MKMMA WEEK 4 – THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! “Ufos…which ufos?” (Part 3)

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THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! So, let’s hop on the MKMMA express — first name, SUPER, last name FANTASTIC!!! — first name, MIND last  name, BLOWING!!!

25-the-center-of-the-milky-wayTHIS IS THE CENTER OF THE MILKY WAY 


Before reading that which follows, please, keep in mind any negative sounding language used in Parts 1,2,3, and this one, was deemed necessary, due to the toxic, caustic, causative nature of a small malignancy resembling that creepy red, white, and black mole that signifies melanoma. However, this mole is not composed of human skin cells acting erradically. This one is composed of people, a group of people probably no bigger than a hundred, or so, whose pre-meditatedf poisonous influence, resembling metastasis, continues to kill other people and destroy property at an ever-increasing, alarming rate. While most Americans are all too familiar with what happens to its human host, when cancer is allowed to spread, these same Americans are completely oblivious to what I just described , and how it to threatens to kill its host. However, this host is the entire human race. In this sense, it’s easy to see why speaking about something so seemingly malevolent, using language any less so, makes it difficult to accurately describe what is going on. Since using extreme language is bound to raise the cry of “conspiracy theory,” being able to keep an open mind is imperative. Otherwise, ill-intentioned triggers, such as “conspiracy theory,” which have been programmed into us, will have their desired effect. Once again, we have returned to the flock. Once again, we are held spellbound as if in a hypnotic trance, because well conceived illusions have yet to relinquish any sign of control, and continue to dance. 

From the perspective of that natural law named cause and effect, if we dig deep enough it is discovered we are as much a part of the cause, as are the actual perpetrators – perhaps, that explains why these criminals enjoy effects reserved for royalty, while we are recipients of the effects associated with an underclass. With bulleted words the polar opposite to those found in the vocabulary of the politically correct, consider them a wake-up call – counting on the likelihood that with greater stimulation  comes greater awareness , and, as the “tipping point” phenomena points out: with enough awareness, appropriate action becomes automatic.

In keeping with the teachings at the core of the MKE program, paradoxically, this wake-up is not meant to depreciate; it is meant to appreciate and celebrate the infinite value contained deep inside each one of us – unique brilliance that patiently waits for the opportunity to make its presence known. As minds open simple understanding such as the best solutions are usually more rational than emotional come under the kind of scrutiny able to pierce illusions and see what actually is. We begin to ask ourselves is the logic of Spock always more favorable to the excited genius of Capt. Kirk when sufficiently provoked? As our collective consciousness continues to expand, the truth underlying “It’s all good,” becomes more and more obvious. Problems, big and small, miraculously emerge more and more often to indicate nothing related to a problem-saturated society, and everything related to the new perspective that re-defines problems — all of them — as opportunities in disguise.

 Put simply, just as darkness helps to give meaning to that which is light, we are able to give thanks and be grateful for the existence of everyone – akin to brotherly and sisterly intensity and density — no matter who, what, where, why or how we’ve previously collided, currently collected, or someday resurrected. It took Darth Vader to take the light saber out of mothballs and when light against light ultimately results in a return to the sheath, it is no accident to suddenly discover the goodness underneath the mask and mechanical voice. Let this be a vivid example of how even the most tainted can change everything related to the way they once were.

Unbridled love and compassion is what it takes, and all it takes to find a way to forgive everything and everyone. The boundaries are broken, the borders no more, and the walls come tumbling down as non-judgmental acceptance and defenselessness brings each one of us into that state of enlightened, blissful joy reserved for mankind operating in the upper regions of human consciousness. The Civilization of the Universe is just one thought away. Don’t you think? There are two answers. One of them is, “Yes, that’s the world of WIN-WIN-WIN!” The other is, “think again.”



