And the Raven came from miles away, just to hear the angelic harpstress play!

THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Imagine that, and you’ve got the start of a fable. The kind of story told in olden times at a large Christmas table. Heroes there were 3, and guess what…one of them is me. Fawn and Stevo round out this galant MM trio. Together we are “tipping point, ” the name you’ve come to know. Off to save this world you see to the best of our combined ability; in the beginning so very slow. Yet, faster and faster as we went, we chipped away the Earth’s cement. To expose with the final peel the finest gold we’d ever seen! As does the part reveal the whole, such did the whole reveal the part; can you guess what this might mean? It meant far more than words can say I — so go, I must, and ask, may I?

Medieval charm can go a long way!
Proves to be true in this moment,
Just as it was, back in the day!


Blog Rovers know, as do all MKMMAers, from student to staff, though kindness week may be over, kindness should always flow – and sometimes even make us laugh! So, here is my humble suggestion, designed to inspire some reciprocating, reverberating, kindness – echoing between the walls of Wainai Canyon of Kauai loud enough to reach the bridge – the bridge over the river Quai!  

 She danced by the lamp post in the middle of the night, her two wings as golden as her hair – radiantly swirling with the shimmering of the light.

Unbeknownst to any except the Blog Rover crew, though Friday at midnight is the deadline, is half it’s the time when we check them that they really are due.

I say this in knowing that it’s Sunday, and my post is 2 days late. As a Rover – the person responsible for checking to see if posts are published in timely fashion — I know my place on the blogroll is safe. Therefore, until I get around to checking yours, it, too, is safe. Nonetheless, it’s a crap shoot, thus not a good reason to wait.

Having spoken about my slight indiscretion, it’s time to get back to my MUI obsession.

As previously mentioned, Michael (who goes by JB Michael) took my question – provided by Blog Rover, Caryn – and made it both the title and centerpiece of his Week 12 post, which in MUI terms, makes it a win, win!, I’ve copied and pasted his post in its entirety down below.

Just in case you’re wondering, follow me closely, as I now let you know.

First, whether re-blogging or copying and pasting the material written by somebody else, it’s a “give more, get more,” way of sharing the wealth; and when saving energy and time, other ways so sublime, are few and far between, if you know what I mean!

Since the question I asked, and Michael answered, was on the template I used when making most, if not all, of my Week 12 MKMMA blog post comments, it should have been seen by many. Nevertheless, with no prior experience to base it upon – none that I’ve had, anyway – to prompt one of the best student posts I’ve ever read – certainly one that would earn an A+, if I were asked to give him a grade — was quite a surprise; and makes a strong case for using templates, despite their often-maligned, “cookie-cutter,” in personal nature.

However, I may be a bit biased, so, further evaluation I leave up to you. Please, read Michael’s post yourself to see if it’s true.

One last thought before I go. I need to make my rounds in the Alliances with a comment containing value – something you would want to know. Hmmmmmm

Week 12 – if you knew you couldn’t do it wrong, what would you do next?


Well, thank you Loren for such a great question. At first, it seemed easy. “Exactly what I’m doing now.” I would have said. Because if I wanted to be doing something else, then I would be doing that….Or so I thought. As I re-looked at the question, I really started to think about how many things I haven’t done, because I was afraid I “might get it wrong”. And there were way too many. I passed on speech competitions, auditions, job applications, and even asking a girl out once (good thing I didn’t chicken out forever because we’ve been married for 15 years). I have always found myself somewhat confident in my abilities. Not in a “get out of my way I can do it better” way, but more like, “sure, let’s go after that, what do we have to lose” sort of way. But yet, there were way too many moments that I hesitated…allowing the fear of the unknown to decide the outcome. Because in truth, you have a much better shot at succeeding by actually doing, than by not doing it.

But then I had a look at the question again. It wasn’t about guilt, it was about the future. “What would you do next.” Wow. How unlimiting that question is. What would I do next? If I could know for certain that I would get it right, what would I do next? How about: Fly to the moon, Be President, Act on Broadway, Open a school, Take dance classes with my wife, Be a Senator, Start a Huge Free Fresh Food program, Take my kids on a world wide tour, I’d sail the oceans, Scuba Dive, Walk across the USA, Live in China, Build solar panels, Invest in Stocks, Play Poker in a Vegas Tournament, Get a Book Published, Fly a Plane, Climb a Volcano, Try out a flying squirrel suit,  Visit every Country, Work on a mixed use development, Invest in Start-up Businesses, Learn to speak Spanish & Italian & French & Chinese & Japanese fluently, Write a song, Sing it, Play the piano, Give a Sermon in Church, Play Golf in Scotland, Paint…

And that is just what popped into my head. A couple of these things are in my DMP. Many are not. Most of which I’ve written off because of time/money/ or talent. Now I see why people make “bucket lists”. Over the last 3 mos, my DMP has been taking shape. It helped me focus on the core of my life’s importance. Much of the above is fluff and really not the core of a life’s purpose. Much, would just be fun. And I don’t know that fear has been holding me back in the truest sense. I’m not afraid to travel to China…I’m afraid to spend money that could go towards something more important. I’m not afraid to learn a language, I’m just afraid I don’t have the time. I’m not afraid to fly in a squirrel suit, I’m afraid for my family if something went wrong. I don’t know that fear is always unjustified. But acknowledging it, and never letting it hold you back for fear of the outcome, is certainly worth taking note of.

One thing I’ve always told my kids that might address this question even better than I’ve done so far is this: When faced with two big choices, pick the one you will regret most NOT TRYING. It is often the one you fear the most. Because no matter the outcome, you will never regret making that decision. If you chose the one you feel is “safe”, you will always wonder “what if”. You already know what is going to happen with the “safe” choice, so why not go after the one you don’t know and satisfy your curiosity?

It seemed as if an hypnotic spell had been cast between the curvaceous female, scantily clad in flowers and lace, and the blackbird, as they stared un-moving, face-to-face.

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Holding on with both arms to a swing made from a curtain, she leaned back in the moonlight – that much is certain!

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