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THE MASTER KEY MASTERMIND ALLIANCE can take you far – as far as your imagination is able – and most likely farther than you can imagine! There’s a lot of stallions in this stable!

This post was actually intended to go out in Week 2 of this year’s Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA), aka Master Key Experience (MKE), six-month, pay-it-forward program. However, it was that week when my attention was, let us say, abducted – and my saucer-shaped, star-struck eyes became fixated on an entirely different view of the reality that we, on this earthly plane, are all associated.

Subsequently, Weeks 2 – 6 were devoted to creating a 5-part series that might do well if summed up with the word “disclosure;” however, if you get a chance to take a peek – as I certainly hope you do – I think you’ll agree “exposure” is actually more applicable. As horrific are “aliens” unjustly characterized in being, the group of critters my 5-part series is revealing, are 10 times more despicable! And, guess what? If you knew the fate of the entire human race hung on the actions of major players — puppets — controlled by a slew of strings pulled by aged, wrinkled, uncaring hands, belonging to disturbed and troubled souls at the top — hidden behind a curtain. Don’t you want to pull back that curtain, if you knew for certain, twas the only way to give every single person alive the opportunity to not just live, but thrive?

Of course, saving the world is not everyone’s “cup of tea,” or cup of Joe; so, let’s change our field of view from the macro to the micro, from the Global to the individual, as merrily onward we now go – go back two years, one week, or so, and see where the five Blog Rovers introduced in Week 1: Caryn, Julia, Paul, Lorelei, and me, happen to be.

We were all new members, new MKE students, back then. Deeply involved in putting our DMP – definite major purpose – down on paper; along with a number of other things probably none of us had ever done. I’ve chosen our Week 2 blog posts (creating and publishing a weekly blog is a MKE tangible requirement) as snapshots of where we all were, experientially, way back when.

In no particular order – except for “most off-the-wall” goes first – here are the Rover Week 2’s. Let’s begin…



(A Nov 2016 edit of the original 2014 post)

In this world our objective mind tries to comprehend,

We have the choice to begin, continue, or take a bow and end.

When such willful action must be taken among these simple choices, three,

To discriminate properly, takes right thinking, and that’s all up to me.

Do this, do that, do another,

It all began when with a cry and a wail, I emerged from my mother.

Will show the world, and everyone in it, this is the way we are:

Just a comfortable pumpkin, or a resonant, rising, triumphant star!

Both outcomes, can be set on blue-printed auto-pilot,

Play the station we have set; so be sure to correctly dial it!

Remember, harmony is in the loving music that forward moves the Universal Express.

Connected via our subconscious, it can bring us more; or depending, we obtain much less.

Rewarding those of right belief and action,

Are gifts reserved for  center stage, with us the main attraction!

Restricting those of wrong belief and action.

Isn’t life too precious to deal with such distraction?

Yet some have learned how to prey upon the slumbering masses weak,

To gain the prosperity and happiness, we, as humans, all desire, deserve, and declare we seek.

But such willful, spiteful, self-serving action by tainted taken

Must karmically coil to bite and show just how much they’ve been mistaken.

Maybe one lifetime, two, three, four, or more, it seldom pays to steal the bacon!

Preservation of life and the desire to keep that growing;

Rewards exactness when we’re mowing.

The Universal seed of life that some have called inate,

Does well with love, will surely die with hate.

Everyone knows how to be, before we ever are;

So why not choose to be that rising star?

What we do with those thoughts we send,

Our entire world may depend.

Beginning was the easy part – externally directed;

It’s the middle part, kept green and clean through detachment, best affected,

For God dwells in us as us, always knows what’s expected.

The key to the kingdom in every hand was trusted?

From our mind, our heart, our soul, have we given more, or merely lusted?

Has our thought, word, and deed brought greater light to carve the dark?

Or built to brilliant flame, have we yet to bring a single spark?



Week 2 -To Be Rich Or Have Peace Of Mind – Can We Have Both?

Rich or Serene? Can we have it all?
Rich or Serene? Can we have it all?

What do we have to sacrifice to be rich?

Audio Player

The Master Key Part 2In the book “The Greatest Salesman In the World”, Og Mandino shares his belief about what wealth actually is. I’ve recorded part of chapter 3 and listed a couple paragraphs to wet your whistle.

Pathros shook his head. “Wealth, my son, should never be your goal in life. Your words are eloquent but they are mere words. True wealth is of the heart, not of the purse.” Hafid persisted, “Art thou not wealthy, sire?” The old man smiled at Hafid’s boldness. “Hafid, so far as material wealth is concerned, there is only one difference between myself and the lowliest beggar outside Herod’s palace. The beggar thinks only of his next meal and I think only of the meal that will be my last.  No, my son, do not aspire for wealth and labor not only to be rich. Strive instead for happiness, to be loved and to love, and most important, to acquire peace of mind and serenity. Og Mandino “The Greatest Salesman in the World”


The Path to Become Rich

This book on sales shares greater truths than many understand. The young boy was motivated by the future love of a girl he desired. What do you desire? There are many desires that seem good at the time but will they bring lasting happiness? When we are young we think about becoming older and powerful. Those who are older wish they were younger. What do you wish for?

