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One last thing before jumping in, a few weeks ago I adopted a new policy of including a personal discovery from the music realm. Therefore, this week, I bring you a couple selections from the talented 19-year-old, singer, songwriter of Lebaneze descent from Sao Paulo, Brazil:  Luciana Zogbi!

The first piece is Luciana’s cover of John Legend’s critically acclaimed “All of Me.” This is the rendition that sky-rocketed Ms Zogbi to fame online. It went viral, garnering over 30 million views worldwide. The second piece is Luciana’s take on Adele’s monster with over a billion and 1/2 YouTube views: “Hello.”

As many of you know, the Master Key Experience originated from the combined vision of the World’s Laziest Networker, Mark J, and his wonderful wife, the Fabulous Davene. Part of their shared vision was to relocate to Kauai, where they now reside.

Last year, after completing their life-changing program, I flew from the SF Bay Area to Kauai for the annual #MKE retreat. Day one took us on a spiritual scavenger hunt. One of the things we were asked to locate were some “Rainbow” birch trees with multi-colored bark. We found them near Rainbow School. NOW ONE OF THOSE INEXTRICABLE THINGS!

What a wonderful surprise it was to discover that Leeda Safa and her husband would be (actually already have) conducting a Gans & Plasma Energy Workshop at none other than the Rainbow School. It turns out both of them also live on Kauai…and in case you don’t know it our world is about to undergo an incredible transformation. You’ve heard me speak on how Neothink with its self-leadership training combined with Neothink’s 12 Vision Party (TVP) movement  would bring us into the C of U — THE CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE. Well, Mr. Mehran Keshe and the Keshe Foundation are actually doing just that with communities springing up world-wide. Just watch and listen to a few minutes of this interview featuring Leeda Safa, and tell me you wouldn’t want to be a part of her world. The choice is yours, you know. The choice is yours!!!

Goddess Talk, Keshe, GANS & Plasma Energy Workshop Kauai – 21st Century Superhuman Show

As I now take you to the recent blog post published by Cassandra, Ms Valeska, remember when you’re looking for the best of all the rest — AKA THE BEST OF THE BEST — you will find it week after week at VOTLISTHEMASTERKEY.COM.


  Week 24: The Master Key Experience – 8 Amazing Results

storm-bald-eagleSMALLWhat a ride!  Self-Discovery blooming into self-reliance. Thinking, self-directed, fully awake, fully alive men and women.

Last September, those starting their Hero’s Journey were little eaglets, chirping in the nest high above the canyons of their minds, their hearts, and their lives. Now, they are launched from the nest, effortlessly soaring the uplifts and air currents which the universe brings to support their journeys into their magnificence.

What are some of the fruits of this journey?

Delight: I have discovered the ability to delight in the world around me. That little five year old squealing joyously with the exuberance only a five year old can know once annoyed the living daylights out of me. Now, I find myself smiling broadly, thoroughly enjoying what it is to be ‘five’.

Awareness:  I am the Observer, not the Opinionator, and as such, I delight in continually learning more and more and more about this wonderful world in which I live.

Effortlessness:  There is a difference between rewarding work and toil.  In the Garden, Adam tended the Garden. Once expelled from the Garden, he toiled, struggling to bring forth the harvest from the soil. The one was effortless co-creation. The other, drudgery. Effortless means the experience of accomplishing the objective is joy rather than toil.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take joy!

Courage: We learn that all the riches in life are within us.  Following our bliss is our decision toSteve-Jobs-Courage-quotebe alive to our purpose and passion, to be willing to do whatever it takes to make that unique contribution which is the expression of the Divine abiding in our hearts. Many hear the Herald’s Call to this Greatest of all Adventures.  Few ever find the courage to answer that call.  We did.

Gratitude:  HA!!!  I love this one!  Gratitude as CAUSE!!!  The more I see for which I consciously give thanks, the more there is in my life for which gratitude is the spontaneous response flowing forth from my heart.  And, just as an aside, it is impossible to be anxious or depressed when your heart is filled with gratitude.

Emotional Mastery: I’ve been called ‘annoyingly happy’.  To that, I smile and say ‘THANK YOU!’ [There’s that gratitude thing again!] I Choose Happy! It’s good for my health.  I, and only I, have the power to determine my emotional state.

You are FREE to Choose, But you are not FREE from the Consequence of your CHOICE

Responsible:  I am 100% Responsible for EVERYTHING in my life.  So, if I am happy, it’s my choice. If I am angry, it’s also my choice. If I don’t like what is happening in my world, or if I absolutely LOVE it, it is still my choice….. Out of taking this on, I also get

Freedom: Once I own that I am 100% responsible for everything in my life, I am set free from caring about the expectations others attempt to place upon me. It is the freedom to let my YES be YES, and my NO be NO.  It’s called having boundaries, and it sets your life up for limitlessness.


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