If you really want to get in touch, not only with the ideas and concepts, but also with the heart and soul of the MKMMA program, there are some tremendous blog posts ready, willing, and able to “fill the bill.” Mark and Davene’s, for instance, and…well, the list is long and I’m sure I would miss many worthy writers. One thing I haven’t missed is the creme d la creme so to speak, when it comes to MKMMA blog posts. It rises to the top. The creator: Cassandra AKA Valeska. This is a comment I just left on her site pertaining to what I’ve copied below: “It’s not only very difficult, but also foolish to try and improve on perfection.” Read on, my fortunate friend, and see if you agree: “Short, but exquisitely sweet!”

Week C24: The Master Key Experience – Grab Your Scholarship NOW!


Normally, I don’t use ‘lack’ as a motivating force, and scarcity long ago left my reality, but, in truth, both of these apply today.
Why today?

Because TODAY is when people can place their application and qualify for one of the Pay-It-Forward Scholarships being awarded for the 2015 Master Key Experience.

Last year, over 400 people who would have, and should have, qualified were left behind because they did not act quickly enough.

You see, the hands-on dedication of a Guide to support you on your Hero’s Journey to your Magnificence equates to a very real ‘cap’ on the number of scholarships which can be awarded. When the slots are filled, it’s game over.

We project that applications will be taken until next Monday, September 21, 2015. That means the course is projected to be open for a week. Last year, it closed early..days early….as the capacity for providing that invaluable hands-on, almost one-on-one support had been reached.

So, DO IT NOW!!! If you have not already watched the three videos, gain instant access here:

Then click the link at the end of the video and get started on the BEST rest of your life possible!

See you there!
MKMMA -- CASS -- Dont-Get-Left-Behind

If you want to read more of what Cassandra has made available on her MKMMA website, go to

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