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Snappy title, huh? I know so.  It was meant to draw you in — and if you got this far, it must have worked. Of course, “nito” does not necessarily apply to everyone — including me. Or maybe it does. At any rate, this is my first dip into the blogging pool, and I can tell you for certain, right now, it’s going to be brief. Oh, not because the water is too cold, or anything like that, but I have until 12am Hawaiian time to get it posted – and that’s only 38 minutes away.

So what to write about? So many things. I guess as good a place as any might be an excerpt from my definiteness of purpose statement. It may seem as if I’m fudging a bit. You’re right. There is a 300 word minimum, and I’m a very slow typist.  It’s also somewhat apropos, because I had 6 days to complete my statement of 400 words, or less, and there was less time left on the clock when that was sent yesterday, than the amount I started with to compose this.  Nothing particularly valuable there in terms of time management – or, perhaps, there is. Perhaps, a teensy bit more relevant: Although the instructions were sound enough, Mark and his wife, the fabulous Davene, are out of this world (and I know I don’t need to tell ya that that’s a good place to be) I suspect that my DMP may be one of the most unusual ones they have ever seen (Given it even gets that far); so, before it gets returned with a comment written in red that goes something like this:


I want to make sure just a little of it did.  Why?  Just call me a kid. Here’s my excerpt:

Viewing the movie “Reality Bites”, confirmed the possibility of a “home movie” film, and I could be the writer, director, camera operator, etc. required to make my VOTL production a reality, just as Winona Ryder was in her “Reality Bites.”. Because all my vamps are day-walkers, and the benefits out-weigh the deficits, is why the word: “Light” exists in the VOTL title.

And now that I’ve come this far, perhaps, a word or two regarding what I wanted to include in my statement that didn’t make the editor’s cut. As it was, my statement was already pushing it, at 395 or so. – so, here is the intro that never was:

A journey that for its factional* portrayal of the way our world is suddenly transformed into a Civilization of the Universe.* Named that because it’s what invariably happens when beings begin to utilize right thinking, and in Earthling terms, collective human consciousness embraces abundance instead of poverty and lack, wisdom instead of ignorance and fear, harmony instead of chaos and discord, and complete freedom instead of tyranny. Many wondrous things ensue, including a great Technological Revolution the likes of which this planet has never seen before.  These advances very quickly make it possible for all people to live like millionaires do today.*But all that is another story — an exclamation mark to signify the end of this one, which relies upon the primary resources listed below:

And here are some of the resources that didn’t get listed:

It is out of a collection of personal letters I composed between 1990 and 2000 that the origin and development of Vampires of the Light, VOTL, is recorded. After shaking off the dust deposited over many years of undisturbed storage, if these letters were stacked up, 1000 pages would probably be the number determining the height of just one of several tiers.

  • A strong metaphysical connection with the concepts of oneness, love, and multi-perceptual viewpoint.
  • Aside from raising the amount of fun, happiness, joy, and laughter experienced by the characters individually, there is a much grander purpose – a mission – running through based upon what is called the 3000-Year-Old Secret.
  • “The 100th Monkey” and “The Tipping Point” conceptually demonstrate when dealing with numbers of people (or primates) how reaching a specific number can suddenly explode to involve everyone, everywhere.
  • That’s it. Times up!
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    1. craignito

      This means a lot to me, Kristi. Now, with the Master Keys program, I will finally be able to find out if it is in the right place, or not. 🙂 I mean, who would have thought the most vital part of our mind is actually located behind the stomach? 🙂

      I love your heart, too! And there’s no need to search, because it’s absolutely impossible for anyone to miss it! 🙂 


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