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While writing my previous blog post, my “REPORT OF FINDINGS” (the name given to the results returning from the introductory portion of recent blog posts. This area has been specifically set aside for the purpose of building my subscriber list) must have gone well over the 1000-word mark, when I decided to stop and save my ruminations for my next post; i.e., this one. When I went to retrieve what I had written, however, it was gone. Window’s Live Writer doesn’t automatically save drafts like MS Word, or Word Press, does. Live Writer acts like a middle-man in the post writing process, and, apparently, that means everything must be done manually, just as it was in the middle ages. Yet positioned where it is between two technically advanced applications, created a “oneness” sandwich, so to speak – named after the type of bread (small WONDER), rather than the filling in between. Anyone versed and valuing the oneness concept, including the newborn blog post writing novice that I am, is easily lulled into a sense of false “warm fuzzy feeling” security.

Though my intent was to include my RoF with the rest of last week’s post, once I realized my “verbiage gone wild” had spun enough material to become a two-for-one windfall, I set aside my RoF to focus elsewhere. You might say that the wonder of it all took momentary control. Then throw an unhealthy portion of sleep deprivation into the mix, and I began to lose wind of where I was. I began to lose all sense of time, of space, and, finally, consciousness. It’s no wonder (yet we’ve already determined that it is) that I lost it…my Report of Findings.

Although it started out just as if one of those numerous“Oh, s__t!, where did my file go?” mysteries that I’ve successfully dealt with time after time (in sufficient number, I’d say, that my ego was beginning to look and feel as if it had undergone a bonding with Inspector Jacques Clouseau), there has been no trace of outwitting the criminal mind (my computer) this time. My creative gem in its silver setting of white gold (fool’s gold) appears beyond recovery. It certainly hasn’t appeared anywhere around here. If only I had published ASAP…but the twilight preceding lost consciousness clothed different ideas. One of these was to vividly demonstrate how forgetting to play my catch-up card – “to do it now” — meant, instead of me catching up, down caught me instead.

Alas, my previous blog post put my DMP on display. In writing, for all the world to see, it reaffirmed my commitment to finish my book, VOTL – Vampires of the Light. At this juncture, all, and that includes me, must consider such a move to be border-line insanity. “All,” that is, except the Universal Mind, who might see things differently. The UM holds the key, or keys, that reveal this is a time that I must — at the risk of lead poisoning —“bite the bullet.” I must return to the saga that awaits my description of Craignito’s/Subucon’s historic intra-personal mind-meld extraordinaire.

So, what then, am I doing right now? Glad you asked. It does involve bullets… as in bullet points; and although, in this material sense, quite removed from “Check-point Charlie,” unless I accelerate those check marks associated with completion of MKMMA requirements (despite the undesirable nature of doing that), I will soon, too soon, suffer the same fate as that guarded gateway between East and West Berlin: I, too, will be through. So, “if, at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” Meiosis is not absolutely reserved for only human cellular replication. The thought of turning one into two, has been an interwoven theme. Although it did not occur to me that in simply writing about the lost opportunity of taking this action, it might suddenly reappear as a main attraction – as a template for taking action. “Bullet points, bullet points, where can you be?” “Kind sir, kind she, give me a few more minutes. The “Twilight Zone” approaches, and it’s already more than a little, it’s well past the hour of three. That’s the number in knowing how one begets two, is showing how two posts have become what you soon, very soon, surely will see.”