It’s sometime on or before my 70th birthday, December 11, 2017, and the sunshine streaming down finds my eyes steadfastly studying the far off blue on blue horizon, as if to find something more substantial to pin my good bye to than just the easterly direction the compass I’m wearing on my left wrist, indicates. Slowly, the sand trickling through my toes, I turn. Eyes already full of wonder are  soon widened still further, as my jaw drops like fallen timber in awe; gulping in the lush fragrant hues of an island  paradise that hadn’t garnered much more than a passing thought, until September, 2014;  as ocean waves hit the rocks and splashed high into air in the back-round, I listened and watched Mark joke about water droplets getting on the camera lens his wife, the fabulous Davine, was using to film this particular MKMMA Introductory video, when my imagination suddenly caught fire. It wasn’t like: “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if”, the words that whispered inaudible commands in my mind, but “I’ve got to get there!”

Certainly, the allure provided by the beauty of the surroundings, and the dynamic duo just noted were cause enough to fan the flames of my desire, but it was only with my arrival on this distant shore that the majesty of this moment erupted like Kilauea itself with a flood of de je vu-like understanding, as if I had seen all of this before: the swaying salutes of each and every palm, standing erect before my dazzled eyes, paying deep respect in acknowledgment of everything I had already done to earn the fresh, favoring winds of safe passage bringing me here. For such accomplishment signifies victory in my glorious quest to obtain the true health and recognition for my creative expression, which are my primary pivotal needs.

This, of course, is cause enough for jubilant celebration, heard and felt in the clap and drum roll, as each wave smashes its body and spreads out its golden, silver, and white bubbling beauty behind me onto and across the shore; but much more, for this, the finest that nature has to offer, comes in knowing and giving tribute and deep appreciation, not for what I’d done, but for what I am about to do; for what I am bringing to this great island state of Hawaii. Indeed, it is for something with vastly more underlying purpose than anything defined and confined to one individual; that it takes the entirety of mother earth to properly give thanks for the earnest desire generated by the definite major purpose of just one man, Mark Hamilton, and his messenger, me, into the far-reaching benevolent effects there will be upon her body, everywhere, by radically changing, forevermore, the dynamics of all human affairs. For my right hand holds a book, which reveals a 3000-year-old secret recipe, destined to reach around the number of picnic tables and beach blankets statistically reserved to represent what is known as a tipping point; after which there is no return, because our destiny has been choreographed in a book written to bring the magical influence of new discovery, when the architectural simplicity and wisdom of its words make it easy to see, feel, and comprehend the omnipresent omnipotence underlying. It is by no accident that this Garden of Eden, reborn, floating in the Pacific so perfectly personifies the place chosen to bring true freedom, justice, and peace to every person living on this planet; and, in so doing, make good on the promise to make everyone rich and wealthy, including the currently poor. This being just one of the significant rewards expected throughout time, infinite, once the nurturing, protective care of the Prime Law, or its equivalent, takes control; thus redefining any and all unwelcome forms of human aggression: war, terrorism, nuclear holocaust…as forgotten participants in a bygone era; thus reaching out with love and understanding to join hands with all the civilizations of the Universe.

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