FYI As you can probably tell by now via the first two pages of this post, I tend to lean towards the poetic and my sense of humor in my creative expression. Also, by referring back to the Alliance area in this blog post, I’m in a sense “Killing two birds with one stone”, or, perhaps, more appropriate: getting two grapes with one pull. The point being, I’m trying to catch up doing some linking of my own design; and I’m not really sure if that’s okay.


When considering the nature of this “no opinion” assignment we’ve been given, a few things come to mind: First, some opinions are worse than others. In other words, opinions that involve an estimation of the value or worth of somebody else, had better be positive, because, otherwise, they can be harmful for all parties involved. I say “all parties”, because they generally occur under the heading of gossip, or two or more people talking about someone(s) else. Innocent enough on the service, but under closer examination, this kind of “feel better about yourself by cutting down somebody else” conversation is generally a waste of time, and is very indicative of a “poverty or lack” mindset. And it’s my personal opinion, based on what we’ve covered so far, that it’s a mindset of “abundance” or “abundance” mentality that’s favored and being cultivated in MKMMA .


Another kind of opinion that we would do well to be on the lookout for are those involving personal views. In other words the views somebody takes about an issue, especially when it’s based solely on personal judgment. Regarding this, a very pleasant memory comes to mind. I was scrolling down Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California, when something written on an 8.5 x 11 white piece of paper caught my eye. First of all, I point out that the buildings, trees, telephone poles, lampposts, and even an occasional fire hydrant are literally covered with pieces of paper, and I had seldom stopped to take a look at any of them, both before and after this one that caught my eye.

It started something like: “You know there are a number of people involved in discussing what they think should be the outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial.” (So this should give you a pretty good idea regarding when this all occurred) “There are some people, who believe he is innocent and should be acquitted. There are some other people, who believe he is guilty and should be convicted and pay the price. Both groups believe that they are right. In fact, so much so, that no matter how hotly this matter is contested, not much ever comes of it. I mean, the most that might reasonably be expected, would be a dramatic shift from “guilty” to “innocent”, or vice versa, to the other side’s point of view. But of what value is this? You see, the only person who knows for sure is OJ himself. He’s the only one that absolutely knows the truth of the matter. And it is upon this that justice will be served. All the outside discussion in the world really has no effect upon either of these. There is, however, an unseen power that also knows the truth of the matter, and has already determined what the consequences will be. Therefore, it occurs to me that it would be much more valuable for people, if they spent less time arguing OJ’s guilt or innocence, and spent more time discussing the concepts of truth and justice.”

Since this occurred during what I call my “Golden Age” period; i.e., when I ran around telling everyone I met about the importance of living life according to The Golden Rule, I knew exactly what this guy was talking about… Which also ties in with Emerson’s Law of Compensation. Despite what the court might find on this earthly plane, the Universe will be handling the final reckoning.

The last group of opinions worth considering with a skeptical eye on are those that have become generally held views; or in other words, the view or views held by most people or by a large number of people. This is especially relevant in America today where so much has been created by our government, our media, and other untrustworthy sources. But that’s another topic to be left for another day.

Danger! Danger! Warning! Warning!

Apparently, I’ve once again gone over the 500 word limit, so, I will end this particular page with what do you think? An opinion, of course. A friend recently said to me that a person’s life can be summed up by his or her’s thoughts, words, actions, and intentions. The last of these: intention, is especially worth considering when evaluating what comes out of our mouths. For instance, on the previous page I wrote a poem that said: yes, in keeping those opinions to ourselves, we do, indeed, have more time for more productive activities. However, if one of those opinions happens to be a sincere compliment, then, by all means, let that opinion flow. You don’t need ol’ Craignito here to tell you so. (To be continued)

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