MKMMA Week 3 (Part 2) ended this way:

Therefore, as credible as these findings might be in verifying the prior appearance, with no evidence suggesting why they were here — good or bad — that part remained a mystery — except if it involved anything harmful to humans on a large scale, we would expect signs of this to show up in the same way all the other clues have. Meanwhile, we’ve been fed a myriad of possible answers — some of them possibly correct — however, since these answers are being provided by movie scenes whose portrayal of reality just happens to be spot on — without knowing hands to show us the way to this footage, these glimpses will stay lost, adrift in a cellophane sea. While there’s a lot of fun to be had  — especially for those who can’t get enough science fiction to satisfy their addiction — until the real Martians are asked to stand up, and do so, we can only speculate that ET was, indeed, phoning home, phoning earth, from her look-a-like sister planet, circling the red giant, Antares, in the heart of the Constellation we’ve named Scorpio. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise? It’s not alien life forms that are problematical, it’s earthlings acting as if direct descendants of the reptilian blood line. Until the truth be known, are we left with no more than “wishing upon a star?” Hold the phone!!! Perhaps, not…

and now let’s talk a bit about Dr. Steven Greer, whose quiet unassuming nature and intelligence are perfectly in tune with knowing and showing even the most skeptical may have a hard time denying.

The following is based on my first impressions coming almost entirely from the one hour and forty- minut interview, I provided access in Week 2 — and do so again herein.
Steven Greer, for one, is absolutely certain that our galactic friends are as benevolent as we, us human beings generally are – except for those malevolent few that spoil things for all of us. If these visitors do, indeed, exist, as Dr. Greer proposes, how would technologies so advanced it has the “how-to” ability to use the force of gravity to propel flying vehicles in such an unearthly way, How were the owners of such machines ever allow this technology to fall into human hands – especially the hands belonging to individuals, any all-knowing, garden-variety alien is able to spot a mile away?
If truly benevolent, “Impossible!” you might think and/or say. Yet, as suggested in depicting humanity at its best, this is simply the way human beings, in general, really are. Mistakes are made. Mischief goes undetected. For example, how many of us actually know who is out to get us?
Out to get us? What do you mean?
How many know there is a nest defined by 13 intertwining blood lines, who think they’ve already got us; and whether wrong or right in their twisted view of things, that question — as important as it is — enters the minds of how many? Has it entered yours? At the very least, they’ve got us under their spell.  
Even aliens, kind, good, loving creatures that they are, are prone to the kind of mistakes humans are heir to – rare though they be. Perhaps, the kind of mistake resulting in a one in 1 million – more or less — visitations — times they’ve come here — ending in a crash landing? Perhaps, caught by surprise by an EMP? In fact, one could argue, the more advanced the alien mind might be, the more remote would be the human counterpart, by comparison. Therefore, he or she alien would be less familiar, and less able to discern the wicked departure from the norm of a mere handful of humans, shrouded in illusion-based secrecy, amidst more than 8 billion other inhabitants. They would need the ability to correctly interpret the mental vibrations that we call thoughts, wouldn’t they? Is any human being able to do that? Go to YouTube and look for the “Clairvoyants.” They took 2nd place on “America’s Got Talent” this year. Why only 2nd? Did anyone running the show have a dna profile done to see if these two performers were actually human?
Dr. Greer doesn’t talk about any of these things in his interview; so, let’s get back to those.
By the way, since the following comes from things I remember hearing well over a week ago, I’m planning on re-visiting Dr. Greer’s interview, and augmenting with lots of additional info.
Whatever the reason, Dr. Greer points out it was in the 1950s, and whether due to mechanical failure, a mistake made by a mind caught up in doing whatever intergalactic lifeforms are prone to do, or something other that caught our friendly visitors by surprise and hit his vehicle right between the eyes; we got control of, at least, one of the magical flying machines. Incorporating technology so advanced; despite how long and hard we would need to plod along; despite how difficult and obscure it may have been to create, has little to do with the speed, dexterity and human ingenuity to duplicate whatever is picked apart, pulled apart, and reverse engineered. In this way the engineering secrets are revealed; everything required to duplicate the design and production of our own “FLYING SAUCERS!!!” Able to do what has already been visually confirmed they are able.
Or so it would seem, until both the first and second “Independence Day” movies demonstrated that it takes more than this to turn what I just described into anything functional. Isn’t it interesting that only when the mother craft is in the neighborhood, the smaller — looks to be the size of a jet fighter, comes to life? Isn’t it interesting in this movie there is no evidence of human ingenuity endeavoring to reverse engineer and replicate the alien aircraft in our possession. Perhaps, it needed to be awoken from the dead to make this possible. Written into the script of a movie, any explanation will do – as long as its believable, and meant to hide the non-fiction opposite of what is really true. What do you guess really took place? Between 1954 and 1996, 42 years have passed. what do you think may have resulted in that amount of time?Something so big and earth-shaking could never be kept under cover this long, don’t you think?Hmmmmmmmmm! Is that you thinking?



