Because without this need for speed, there is little chance I’ll be able to get the words once said, into this blog, indeed.

It is the current intention to split those comments remaining for all to see into three. Parts 1 and 2 involve the past, while part 3, the end of now. Of course, now is now more of a then, Doesn’t matter so much what you call it, because now it’s time to begin.

This week marks a return to the rest of my comments made the first year of blog rover existence. So without further ado, here they are, just for you,


A chronological chronicle, a comment compendium composed and collected by the guy some call Lorenzo.


18, If envy and jealousy were a part of my modus operandi, then this exquisite post you have written could very well be a cause of both!

19. Completing the MKMMA program is demanding all by itself – even without all the additional pressures of building a business, tending to your daughter post op, etc.; so I truly appreciate your blogging efforts! Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!


21. Yes, balance is key. Personal viewpoints, of course, differ. I see balance as one of those elusive things – impossible to ever achieve – yet vitally important we continue to try, anyway.

22. “Oneness” is such a vital principle, if a “tipping point” number of people understood its meaning, the world would be instantly transformed – do you agree? And as for the feeling, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it – you can maintain! You can! You can! You can!

23. Aloha, Member’s Name!. It’s me again, Loren, your Blog Rover friend. It’s been 4 weeks since my last visit, yet it seems like only yesterday! Einstein let us know that time is relative, however, it still amazes me the degree to which time can either speed up, or slow down, depending on the actions we take In using the time we have each day. When I was in your shoes two years ago, time flew by! And still does! Should you decide to become a guide – as I hope you do – then, perhaps, we can fly around together and help create “the buzz!”

24. According to Og, “YOU ARE NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE,” and I believe you are the living proof And that’s quite empirical!

25. According to Og, “YOU ARE NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE!” Do you believe him? Whether you do, or don’t, why? I believe him, and that’s why I believe in you. The love you expressed with your husband during a difficult time and your kindness tells me you’re heading down the home stretch and building momentum! That’s sublime!!

26. I want to let you know how well you’ve written this post. So well, in fact, I was right there with you in your shoes, beginning to feel a bit lonely, and starting to get the blues… Until I remembered the importance of focusing on things I want, rather than don’t want – focusing on what it’s like living in the new life I’m creating, rather than the loneliness that in doing so, I’m actually exacerbating. What do I know, though?

27. Just as we have our strengths, we have our weaknesses, too. I commend you for revealing your persistence, and resistance to quit! Together they are enough to carry you to that powerful person you’ve been preparing for. “Be Prepared,” is the Boy Scouts motto… And that “powerful person,” is, of course, you!

28. Aloha, Member’s Name! Loren from Blog Roverville is here!

Have you ever experienced anything comparable to MKMMA?, I know I haven’t! So many powerful concepts to tease the mind, move the body, and arouse the spirit. Well, Lori, this terrific post you’ve written has captured so much of all three!

29. In the Week 17 HJ webinar, Mark says “Don’t play small, answer the call!”

Doesn’t mean that much, until one knows the context. Then we realize it means everything, because it’s the call to take the hero’s journey – the journey to reclaim our authentic self – the part of us that knows why we are here. It’s not to find the meaning of life. It’s to give meaning to life by knowing  exactly what we need to be doing to make the most of our unique, magnificent potential to serve others; and in so doing serve ourselves.

30. According to Scroll V, “WE ARE TO LIVE THIS DAY AS IF IT IS ARE LAST!” Combine that with “WHAT WOULD THE PERSON I INTEND TO BECOME DO NEXT?” gives pause to wonder why anyone would even bother to write a blog post. However, us rovers realize they are stepping stones to greatness. Therefore, as you near the finish line, we commend you for staying the course!

31. Yes, “a rising tide raises every ship,” (except for those that quit and sit on the bottom). A huge Blog Rover mahalo for taking the moon into your hands with an iron grip, and persistently focused control! As for the rest, I hope you like crabs, because now you’ve got ’em! And may God rest your every soul! In fun, frivolity, and laughter, HAPPY HOLIDAYS now, and all the ones hereafter!


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Once again. MAHALO!


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    1. Loren Post author

      With parts 2 and 3 still to do, and the MKE program ending tomorrow, it’s gonna be tight. Yet with comments such as yours, Laura, to spur me on, it’s as good as done…although it just might take half the night! 🙂


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