MKMMA WEEK 3 – THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! “Ufos…which ufos?” (Part 2)

THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! So, let’s hop on the MKMMA express — first name, Dick, last name Tracey — last name, Allen, first  name, Gracie.


Before reading that which follows, please, keep in mind the negative sounding bullet points used in Part 1 — previous, some of the implications found here in Part 2, and bullet points again in Part 3 — later — were used to help define the caustic, causative nature of a reality most Americans are completely oblivious. Indeed, in a range with tangy tart at one end to sharp, burning and painful at the other, my comments have been chosen to be more in alignment with the sensations we should be feeling, if it weren’t for the hypnotic trance holding us spellbound as the first-degree illusions around us continue to dance.

From the perspective of that natural law named cause and effect, if we dig deep enough it is discovered we are as much a part of the cause, as are the actual perpetrators – perhaps, that explains why these criminals enjoy effects reserved for royalty, while we are recipients of the effects associated with an underclass. With bulleted words the polar opposite to those found in the vocabulary of the politically correct, consider them a wake-up call – counting on the likelihood that with greater stimulation  comes greater awareness , and, as the “tipping point” phenomena points out: with enough awareness, appropriate action becomes automatic.

In keeping with the teachings at the core of the MKE program, paradoxically, this wake-up is not meant to depreciate; it is meant to appreciate and celebrate the infinite value contained deep inside each one of us – unique brilliance that patiently waits for the opportunity to make its presence known. As minds open simple understanding such as the best solutions are usually more rational than emotional come under the kind of scrutiny able to pierce illusions and see what actually is. We begin to ask ourselves is the logic of Spock always more favorable to the excited genius of Capt. Kirk when sufficiently provoked? As our collective consciousness continues to expand, the truth underlying “It’s all good,” becomes more and more obvious. Problems, big and small, miraculously emerge more and more often to indicate nothing related to a problem-saturated society, and everything related to the new perspective that re-defines problems — all of them — as opportunities in disguise.

 Put simply, just as darkness helps to give meaning to that which is light, we are able to give thanks and be grateful for the existence of everyone – akin to brotherly and sisterly intensity and density — no matter who, what, where, why or how we’ve previously collided, currently collected, or someday resurrected. It took Darth Vader to take the light saber out of mothballs and when light against light ultimately results in a return to the sheath, it is no accident to suddenly discover the goodness underneath the mask and mechanical voice. Let this be a vivid example of how even the most tainted can change everything related to the way they once were.

Unbridled love and compassion is what it takes, and all it takes to find a way to forgive everything and everyone. The boundaries are broken, the borders no more, and the walls come tumbling down as non-judgmental acceptance and defenselessness brings each one of us into that state of enlightened, blissful joy reserved for mankind operating in the upper regions of human consciousness. The Civilization of the Universe is just one thought away. Don’t you think? There are two answers. One of them is, “Yes, that’s the world of WIN-WIN-WIN!” The other is, “think again.”


Week 2 (Part 1) ended this way:

What we currently call UFOs – unidentified flying objects – do, indeed, exist. However “unidentified” is actually a misnomer, because…

(Consider the paragraphs which follow as an intermission. Unlike unrelated entertainment between features, I’ve taken this opportunity to express thoughts meant to add context to Dr. Steven Greer’s interview.  The bullet points chosen to outline what was discussed during this terrific exchange were initiated in Week 2 (part 1), and are planned to resume in Week 4 (part 3.)

Once again, what we currently call UFOs – unidentified flying objects – do, indeed, exist. However “unidentified” is actually a misnomer, because…

they were identified long ago. Identified by primitive cultures as strange flying things, as evidenced through the artwork and artifacts left behind. I say “strange,” because who doesn’t know what a bird looks like, for Goodness sake? Who doesn’t know that birds generally fly straight ahead, and not straight up, straight down, sideways, backwards, etc., after making sharp 90-180° turns, and sometimes hang motionless in the air — on invisible wings?

Therefore, the existence of what we now call “unidentified” was already known by enough inhabitants to make its way into what little we have to know what went on in the early days of man’s history. Cave dwellers, for instance, may have been able to discern enough similarity between the flight patterns just noted, and the unique way hummingbirds fly, not to be impressed by these flying characteristics – any more than they were inclined when watching the tiny speedsters sip nectar from a flower. Yet the extremely large size and metallic, non-birdlike features would impress most people no matter what period of time they existed. Enough to take and make note, for sure.

