Regarding my WEEK SIX blog post, this is the comment that the lyrical, Lydia, left:

“Love the Buc and love how you shared the guy in the glass from such an interesting perspective. Your writings are always engaging!”

And this is CRAIGNITO’s reply:

Like one of the fairest of songbirds, Lydia, is your consistent commentary,

It is, indeed, the cheerful chirp of the persistent canary.

Beginning first at dawn, they fill the light with song.

With so much good inside them, how can any day go wrong?


But I must confess, I made a mess, when Buc describes what’s available as both an ocean and a stream. Although in Buc’s mind both are viable sources to draw from, and thus create our dream, I, thus he, did not recall the River of dreams, and everything wrong with that. Next thing I know, I’m spilling a jar of almond butter onto my bedspread, and a glass of water onto my bureau where many of my most important books are currently at. Disgusted with my clumsiness with so much work ahead, instead of digging in with a smile, I promptly went to bed. Certainly not the best usage of my last hour of the day, when I awoke, it was just a joke that Buc likes to play. It was this, no more nor less, that remains my educated guess; because one of the first things I just did is read the Seven Day Mental Diet. Since I hadn’t done that yet, I knew I was overdue to try it. And, sure enough, on page 17, I quote:


“In closing, he wants to tell me that people often find that the starting of this diet seems to stir up all sorts of difficulties. It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is really a good sign. It means that things are moving; and is not that the very object we have in view? If my whole world seems to rock on its foundations, I hold on steadily, I let it rock and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to my hearts desire.”


Certainly, in terms of the seven day do-over that I may have avoided by remembering these FOXy words he spoke; had I read them sooner and not later, as the proper timing of this particular joke. Yet as I sit here writing, not nearly so exciting, the relevant content to be unlocked via my buttery and wet disaster. As I recall, it is in the funeral hall, where we commonly find pretty bouquets of the flower we’ve named an aster. Although I believe I’ve previously made reference to what I call, “the duality of purposeful writing,”, along comes the next evolution. Just like razor blades, first 1, then 2, and then 3, it’s a tripality, or, just as razor blades have continued to march, dare I say another new word, “quadrality” comes along to save the day, and to maximize what I had to give in this MKMMA revolution. Through the magic of copy and paste, like a reindeer hopping around, I can take what’s been written here to different places, to different ground. To a page or a post on my blog site, and/or something to share in the alliance. There is nothing remarkable or especially brilliant in the duplicity of this science. But unlike most of our thought that in the web of the Law of Substitution gets caught, this manner of multi-tasking made available through the medium of the written word, is one of the best ways I’ve ever heard. Others, such as I, might benefit in trying. To counter the suffocating stress of too-little time that instead of success is bringing us down, and we are slowly dying. So, up, up and away, I’m off to do what I’ve never done! In terms of getting any of my blogs posted before the curfew date and hour, this is soon to be number one!

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