Wishing you were Rich

Wishing is good when you have little knowledge. However, when you have knowledge your wishes take on another look. You can achieve through the power of intention and a greater good beyond yourself. This book reveals what being rich looks like to many. I believe you can change your life by reading or listening to a recording of this book.

Og Mandino’s books are available online and in used and new books stores for pennies. Add this rich book to your collection or return here regularly to listen to it.

If you like this, perhaps you would like this!

The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Being rich is best.



Week 2 – With Zero Regard – A Bigger Bridge

I have to lighten up on Haanel. I’ve come to grips with the idea that I don’t have to agree with every word…I don’t have to critique every sentence, to benefit from his lessons and wisdom. This week, I had no arguments with the man. (Last week he was a little frustrating.) I dealt with it. We’re good. I particularly responded to the concept of the subconscious representing “past reasoning will.”

Mandino is a magician. Without changing anything he manages to slip in a new word or sentence that wasn’t there the previous 25 times I read it. There is something comforting about the good habit thing. It feels like I can do the work once and my auto pilot will take care of me. I don’t know if it is “set it, and forget it,” but I like the idea. All week I’ve been observing and asking myself, “just what are my habits, which ones are useful, and which are not?”

But, this week’s gold star goes to Mr. Januszewski. I’m curious and interested in triggers that we’re developing, and I liked the “billions and billions” (Carl Sagan), OK only 4 billion Gilligans working 24/7 on my behalf. I also liked me the farmer’s indifferent soil metaphor. All that is positive and fascinating, BUT, when Mark said “create the ideal with zero regard for available methods” my brain froze. I think my mind stopped breathing. I may be thinking too small. I had to listen to the replay twice to make sure I understood it. The concept is too big, literally! I’ve been thinking more along the lines of having more of what I already have, not about finding new methods.

The story of Minnesota Joe taking his family to the Mega Mall in February instead of Hawaii because he only has $900 sounded sad, but normal, responsible. “Living life backwards” takes a few minutes to sink in. The idea is new to me. “With zero regard for available methods” sounds a little like living beyond one’s means, and it takes concentrated effort for me to realize that it is not the same thing at all. I’ve been pretty pumped about my DMP; drawing the blueprints for my bridge to get me there, but “with zero regard?” Like walking out of a dark room into the sunlight, it’s almost discomforting, as the view just went panoramic.

I need to design a bigger bridge.



Week two: DMP

Definite Main Purpose

Why is this so difficult for me? It is the writing down of a dream that I never allowed myself to even think about. How can I write in present tense? How can I write how I feel? Feel? What is feel? I am limited to happy, sad, disappointed, unappreciated, taken advantage of, uncared for, neglected, battered, verbally abused, crying, pent up of anger, holding in emotions, putting on a blank face, dump, laughed at, feeling low, scammed.

So much, and so little.

Reading Week 2 workbook and assignment reflect all to true on how difficult this is. What type am I? Stretch me…. I will not quit.

I am battling the subconscious, this is true. I have never faced this, In the past I ignored it.

I feel so alone right now. Just me and my journal. I have still 1 hour before going to bed, as it states in the assignment to turn off the computer and get into a restful place. Read the scroll. Turn off the electronics. Making new habits is a major change for me too. Very sad that I have only shared 200 words of thought.



Week Two: The Blue Rectangles

SO first up my adventure begins at the Ritz Carlton, Salt Creek, California abit of a ways from my Summer Island…

The smell of the freshly picked and arranged roses is a delight to my senses…this place is georgeUs opulence everywhere, the feel of the leather office chair as I sit down in my own private business nook ready to be enlightened and awakened to my purpose here on Planet Earth I’m EXCITED!

I lay all of my necessary tools out before me…plug my phone in, set my iPad up ready for the webinar…I’m looking at the screen and BaBam! there is a message “your webinar is finished” WHAT oh no I’ve been up since 4am..Its NOW 4pm my Webinar for here in California was at 1pm! Yip I’m still on Hawaiian Time…

As Im walking back to the van to drop my stuff off before heading back to the beach to help pack up our Expo Tent I make myself conscious of what’s around me the complete total beauty of the Ritz Gardens & the Beach Park…WOW I am living the life fully now here in the moment I am so totally grateful that we can do what we truely do love yo do…TRAVE, my life is truely a BEACH.

I play the webinar replay and begin my new life week2…

AUTONOMY – FREEdom from ExTernal Control OR Influence, INdependence…FREEdom…


So I closed my eyes I held the pen in my otherwise un-used hand and these are the two I choose 1st…this makes total sense to my free spirit and I am happy this is what I get to manifest, I feel elated and FREE!

SO the blue rectangles what are these you ask from my title…

These are little triggers to remind MYself about MY promises I have made for this week  while Re-AWAKENING…

LIFE is beautiful and another ADVENTURE awaits…Im off to a conference in Orange County…


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Once again. MAHALO!

Last, but certainly not least! Here is the latest from Pentatonix, followed by a splash of Afremov!


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