing any lingering trace of lack, limitation, disease, danger, difficulty or whatever trouble might be frightfully hanging on – for very few chunks of what was once solid cement had managed to make it this far.

So incredible were the waves of love, of bliss, of joy, they were suddenly, serenely transformed into a perfusion of harmonious sounds and colors and tastes and smells and delicious tingling excitement, as CRAGNITON’s presence took full advantage of the “state of the art” Obi-Wan Kenobi HD holographic projection the studio had prepared for this occasion; but far more significant the diamond crisp concert-hall audio designed to capture every vibratory nuance of the speaker’s voice empowered CRAIGNITON’S first word: “WELCOME!

No words can come close to describing the effect that an entire month in direct contact with the Universal can do, did do, to the way this single word was delivered — but no one missed a single syllable. Everyone had instantly stopped what they were doing, as all heads, and all eyes turned in complete unison, as if one, to the empty space before CRAIGNITON’S projection had even appeared to fill it. As difficult as it might be to find factual basis for such a supernatural display of unrehearsed behavior, the fact that it did occur is undeniable — recorded for all eternity by the best of the best devices in existance, and the sworn testimony of the 500+ in attendance that glorious day (but requests for such testimony — not a single one).

This welcome was followed by another, then another, and another…Welcome John Lancaster, welcome Betty Baumgardner, welcome Pete Rosenthal, as, on and on, around the room he went.

When asked what seemed special about CRAIGNITON’S address, some of those answering said there was excitement, joy, love, faith, hope, in the musical tones of his voice – even though the deep baritone that was recorded does not sound musical in the slightest; some said it was, clear, decisive, calm, peaceful, deliberate, sustained in thought, unwavering, confident; a few thought it was laughingly funny, while others completely serious; all agreed it was warm, friendly, comfortable – as if you’d known him your entire life; some were amazed to feel their backaches disappearing as he spoke, others their headaches disappearing — until they were gone…

After CRAIGNITON had welcomed every person by first and last time, including their particular role – completely from memory without any sign of technological assistance, and after letting all his great crew know how humbled and privileged and grateful he was for the honor of leading what was to come, everyone knew by the way he said what he did, that it wasn’t just CRAIGNITON speaking to them, it was the Universal – and this is what was said…

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