What can be a bit discouraging about the MKMMA blogging experience is 1. To know that you have created something others would find value in reading, and, subsequently, have just a handful (on a good week) of members drop by to read and leave a comment, and 2. To know that other members – staff and guides included – are creating content even better than yours, yet getting a response that might pass for a carbon copy.

Therefore, in recognition of #2 just noted, I devote my post this week to  a re-blog (I’m calling it that not knowing if using copy and paste, as I did, truly fits the definition – which, by the way, according to Webster’s, does not exist) of the Week 6 blog post made by the Master Guide, Cassandra, whose posts, week after week, epitomize the very best that the MKMMA journey has to offer.

Prior to making that decision, it was a bit surprising to almost immediately discover upon reading the aforementioned, that Ms. Valeska’s talented hand was present only long enough to exquisitely fashion appropriate preamble for a post written by a member of her tribe, Lallah Rowe. I was surprised because this was the first time I’d ever seen Cassandra re-blog (and, because of that, this that I’m doing here, the first double re-blog I had ever encountered).

My initial surprise soon turned to awe. Having just finished reading  Lallah’s post, I am prompted to rise to my feet, applaud wildly, and offer a toast, “To Lallah and her post with the simply title, “MKMMA Week 6,” for magically capturing the thrill in store for every Master Key’s student who dutifully adheres to the daily protocol we’ve been given. To Lallah for being the first recipient ever of the MKMMA spotlight award, which goes to the member whose post so harmonically resonates with the Master Key Experience that the staff will be sending it to everyone as required reading the following week.”

Of course, such an award does not exist right now; but while still entranced by the thought of how valuable it would be for those students still plodding away without significant sign of meaningful change to read what Lallah has written, and still warmed by the notion of my first double re-blog experience, to imagine something commensurate with increased exposure seems fruitfully fitting for this intro, and bring it to closure.


Week 6: The Master Key Adventure – WATER


The moment Helen Keller realized the connection between the signs written onto her palm and all of creation.

I love the Master Key Experience!  This week, I felt like I was observing that magical moment in Helen Keller’s life when she ‘GOT IT’, when she realized that all of those touches repeatedly placed into her palm by Anne Sullivan actually were names of things in her world, and the gift of connecting with all of creation opened to her heart and mind. Lallah Rowe had such a moment this week.  This is her sharing of that experience:

MKMMA Week 6

November 6, 2015 by Lallah Leave a Comment

The journey continues.

Some things are getting harder while others are getting easier. But we definitely have changes happening.

Keeping my schedule has been difficult this week. I have been just barely keeping my reading up.

Up till now I have not really done much with the shapes. It was just a sort of “OK so I am supposed to put a shape on my cards. Ho Hum.” Then things changed. I was driving down the street and there was a stop light and it was a red circle. Then I noticed that the street signs were all blue rectangles. Those are the colors and shapes for my PPNs.Without warning the whole world was reminding me of my PPNs! There were shapes and colors everywhere!

The double line on the road was yellow, the green trees were combinations of triangles, circles and squares jumped out at me. I felt like the physical universe was conspiring to make sure that I kept my goals in mind and followed my compass.

I’m still making notes on my book. This one will take quite some research but the outline is forming and my ideas of where and how to get meaningful research keep coming. I have a book that has been sitting there as an ebook for some years. Suddenly it has an ISBN number, a barcode and proper format for publishing. All that I still need to do is to tweak the cover a bit so that it all fits for the printing. Wow! My publishing company will be off and running this week and I have 5 more books waiting in the wings that I can just run through the 3 hour process of publishing!!

I realize that this is not a passive course that will magically turn me into something that I am not. I need DO things and I need to DO THEM NOW! The line “I can be what I will to be” is now changed to “I am what I will to be” I put this on a card and listed out the various attributes that I am determined to have. But I can’t just say I am brave and kind and competent, I have to do things that are brave and kind and competent. Rather than waiting for my brain to create peptides, I am trying to do the things that the person I intend to be would do. I think it is working.

My ultra conservative English husband is also very excited and is doing things on his end to make the publishing company go. An old friend decided out of the blue that I needed a Roku TV to do my research properly and it just arrived on my doorstep!

Through all of this I have had the flu and I am doing my reading with feeling in between coughing and sneezing. I worried that the depression of being sick might seep into the subby along with the words, but I think that forcing myself to feel the enthusiasm is getting me over the flu faster because I just really feel excited and happy when I read.

I really like scroll II. I have been practicing telling people silently that I love them and finding some reason or another to love things even when they have irritated me in the past. It feels good.

Health, Wealth Wisdom and Joy,

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    1. Loren Post author

      I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you frown, sunshine. When you find the opportunity therein, I want to be the first to know about it (aside from you, of course. :))


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