Interesting, is it not? I mean as we’ve grown over the centuries in so many productive and extraordinary ways, perhaps, the most extraordinary thing of all – the co-existence of extra terrestrial beings – somehow got lost in all the progress we were making.


Yes, really!

What do you mean?

First of all, as our knowledge of all that lies beyond our atmospheric boundaries has grown, our openness of mind, when it comes to acknowledging that visitors from other star systems are already here, has shrunk in size so dramatically, it now only occupies the brain space labeled for the mentally unsound and/or for those we call “crazy!” How illogical this must seem to any detached, unbiased observer, who knows what has been shown scientifically and statistically to be accepted almost as fact (this outside observer just happens to have an unearthly green complexion, and unusually enormous “all-knowing” eyes): lifeforms, similar to humans, do inhabit other planets in the universe (you don’t need to be an alien to know that); and a very large number of of these “lifeforms” are millions of years more advanced than we are.

However, only extreme doubt and disbelief has greeted anyone bold enough to come forward with news of interstellar visitations – whether it be by observation of aircraft/spacecraft moving in ways that completely defy what we have been able to create, and put up in the air to fly; or actual contact with creatures – for example, creatures taking the liberty of what we have come to call “human abductions.” Most people generally scoff and, as I said, consider crazy, as in completely nuts, those that claim they have been taken, and examined.

Such an attitude, born of skepticism, not only grows wild in the minds of the many, who have been trained to think this way, but also those few of us, who can be singled out as proof “THE AGE OF REASON” is not dead after all. The enlightened individual realizes how unlikely it would be for beings advanced enough to travel here, to have much, if any, interest in human physiology – and also realizes that an alien code of morality commensurate with their superior intellect quite likely – would hardly resort to such an undesirable tactic that we call “abduction.” These individuals are aware that all those science fiction movies depicting an invasion from outer space – whether it be by HG Well’s Martians, or “Independence Day” critters, is indirectly responsible for creating the illusion “abduction” is the default alien contact method of choice.

Remember, In both the radio broadcast that was later made into a movie, or the film making “no peace” almost as well known as “I’ll be back,” it was partially the result of studying an alien that had fortuitously found its way onto an examination table that revealed weaknesses helping to turn the tide in favor of the hopelessly outmatched human civilization. As the old cliché points out, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” Whether it be by those forgetting the fictional nature of Hollywood’s portrayal responsible for their programming, or by those aware of it, any person claiming to be an abducted survivor might as well be asking if there is space available at the local mental ward.

Guessing how many pilots have been given first-hand knowledge that anything metallic in appearance with an ability to fly unmatched by their own craft, is certainly no hummingbird, must remain a guess. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know any pilot made privy by direct observation, probably didn’t need their orders, “mums the word?” To adopt this policy.

Certainly, those anthropologists stumbling upon the existence of circular flying objects in the drawings of Cave dwellers, and preserved on walls of stone, have no need for secrecy or extensive knowledge of bird physiology to recognize what these shapes represent is something more akin to – say what? Flying saucers? And know it was alien technology, and not bad artistry responsible for renderings that invariably do not include the kind of wings, feathers, and feet – anything suggesting some specie of birds — were probably responsible for the subject matter inducing artistic expression. Even though the reservations silencing aircraft pilots, does not prevent anthropologists from “spilling the beanos;” when was the last time you read an anthropologists report of findings? 

Therefore, as credible as these findings might be in verifying the prior appearance, with no evidence suggesting why they were here — good or bad — that part remained a mystery — except if it involved anything harmful to humans on a large scale, we would expect signs of this to show up in the same way all the other clues have. Meanwhile, we’ve been fed a myriad of possible answers — some of them possibly correct — however, since these answers are being provided by movie scenes whose portrayal of reality just happens to be spot on — without knowing hands to show us the way to this footage, these glimpses will stay lost, adrift in a cellophane sea. While there’s a lot of fun to be had  — especially for those who can’t get enough science fiction to satisfy their addiction — until the real Martians are asked to stand up, and do so, we can only speculate that ET was, indeed, phoning home, phoning earth, from her look-a-like sister planet, circling the red giant, Antares, in the heart of the Constellation we’ve named Scorpio. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise? It’s not alien life forms that are problematical, it’s earthlings acting as if direct descendants of the reptilian blood line. Until the truth be known, are we left with no more than “wishing upon a star?” Hold the phone!!! Perhaps, not…


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