This, which I call master fit 1, consists of three replies I posted to comments made on the Alliance sub- category: Law of Compensation and no opinions.

An excellent second name for this might be: a misfit. Whether dealing with my issues directly, in which case, makes this secondary naming easy to see out the gate; or dealing with somebody else’s issues, as I’m doing with the following three. Since doing so, without offering up an opinion, is bound to give anyone fits. I ask you: “How many opinions do you think I just made?” One, two, three, four, as you can see, those numbers add up quickly, and can easily soar. So what’s a person to do? For purposes of this particular blog, the “no opinions” stipulation will be given a temporary vacation – and before I get too far off track, let me attempt to make my way back to whence I began this particular iteration.

Realizing earlier in the week, or since last week’s webcast, anyway, that we are required to make three contributions under the “No Opinions – Law of Compensation” sub- category in the area specifically set aside for MMA commentary, I went to the place just mentioned and commented on the first three comments I came across that struck a resonating chord. This is my first in reply to:

“The danger of opinions and the blessings of giving and receiving goes hand in hand. The more you do of the one the less you have of the other. The choice is yours. I choose wisely.”

Tobie Steyn commented 2 days ago EDIT REPLY CANCEL REPLY

Your melding of ideas fits our lesson well!

Opinions fraught with danger should clang a warning bell,

For without such devices, it’s sometimes hard to tell,

If heaven will be spoken, or more the voice of hell.

To know the law of compensation, stops the worst from sneaking back,

With unsoiled time this act alone can save what’s doomed to die in lack.

Without chaotic clutter comes greater peace of mind,

In all that open space resulting with opinions left behind.

Within this seed of knowing, a rose has time to grow.

Its petals filled with fragrant sweetness, we’ve all come to know.

Was it God or Emerson, who took natures beauty and combined it with the beast?

As any careless hand and finger yells naught of dewy splendor, but what we like the least.

Like most opinions, this unwelcome thorn can harm both he who gives and he who takes;

But bring them to a little boy with a box of clay, and better be the dinosaur he makes.

Upon this contradiction does well the keen observer’s comprehension rest.

That heart-felt complements mean much, much more than any flower — even at its best!

My second reply is to:

“Oh no, I can’t seem to open my mouth without spewing out an opinion??? This is harder than I thought.”

gail.hinrichsen commented 2 days ago EDIT REPLY CANCEL REPLY

God, Gail, I just got this incredible cartoon vision, based upon what you have just said.

  • In the first scene, there you are watching MKMMA webcast number five, while Mark is giving us the “no opinion” assignment.
  • In the next scene, you have the palms of both hands squarely centered over your mouth, as if trying to keep something inside from getting outside; and you are lying on your bed with additional lines around your body, making it obvious that there is a whole lot of shaking going on.
  • In the next scene, everything is pretty much the same, except now, your head has grown to the size of an over-inflated beach ball – and if you look real close, you can see part of an o – and even an op – struggling to peek out under the weight of your sweating palms.
  • In the last scene, we see you are back to normal, sitting peacefully at the end of your bed with a huge smile of relief showing the world your pearly white teeth; while in the background Mark J is going out your bedroom door, while holding an oversized pin, needle, ice pick — something big and sharp, anyway — and there is one of those cartoon bubbles coming out of his mouth, and he is saying with a chuckle, as he leaves: “Didn’t I tell you how easy it would eventually be?!” J

My third reply was aimed at one of the members having a difficult time even finishing sentences at work, I believe it was, because about half way in, she realized that she was on the verge of voicing an opinion. Unfortunately, when I went back into the alliance area a couple days later, I couldn’t locate this particular thread; but, nevertheless, I do remember saying something to the effect: “no, no, no, (this member’s first name), don’t you remember Mark underscoring what Haanel has to say about always finishing anything and everything once we start it?” 🙂

Danger! Danger! Warning! Warning!

Apparently, once again, I’ve trespassed into the area known as “Word Limit Exceeded No Man’s Land”. So, before moving on to my next page, I just want to slip in before I go, I had intended to provide some additional explanatory verbiage to what has been my lighthearted approach in pages one and two. Page 3 digs down a little deeper; so, whether you want to go there and check it out, as always, I leave that up to you.

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