Aloha, Marj.


Regarding your desire to keep less-than-perfect memories isolated, out of sight, out of mind – to the greatest degree possible – is both understandable and Master Keysian, Marj. I can hardly wait to be a part of your new blueprint formation! Obviously, conference calls can be extremely valuable when the individuals involved are like-minded, honest, and trustworthy. However, when the individuals involved are diminished in one or more of these, well…


The concept suggested above has general application. For example, a group of people that I’ve been heavily involved with for almost a decade, the Neothink Society (I may have mentioned this to you once before) puts honest integration and self-leadership on the highest of pedestals. Using Neothink (a new way of thinking) to analyze the current state of world affairs, the cause of the suppression that the people on this planet have been laboring under for thousands of years becomes abundantly clear.


Initially, it appears that government, in general, is, as it has been, the culprit. On the surface, at least, this appears to be true. However, just like conference calls noted above, it is not government that is really at fault at all. The true purpose of government is protection-only; and since I am talking about protection of each and every individual on this planet – equally – without exception – there isn’t anything wrong with that — quite the contrary — everything is right with that! But, unfortunately, there has never existed any government on planet Earth that has been true to this principle.


All previous and current governments depended and depend upon people to run them; and since all people are flaw-filled to varying degrees, the people in power have gotten better and better (actually, worse and worse) over the centuries at using government for their own self-serving ends. A ruling class/non-ruling class dichotomy immediately emerged. This ruler/slave relationship has been in existence so long, that most people have come to accept it as the way things should be — when, in reality, it is not. It is completely counter to the nature of man (unless, for instance, willing participants in a business structure) that one man should ever rule over another. Don’t you think?


Just as Neothink easily ascertained the source of one of our “greatest opportunities in disguise,” noted above, the solution becomes self evident.


I apologize, Marj, for having digressed into the realm of politics; a realm that makes most people sufficiently uncomfortable to avoid entirely . As has been my blogging nature this year, interactions such as this one I’m having with you have been the source of several posts. And, although not my intention at the outset, with exactly 15 minutes to create and publish my Week 9 blog post, please, excuse me while I go and do that. Don’t worry (unless you want to, of course), because “I’ll be back!”


I am back, Marj – and since I underestimated the amount of time I had available to publish my post, I have made some changes upon my return that will appear in the edited version of what I just published.


And since I really do need to get on my “2:30 PM conference call,” I will send this as is.


Mahalo, Marj, for you being you – and until we meet again next time, I bid you



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