As MKMMA Week 7 is about to transition into Week 8, Tribe Taylor has had its share of ups and downs. A couple have refused to answer the “Hero’s Call,” and have fallen by the wayside. Yet, overall, as we continue our journey forward, both individually and collectively, our strength and momentum is growing. Some tribe members are, obviously, beginning to blossom; and with our first tribal pow wow scheduled for this Tuesday, the power of the mastermind has been invited, and expected to have its say.

Speaking of which, my introductory role here is about to lose its welcome; so, after the paragraph below, I leave it to my tribal members – each one of whom in their blogs spoke each piece — you’ll soon discover — in their own special way.

First, there were problems (relationship problems, “I’m too busy” problems, and good ol’ “garden-variety” problem problems.”) that flared up into anger (as you will see), into heartache (one of my tribe lost her dog), into physical pain (one of my tribe suffered a blood clot in his right leg, and had to be hospitalized). But enough of me, now them:


“So I am guessing you know my question before even have to ask. Your going to make me ask aren’t you. What mental shock collar keeps you stuck in the backyard of your life? Please share.”

“While wrestling with the machine to try to access the inside, the printer fell off of it’s perch and hit the ceramic tile floor 4 feet below.  Now I have 7 printers.  The laser was the one I used for Master Keys.  grrr.  My frustration boiled over into anger and I didn’t like who I had become.”

“For whatever reason, I have decided to yell out the word Vomanos (fun part of the song Heaven by Los Lonely Boys) when I need to change my thoughts.  Last night, after my readings, my thoughts were negative and angry from an argument earlier that evening – so every time my wandered down that bunny trail, I whispered VOMANOS and snapped out of it (it took many, many)!!  I was so amused and amazed, I just had to share – the power of thought is working for me!!”

“Well, I must be honest…Though I feel a shift, a struggle is in play and things have been a bit “rocky“. I am not sure if it is my old blueprint arguing with me, or if it has just been a difficult week. I love reading. That’s easy for me. What is hard is doing it exactly as prescribed. And the “sit”? Forget about it!! I have had some family issues this week. My precious six year old Chihuahua has been having seizures. His first one happened on the day to apply for the pay it forward scholarship 🙁 …..and he has continued to have them this week. So, between that and some work issues, I must admit I am struggling with following instructions to the letter. I hope that next week will be better. I really do feel an awareness that I have been missing and I am handling most things in my chaotic life with a softer hand.”

“The daily affirmations of the flash cards and the greatest salesman has been eye opening. It has made recognize how much I think about what I don’t want.”

“Next, was the Master Key. I’ve been reading it every day. The sit is hard for me. Being still is how I fall asleep at night, so I have a hard time staying awake during the sit. If I was visiting with a friend I wouldn’t notice all those details in the first place, so imagining them was hard as well. Visualization! I finally got it! On Thursday, after I had been reading it for 5 days, 7-1 just jumped up off the page and hit me! I knew logically that we were supposed to be forming our new blueprint, but there were so many variables that my brain was overwhelmed, and didn’t know where to turn. My Press Release was just a story I made up because I couldn’t figure out all the details to visulaize it. But, just like with my DMP, I didn’t have to figure out all the variables for the next 5 years. I know what my final goal is, and I know what my next goal is, so start visualizing the next goal and move on down the road.

I finally figured out my movie poster.Yay!”

“Among all of the other things happening right now, I am in the midst of a giant purge of old paper, old trinkets, things no longer needed, things long forgotten.  The nostalgia and sentimentalism for the bygone is lessening its grip.  People leave, that is the natural order.  We do not hang on to those who have gone by hanging on to things that belonged to them or were dear to them.  Especially their dreams.  I don’t have time to live my dreams and also the incomplete dreams of those who have left.  Such a relief.”

“P.S. About the “Opinion” thing…I am so much more, gratefully more aware of it now. I notice that I have some friends who are VERY opinionated, and now- instead of “trying to contribute” to the conversation, I am just shut down, shut up and so very glad.”

“I’m starting to see red circles and green triangles and blue rectangles in my sleep.  This is the week I stepped it up.  Still struggling with finding the time to sit quietly and gather my thoughts – control my body and my mind.  Life never stops coming at me, but I always remember the Rocky quote about getting up each time life knocks you down.  I will be relentless in my pursuit of success.  And now my vision of what that truly means is coming into focus.”

“I can now see my DMP crystallizing into material form. Thanks Subby!”

“When you slip into this flow, you’ll know it! People, opportunities and conversations all seem to contribute to your forward movement. Best of all tangible evidences of the “mechanism whereby you can create for yourself Health, Strength, Success, Prosperity or any other condition which you desire”, are there for the observer in all of us. We just need to look, and look again deeper and more focused on nature (in my case) and bridge from the familiar to the less familiar; until it becomes a friend. Until subby befriends the vision and simply executes on delivering it to us… Vision in only your minds eye, infused with emotion is like exposed film touched by rays of light only needing persistence and insistence to be developed into a magnificent scene to be framed, displayed, observed and enjoyed by all.”

“The only consolation prize that I am receiving is the gift of a great group of fellow human beings. That are struggling just like me on this journey. The unsolicited support is genuine and refreshing. For this is truly a gift.

I am also going to make an effort to visit with my new family of masterminds and pick their brains to aid in my learning process. I could use more input from more than one source. Still living the dream.”


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  1. Deirdre

    Thanks for a great post. It was refreshing to read some of the experiences from your tribe members. The challenges, no opinions and AHA moments. It fuels me to press on and just keep digging deeper within myself.

    1. Loren Post author

      If I were to have written a purpose statement for this particular post, Deirdre, it would have looked a lot like the comment you just left. Thank you!

  2. Bob Watkin

    What a cool set of people, openly human and so like me 🙂 It’s great to see the places from which we all are coming; at times groping and then developing into the harmonizing stages of the MKMMA. Parallel universes within the same universe and orbits dancing among the stars…


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