It was just another day in winter along the Eastern Ridge. The trees barren of all foliage, looked like triumphant warriors with their stick-like trunks reflected in the icy-cold stream nearby; and branches appeared as arms reaching upward towards the sky.

THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! Imagine that, and you’ve got the start of a fable. The kind of story told in olden times at a large Christmas table. Heroes there were 3, and guess what…one of them is me. Fawn and Stevo round out this galant MM trio. Together we are “tipping point, ” the name you’ve come to know. Off to save this world you see to the best of our combined ability; in the beginning so very slow. Yet, faster and faster as we went, we chipped away the Earth’s cement. To expose with the final peel the finest gold we’d ever seen! As does the part reveal the whole, such did the whole reveal the part; can you guess what this might mean? It meant far more than words can say I — so go, I must, and ask, may I?

The rain turned the walkway into a world filled with prismatic color.


Salvation in the situation is surely to be found in the world within. Generally, that’s the place all of us should begin. We surely would find, unless we’ve completely lost our mind; something so elementary to understand: when offered, grab that helping hand. Does that still apply, when a hero is our guy? When on the hero’s journey, if you wish to reach the end, one thing that is for certain, it helps to have a friend!

Is there anything else we should know, before the hands of time tell us, now is the time to go Did I mention “insider info?”

Dressed in gold, she danced for gold, and did not disappoint!

As pointed out in week 16, the actual deadline is not determined by the setting of a clock. Anyone telling something different, they must be full of crock. it arrives when your post – rather lack of a post – comes into a Rover’s purview. That amounts to an additional day, at least, and often more than two.

Did you know if you are taken off the blogroll, Getting back on may not be as difficult as you think. We, Blog Rovers, want you to know, it’s not too late to tell your tale in blogger’s ink.  It doesn’t matter when you got the boot — recently, or way back in week one, we don’t really give a hoot. If, all of a sudden, you’ve seen the light of day, then begin now without delay, Whatever be your reasons, you somehow lost your way, it’s a Blog Rover promise, they are all quite okay.

Simply email any of the five Rovers (contact information is listed below), and/or your personal guide, giving us your word you will publish a blog every week (heck, I think there are only 8 weeks left to go), and guess what? Your request won’t be denied, All the weeks you’ve missed forgiven absolutely, we promise, quite resolutely!, Next thing you know, back on the blog roll you will go!

Wait, there’s still more. Since “everyone loves a comeback,” we want to hear your tale. Perhaps, you may wish to tell us how you got off the blogging trail; and/or how it felt drifting down the River of Dreams in a canoe without a paddle, or a boat without a sail. Perhaps, how you can hardly wait to get back in the saddle. Or, alas, how it felt to be out of harmony with others in your class.

Knowing as we do, how deep unwelcome thoughts are often hid, means the subconscious mind can affect us without our conscious mind recalling exactly what we did – or didn’t do — as when we quit. This tells the Subby, “I’m a quitter,” – a thought so extremely bitter, the more it happens, it soon becomes belief. Indelibly etched in our subconscious, it’s a limitation that can really cause us grief! This is the reason why, Charles Haanel cautions us to finish everything we start. A concept in  the MKE, we’ve learned to take to heart. Do we really want a self-directed new life, or be satisfied with the same-ol? Be, unsatisfactorily, satisfied with silver that isn’t silver (eg,, silver coins), or go for dreams made of gold?

Take advantage of this opportunity to erase, or, at least, reduce any negative influence, associated with letting MKMMA’s tangible blog requirement go by the wayside.

Write a little, or write a lot, we want to see what you’ve got! Although not a requirement, we want to hear from the person underneath what’s left of your “concrete” veneer! Whether you do or don’t make it the theme of your initial “come back” post, we will tentatively add your name to the freshly created MKMMA  Blog Rovers List called COSMIC COMEBACK KIDS, and eagerly await the opportunity to hoist our cup and toast.

Once you’ve fulfilled your promise, to publish a post every week until the very end (remembering commencement is just around the bend) we all rise to hail how your name has become cosmically permanent, and now stays on our COSMIC COMEBACK KID’S list for good! This also means you get to graduate summa cum laude with the rest of your class, (I know, it’s true, even if you didn’t think you had any class), and also means the opportunity to become a lifetime member, also means the opportunity to train and become a guide – and with our arms open wide, we ask full of pride: “SKIT, SCAT, HOW ABOUT THAT?”

Word count: 634






As they swirled under the umbrella, she raised her right leg at the knee to make a 90° angle with her left.

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Jordan sings like Leonid paints – insane!

The umbrella encapsulated the conversation of the two females walking by.

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