And now with machine gun-like rapidity, a final salvo of bullets to collectively outline and thus expose what I Imagine only a few of us has enjoyed the significance of knowing.
  • Super advanced technology falls into human hands – the wrong human hands.
  • The existence of the alien creators and their technology is kept under lock and key, reverse engineered to produce clone ships, proved functional in places, such as area 51.
  • It is probable the aforementioned parasitic piranhas have been secretly doing what I just described; and since it is likely the technology underlying spacecraft using the force of gravity to travel interstellar distances faster than the speed of light could lend itself to creation of destructive weaponry on a par with that demonstrated by the alien mother ship we saw in both of the “Independence Day” movies.
  • It turns out alien abductions do, indeed, occur. However, these abductions are no more alien than human beings wearing Halloween costumes. The maggots at the top use fear, fear of “NO PEACE” aliens, for instance, to control people. The masquerade probably goes deeper than a change of outfits, however — perhaps, involving genetic alterations. 
  • It’s bad enough the evil plans of our dark warlords have kept the world in THE DARK AGES, compared to where it would be without this self-serving control holding us back; they are now rushing to make “Independence Day” a reality. Should they succeed, it will make 9/11 seem as if a picnic in the park!!
  • This must not happen! Time is of the essence! “They” must be stopped! Must be stopped ASAP!!!

Dr. Steven Greer shows us how,..

…how each of us can do our part to not only save our planet, but also turn it into the Paradise it was always meant to be – as MARK & DAVENE JANUSZEWSKI’S wonderful 6-month program Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) makes abundantly clear! 

Dr. Greer and his team are producing UNACKNOWLEDGED: An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History. UNACKNOWLEDGED is a major film production, it
is named after the super- secret and illegal “Unacknowledged Special Access Projects” (USAPs)

UNACKNOWLEDGED deals with the UFO/ET issue and will be the disclosure event that we’ve been waiting for … AND they need our help to make it happen. OUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL!

To be released in conjunction with the film, UNACKNOWLEDGED, there will be a
 companion book with the same title! Edited and published by New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Alten, the release date has been announced.

Following “SIRIUS”, one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history, “UNACKNOWLEDGED” will focus on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced and why.

The why involves the suppression of new energy and propulsion technologies that, once disclosed, would provide humanity with boundless clean energy, end global poverty and reverse environmental damage. Oil, gas, coal and nuclear power would go the way of the dinosaurs.

The film will help establish the New Earth Energy Incubator to create an open-source research and development lab that develops Zero Point Energy technologies to be shared freely with humanity.

The behind-the-scenes research and high level meetings convened by Dr. Steven Greer will expose the degree of illegal, covert operations at the core of UFO secrecy. From meetings with Laurance Rockefeller and members of the Clinton Administration, to briefings with the CIA Director, top Pentagon Generals and Admirals, to the briefing of President Obama via senior advisor, John Podesta, current chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign – we will take the viewer behind the veil of secrecy and into the corridors of real power where the UFO secrets reside.


Super-secret Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) dealing with ET technology, zero point free energy and the real agenda behind Star Wars (SDI) will be exposed as only Dr. Greer and his staff can.

With trillions of dollars of illegally obtained funding, these USAPs have become the greatest threat to world peace and the human future ever faced by humanity. They will be exposed. The project names, underground bases, corporations and agencies involved will be named.

Echoing the mission of the film, evidence for interstellar civilizations will be presented, along with evidence of an illegal cartel hiding the truth from the public and Presidents alike: We are not alone and we now know how they get here.

“Unacknowledged” will vividly paint a picture of the profound existential crisis and choice now facing humanity and the Earth: Continue with the status quo and face a near-extinction event, or embrace a new world free of poverty and pollution while we look forward to embrace an interstellar future. The one path leads to endless war, global climate and environmental catastrophe and upheaval; the other a world of peace, abundance and a sustainable interstellar civilization for thousands of years yet to come.

The choice is ours to make.




From Dr. Steven Greer gushes

The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy!

The world is about to change and we can be a part of it!

The signs are everywhere. From startlingly candid presidential candidates to recent NASA & military whistleblowers, the forces suppressing truth can no longer hold back the floodgates of disclosure.



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